Libra Moms and Dads Parenting Style

What kind of parent is Libra?

Patience is a virtue (and a gift) for Libra moms and dads.


What is a Libra mom or dad like?

The Libra parent knows how to stop and smell the roses, and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff. You can have a magical effect on your family, giving them the sense that everything is going to be okay. The kids had a tough day at school? You treat them to a decadent ice cream sundae, a mani-pedi or a trip to the zoo.

Libras love to snap photos, and you’ll take the time to make commemorative slideshows, or even print up bound photo books for every stage of their lives. If your kids happen to crayon a mural on the wall, well, you’ll just consider it their first masterpiece.

Are Aries good parents?

Strengths and gifts

Your parenting dream is that your children have all the best experiences—preferably with you by their side. Family trips around the globe, cultural expeditions, you want to expose them to all that life can offer, even if that means pulling them out of school for a week.

Because Libra rules the zodiac’s seventh house of relationships, you’re adept at putting your own partnership first. A “martyr parent” you ain’t! There will be no canceled date nights unless a feverish kiddie’s temperature hits 102. This can actually set a good romantic role model for your children, who may grow up wishing to follow in your footsteps when searching for a partner of their own.

Traits of a Libra mom or dad

The Libra parent has naturally good taste. As an artistic sign ruled by beauty-loving Venus, you’re a parent with class and culture. You love to hit the museums, shops and galleries—your kids will probably say “Degas” before they say “gaga.” You expose them to all kinds of culturally enriching experiences. Like Libra Gwyneth Paltrow and her taste-making, you’re a wellspring of elaborate ideas—many of which go beyond what the average parent would bother trying. You believe childhood is precious, and you have your own romantic fantasies of what it should be like.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, so you and your kids may wear coordinated outfits, as you pass on your good taste to them. As a friend as well as a parent, you’ll teach your children good manners so they can enjoy the good life. Your mini-me will know the art of sending a thank-you card, which fork to use at a formal dinner and how to pick out the best cashmere or wool.

Not that you’re stuffy, Libra—you also have a sense of humor and levity about parenting, too. You might find it funny when your kids stick out their tongues, do a naughty dance or fill the bathtub with stuffed animals (as long as it’s not with the fancy ones from FAO Schwartz or Bergdorf). To you, life is a fabulous adventure, one that you love sharing with your nearest and dearest.

Libra parenting challenges

Inconsistency can make it hard for Libra parents to maintain authority.

You’re tough one minute, a softie the next—which one is it, Libra? That elusive balance is forever slipping from your grasp, so you’ll need to work harder to stay consistent as a parent. If you have more than one kid, it’s even tougher, since you may forget to spread your attention around evenly.

Since you hate conflict, you might avoid properly disciplining your children, for fear that they won’t like you if you’re too stern. This can leave them feeling confused and tempted to test your authority. They need to see that you’re in charge, Libra; it will make them feel safe. Even if you find their bad behavior amusing, hide that smirk, or you’ll give your kids a mixed message.

One issue might be your own upbringing. You were either the charmer of your own family who was never told “no” until it was too late, or the black sheep who’s still rebelling against your parents by trying to be cool. But the hipster act will practically guarantee you end up with a wild child on your hands—or a rigid kid who swings in the opposite direction and becomes an overly serious workaholic.

Staying tuned in can be an additional challenge for your dreamy sign. Your child could wander off while you’re admiring a shop display or a perfect sunset. In your pre-parent life, running late might have been okay, but your kid needs the structure of a steady routine—even if it kills your social buzz. When you get lost in la-la land, you might even blur the boundaries with your kids, allowing them to be privy to too much of your personal life. Just because you feel like best friends with your kids, that doesn’t mean they should be your therapists and confidantes.

You call your nanny an “au pair” or a “governess”…even though she’s more Fran Drescher than Francophile. You overspend on clothes and style your kids like they’re being shot for a catalog, turning them into label monsters. Oh, Libra. Teaching your children good manners and grace is fantastic, but there’s a thin line between proper P’s & Q’s and plain-old snobbery. Being overly concerned with what’s on the surface might give your kids the wrong message, and even alienate you from the other parents out there.

No disrespect, but even Libra parent Gwyneth Paltrow inspired a few eye rolls when she suggested that parents build a brick pizza oven in their backyards. Go easy on the exclusivity and elitism. While it’s fine to want the best for your kids, they’ll also learn valuable life lessons and survival skills by paying their dues. If you simply hand them expensive stuff, you could unwittingly shelter them from important opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency. It’s okay to say “no,” Libra, and to make them earn their keep.


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