Libra Success: Career and Money Horoscopes

Libra Career Horoscope

The Libra career path is built on the strength of relationships. It’s literally about who you know! Lucky for you, Libra, you rule the zodiac’s seventh house of relationships: people are your profession! The best Libra career path is one that allows you to work with others—to need and be needed. You thrive in a team, or championing another’s cause as an agent, broker, or representative. With your charm and diplomacy, few can say no to a Libra…

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Libra Money Horoscope

When it comes to money, Libra’s keyword is balance. Day-to-day purchases can be your downfall. You may overspend on luxury experiences, then get cheap about everyday items. Or worse, you borrow money you can’t pay back to cover an already overcharged account. Your family may be accustomed to giving you loans that you take a while to repay, but with your natural charm, they quickly forgive the debt…

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