Sagittarius Moms and Dads Parenting Style

What kind of parent is Sagittarius?

Adventure is the Sagittarius parent’s middle name.


What is a Sagittarius mom or dad like?

The Sagittarius parent never slows down. You’re forever taking risks, expanding your horizons and seeking new frontiers. As a result, your kids will have a potpourri of life experiences, and might even be seasoned travelers before they’re old enough to be charged for a plane ticket. You’re the ultimate playmate parent, always dreaming up fun adventures for your family to try. Sagittarius is a global, multicultural sign; your kids will eat kimchi, hummus and injera bread instead of strained carrots and tater tots. They might even speak their first words in a couple languages. You want them to be citizens of the world who are comfortable with people from all walks, just like you.

Strengths and gifts

Got lots going on in our life? Your philosophy: just bring the kids along! So what if they’re by your side at book clubs, pottery circles, business meetings and even for the occasional glass of wine with a BFF in your favorite hotel lounge? It’s called enrichment! Cultural immersion! You love to share fun, social times with your children. With your wicked sense of humor, you keep the family rolling on the floor in stitches. Your outrageous humor can bring levity to any situation, and you don’t take life too seriously—except when you’re in one of your dramatic moments. Even then, you eventually regain perspective and overcome the challenge triumphantly. You teach your kids by example: when life gives you lemons, open a lemonade stand!

Are Sagittarius good parents?

The Sagittarius parent has wisdom to share.

There’s a life coach in every Sagittarius—or at least, a lifelong learner. You’re the sign of honesty and the higher mind, forever searching for the ultimate truth. You’ll relate to the refreshing realness of kids, who call it like they see it. In your opinion, children are much smarter than adults, and you’ll respect what they have to say. Your kids will grow up feeling intelligent and worthy as a result.

In an interview with The Times UK, Sagittarius Jay shared his philosophy that the role of a parent is, “ just make sure we provide a loving environment, be very attentive to who they want to be. It’s easy for us, as human beings, to want our children to do certain things, but we have no idea. We’re just guides.” Of course, sometimes your wisdom can veer into preachy know-it-all terrain, so be mindful not to lecture your kids, even if you think you’re right.

Want to teach them an important lesson? It’s best to try the Socratic method, asking a string of questions that make your kids think, and arrive at the answer on their own. (“So, why do you think that parent wants you to eat broccoli?” versus, “If you eat your broccoli, it will make you strong and healthy.”) Sagittarius is the zodiac’s visionary. With your ability to see the big picture, you can lend your kids a grounding perspective when they’re upset. You’ll help them see the bigger lesson, and even to appreciate the hard times as valuable life lessons.

Traits of a Sagittarius mom or dad

Impatience is a struggle for the Sagittarius parent. In the Short Attention Span Theater, you’re a contender for the Tony award. Parenthood can be especially challenging for your restless sign, since it requires consistency, structure and often, sitting still. As a spontaneous fire sign, you’re used to following your instincts and whims, and going with the flow. That doesn’t quite mesh with the parenting handbook recommendation for regular meals, bedtimes, school and homework schedules. You may forever be juggling way too many projects, leaving you short on time and attention for your children. Parenthood demands that you cut back on the multi-tasking, even if you still type emails while breastfeeding, or allow occasional time with “electronic babysitters” like TV or iPads.

The pre-verbal stage can be especially hard for the antsy, interactive Sagittarius parent. Your idea of purgatory? Sitting still to play endless counting games, stack the same three blocks, or do any of the other mind-numbingly repetitive activities that others call “early childhood development.” You’ll need that village to keep your children properly raised and entertained. Don’t be too laissez-faire about the villagers, though. Screen your caregivers, and make sure you’re always leaving your children with safe and trustworthy people.

Sagittarius parenting challenges

The Sagittarius parent can be crude (did she really just say that?).

Sound the alarm! You’ve got a mouth that could make a sailor blush. But censor yourself to a dull PG roar, or your kid’s first four-letter word might be something far more colorful than “ma-ma” or “da-da.” The blunt Sagittarius parent is famous for speaking without thinking, which can make for some seriously tactless parents. Wicked-funny Archer Chrissy Teigen has been canceled more than once for crossing lines. While your frankness can be refreshing to a point—you don’t shelter your kids from the truth—it can also cross the line into embarrassing or downright inappropriate.

Your vampy outfits for “parent’s night out” might best be covered with a trench coat before you leave your dressing room, too. Your kids might not like seeing the bombshell or rebel rocker side of their parents—and they may squirm through your lectures on how sex is natural and healthy (at least, not until they’re old enough to understand it). While you may not be able to shelter them from everything, you can at least make an effort to protect their innocence a little more.


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