3 Sagittarius Full Moon Rituals That Activate Your Wanderlust

The Sagittarius full moon on May 23, 2024 (at 9:53 AM EDT) invites us to step outside our comfort zones. Here are some rituals to maximize this annual lunar event. 

Under this lunar luminescence, everything (and everyone) becomes bold, bright and vivid. When the full moon is in fire sign Sagittarius, we all get to bask in the bawdy, daring and philosophical energy of this sign.

Sagittarius Full Moon Rituals

1. Feed your desire for limitless expansion

Full moons are monthly manifestation moments when efforts of the past six months come to fruition. This is true of the Sagittarius full moon, but it’s also a stellar time to:

Be spontaneous!

Mingle multiculturally. Go out of your way to welcome people from backgrounds different from your own.

Speak your truth. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s tell-it-like-it-is sign. What’s on your mind? Try not to trample feelings as you speak your truth; this sign can also be blunt.

Become involved in DEI initiatives or read up on equity topics that can help you work better with others.

Study and learn. Sign up for a weekend workshop on personal growth or a creative pursuit— maybe in a different city! If you’d rather teach, let this full moon inspire you to create a course of your own and earn some cash!

Publish and share something: a book, a blog post, a screenplay, a cookbook—anything!

Connect to a spiritual or philosophical group or pick up some metaphysical reading material.

Just be sure to watch for a few pitfalls while you’re expanding your horizons:

  • speaking without sensitivity
  • being overzealous/racing ahead without any sort of plan
  • or excessively risk-taking (this includes gambling, too!)

2. Start a start-up!

The enterprising energy of the Sagittarius full moon is like a round of celestial start-up funding. If you have an idea for a business—or a project that will put your name on the company leaderboard—the mission could really get in motion over the next two weeks.

The only requirement? A willingness to stick your neck out for what you believe in! Even when the world feels hopeless, there’s still possibility. This Sagittarius full moon ritual buoys our faith in the universe. So what have you been thinking about starting? It’s time!

3. Hips don’t lie

There’s truth to that Shakira song—hips don’t lie! In fact, they wind up being the energetic storehouse for our emotions and our deepest vulnerabilities. When we experience fear or trauma, we naturally clench the pelvic region. The trouble is, we can also forget to relax and release this area of our bodies, which can remain tightly bound (even for years!).

Honest, high-minded Sagittarius is associated with the hips—the area of the body that houses our second, or sacral, chakra. This chakra is the energy center for our emotions, sexuality and our intuition. There’s good reason to loosen up this area of the body. It keeps us in the flow with our feelings and in touch with our truths.

On a physical level, healthy hips also ground core strength and help with posture. And let’s be honest—a sway of the hips is an undeniable sign of sexual confidence.

Try some hip circles for your Sagittarius full moon ritual

You might do this exercise in front of a mirror to connect to your reflection. You can also do this exercise in a chair, circling your hips while seated.

Play a song that makes you want to move your hips and dance!

  • Soften your knees and circle your hips around and around, as if hula-hooping. Do this for at least one minute, but longer is definitely beneficial.
  • As you circle, bring full attention to your pelvic region. Emotions may bubble up—perhaps sexual ones or blocked anger from ignoring your intuition. Continue to circle, allowing the feelings to spiral out with each revolution.
  • When the song ends, journal about what arose for you. Or, keep the dance party going!

Consider doing hip circles for 3-5 minutes daily until the next new moon (in Gemini on June 6). Loose lips may sink ships but loose hips can liberate your soul!

Other, Simple Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual Ideas To Try

  • Take an online workshop or continuing education class, or watch some DIY videos (and try the project IRL)
  • Nature-obsessed Sagittarius loves to camp—pitch a tent in the backyard?
  • Do some future vacation travel research to your dream destination
  • Light a bonfire to celebrate this fiery full moon



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