Cancer Moms and Dads Parenting Style

What kind of parent is Cancer?

The Cancer mom and dad is a natural nurturer.


What is a Cancer mom or dad like?

Cancer rules the zodiac’s fourth house of parenthood, so you’re a born caretaker. You coo over every infant, and are the first to buy gifts on your friends’ baby registries. Family is everything to you, and you’re not shy about showing it. You may have picked out baby names in grade school, and probably cared for a pet, younger siblings and cousins, or babysitting clients from a young age. The parental instinct may be so strong in you that you opt to do it without a partner, like Cancer Mindy Kailing.

Strengths and gifts

Holidays, family reunions, showers—you’re in your element, hosting them, decorating, cooking, and planning. You’re the parent who actually prints and frames all those digital photos or makes bound books to commemorate every year, while the rest of us guiltily leave them on our phones and hard drives. (Way to make the rest of us feel like slackers, Crab.)

Family vacations are another Cancer specialty! You’ll pile the whole family into an RV, charting out a course of fun and historic landmarks—or rent out a villa for a multi-generational reunion. This sentimental side is the glue that holds your family together, and gives your kids the security that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

Are Cancers good parents?

The Cancer parent is a sensitive empath. Early childhood development is your specialty, whether you have a degree in it or not. You’re delighted by the things kids do, and you respect their feelings—something few adults can claim. Our grandmother Sophie, a Cancer, used to spread huge sheets over her fancy furniture and let us run amok with crayons and scissors. We grew up confident in our creativity as a result.

That’s your magic touch, Cancer—the love and attention you give to your children’s unique gifts. Because children are so emotional, you’re able to intuit when yours need a hug, some encouragement, or a little direction. Who can forget the beautiful look of love the late Princess Diana bestowed upon Harry and Wills—and not simply because it was photographed so often, but because it was a look that told the story of a genuine sense of connection between mother and child.

You might just be the parent that your children’s friends confide in, the one who takes in the neighbor teen when they’re fighting with their parents. You’ve got a soft spot for misunderstood children, because you were probably one yourself. The Beatles said it, and you live by it: All you need is love.

Traits of a Cancer mom or dad

The Cancer parent can be overprotective. Toddlers & Tiaras? A social media account at age 14? Hell to the no! You want your kids to be shielded from the big, bad outside world that tempts them to grow up too soon. Who wouldn’t? That’s a noble value, Cancer. But there’s a thin line between caring and coddling at a certain point. Knowing when to cut the cord can be hard for you, because you’re a natural worrier who projects your own feelings onto your kids. Remind yourself: they’re more resilient than you think!

You also tend to wear “parent goggles,” filtering out some of Junior’s bad habits and traits. Be careful, because you could end up with a demanding diva, a Stage-5 clinger or a spoiled royal on your hands. It’s important that children learn boundaries and discipline—it’s part of loving them. So as much as it breaks your heart to set limits, it’s healthy for them. Don’t brush off their behavioral lapses, because that’s actually the time that they need you—and your compassionate guidance—the most.

Cancer parenting challenges

The Cancer parent can be moody. Your emotions change colors faster than a mood ring. You can burst into tears, fly into a rage, sink into a funk, and bounce off the walls with excitement—all in a single day’s time. Unfortunately, when you have an infant, toddler or teen doing the same thing, all those unregulated mood swings can create sheer chaos. Lean on a posse of supportive parents, a therapist, or your own parent when the going gets tough.

You were born without an emotional filter, so you’re never going to be able to shut off your feelings. Just learn the proper way to channel them so your kids don’t get taken along for the rollercoaster ride, which can be scary and unsettling. Same goes for fighting with your partner—or any adult—in their earshot. It’s YOUR job to protect them, not vice-versa. 


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