Body Parts and Their Zodiac Sign Rulers

Did you know that every zodiac sign is associated with a part of the body?

What does it mean when a zodiac sign rules a body part?

This rulership follows the same order as the zodiac, in fact, trailing from head to toe on the body. Aries, the first sign, rules the head and Pisces, the last sign, is in charge of the feet. 

Before you start diagnosing yourself, hang on. If your Sun sign is Taurus, which rules the throat, you’re not doomed to have thyroid issues or constant cases of strep. That said, this may be a highly sensitized body part for you. Many Tauruses are gifted singers, like the legendary Stevie Wonder and Cher. Bulls may have distinctive voices, like a gravelly tone or squeaky pitch, even if they can’t keep a tune to save their lives. 

Knowing the body parts associated with your zodiac sign can be helpful in holistic care and preventative medicine. For example, Leos, who rule the heart and major arteries, may opt for a low-cholesterol diet and pumped up cardio workouts—along with energy sessions that focus on the heart chakra. 

Guide to body parts and the zodiac

The table below is a guide to the body parts as well as the glands and organs associated with each zodiac sign.

SignBody PartGlands and Organs
AriesHead, faceThe suprarenals (adrenal gland), the eyes
TaurusNeck, throat, jawThyroid, sensory organs
GeminiHands, arms, lungsThymus, respiratory and nervous systems
CancerBreasts, stomach, gall bladder Mammary glands, body “containers” that retain water
LeoHeart, back, spineHeart and major arteries 
VirgoIntestines, abdomen, spleen Pancreas, esophagus, intestines, digestive system
LibraLower back, kidneys, bladderEndocrine system and glands, urinary system 
ScorpioGenitals, colon, rectumReproductive and elimination systems
SagittariusHips and thighsLiver, hepatic system, pituitary gland 
CapricornKnees, bones, skin, teeth Skeletal system
AquariusCalves, veins, circulatory system Pineal gland, blood, circulation system 
PiscesFeetLymphatic system, pituitary gland
Zodiac signs and the body parts they rule

Does body part astrology only apply to my Sun sign?

Not at all! In fact, you can run a full astrology chart for free here on our site and take a look at your other zodiac placements.

People born in the late 1980s and early 1990s, for example, have a cluster of planets in Capricorn. In a simplistic interpretation, they may want to take extra care to protect their joints during sports—and floss regularly, of course—since this sign rules the knees and teeth. 

Want to take body part astrology one step further? 

Medical astrology, while not a university accredited modality, can bring fascinating insights about your body’s connection to the stars. In modern medical astrology, each of the planets, from Mercury to Pluto, plays a role in your “diagnosis,” so the focus goes beyond zodiac signs. 

Authors like Diane Cramer have written on the subject and astrologers including Juli Everett and Steve Dahmus do thorough readings that unpack the connection between the heavens and your health. 

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