7 Virgo Full Moon Rituals That Are Fun And Helpful

Has your hibernation station turned into a den of chaos? The Virgo full moon passes you the broom and dustpan this February 24. Here are 7 Virgo full moon rituals to whip life back into shape—without sacrificing self-care.

The Virgo full moon arrives during Pisces season every year, reminding us that we can go with the flow without stuff spilling over in every direction. From your fitness to your diet to your physical space, take an astrological audit!

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Here are 7 Virgo Full Moon Rituals To Try

1. Get ahead by “microdosing”

Most of us dread administrative tasks, but have you noticed that when you stop resisting—and just take care of business—you feel an incomparable sense of satisfaction? Virgo knows the power of routine. (Lather. Rinse. Repeat.) So what have you been putting off: Opening that stack of mail (bills!), organizing your closets, calling to check in on a client? Tap into the courage and clarity of the Virgo full moon to grit your teeth and start the process. We recommend for this Virgo full moon ritual that you break daunting tasks into small bites; microdosing, if you will. One action per day can add up to a whole lot of progress fast.

That said, you might enlist an accountability buddy, at least in the beginning. Anxious Virgo energy can be mighty neurotic. If you’re prone to spiraling, a level-headed friend can hold your hand while you read a scary email or call that creditor to work out a payment plan.

2. Rewind and be kind

Random acts of kindness, no matter how small, have impact when the service-oriented Virgo full moon lights the skies. It’s no surprise that Mother Teresa was born under this benevolent star sign! In her words, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” This is a wonderful reminder that there are plenty of ways to give that don’t cost money or require copious amounts of time.

Let the Virgo full moon inspire a sense of neighborly kindness as you flow through your days. Take a moment to thank people who are serving you, from the barista to the drugstore cashier. Make sure anything you toss winds up in the proper trash receptacle (and not on the floor). Hold the door for the person coming in behind you. Offer to help someone struggling with bags to carry them up the steps. Let friends know the little things you appreciate about them. It matters!

3. Make your microbiome happy

Each sign is associated with a body part and Virgo rules the lower stomach and digestive system. Nowadays, there’s an amazing amount of research surrounding the importance of gut health in staving off disease. That boils down to balancing our microbiome—the bacteria (good and bad) that live in our guts. Read up on prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, which can be found in food and supplements.

And chew on this: Turning up your digestive fire can help you sleep better, prevent disease and help your body use food as the fuel it is intended to be. Digestion begins in the mouth, but with our on-the-go lifestyles, many of us inhale our food instead of mindfully breaking it down with our teeth. Use those molars and incisors: they are there for a purpose.

4. Expand your vocab

This lunar spell stimulates our intellectual curiosity. There’s no better week to research, gather data and visual inspiration, and get a jump start on your income taxes. Plus, brainiac Virgo flexes some serious vocab skills. Why say “good” when you can say “superlative,” “unrivaled,” or “optimum?” Flex with the word of the day from Merriam-Webster. The Virgo full moon blesses us all with mental acuity, so take the challenge and wax poetic. 

5. Don’t confuse a treasure for trash

As you pull rarely worn items from your closets some will fall into an obvious donation pile. But a few might leave you wondering: could this be used in a different way? Try a repurposing project for your Virgo full moon ritual, like recycling or upcycling, which gives an object a new use.

Our crafty crew of friends are masters of the upcycle. We’ve seen adorable baby cowboy boots used as a flowerpot, a bike wheel turned into a wall clock and a denim skirt made out of jeans with a ripped inseam. These projects don’t have to take hours on end. All it takes is a creative sweep of your environment. That “trash” might be a treasure after all!

6. Make some plant friends

Since Virgo is an earth sign, the arrival of this Virgo full moon is a favorable time to incorporate more plant life into your décor scheme. This can have a bonus effect of banishing winter blues, if you suffer. If you have an emerald thumb and ample light, adopt a fiddleleaf fig. Or how about an air purifying ZZ plant or a pachira aquatica, AKA a “money tree” for attracting green in more ways than one?

If you’re looking for inspo, we’re huge fans of interiors whiz Justina Blakeney’s site The Jungalow and Wild at Home author Hilton Carter whose leafy Instagram feed makes us swoon (and chuckle—those “plant rants!”). Or find the perfect plants for your zodiac sign in our article, The Best Houseplants for Every Zodiac Sign!

7. Plant-based diet for a day (or longer, if you feel like it)

Speaking of green things, the Virgo full moon gives us the opportunity to connect to the true source of our sustenance: the plants that emit oxygen through photosynthesis and give us air to breathe. Plants also give our bodies life force energy and vitamins when ingested. In celebration of what helps us thrive, devote the day to a vegetarian, plant-based diet. Give thanks to all the greens that grow and nourish us and even become our medicine.

Caring Virgo is also the sign that rules our pets. Take the day to give some love to the animals on the planet, by keeping them in your heart and not on your plate. We’re not condemning carnivores; we’re not vegetarians ourselves.

Take the day off from burgers and salmon and give gratitude to the animals that shared their lives to nourish us. Build some delicious plant-based recipes into your meal plan. There are tons of recipe ideas to be found online. Or try a juice cleanse or a soup cleanse, or incorporate a fruit-and-veggie-packed smoothie into your day.

Other Virgo Full Moon Ritual Ideas To Try

Make a flower essence elixir. Put six drops of a flower essence (like the Bach line, which can be found at many natural foods grocers) into an 8-oz glass of water, three times daily. Repeat this for up to two weeks and see if an area of life transforms. Choose an essence like Rock Rose to overcome fear or Holly to help with jealousy.

Book a massage for your Virgo full moon ritual, or an appointment with a practitioner.

Spring clean your home. Start with the one room that needs the most TLC. Or one closet.

Delete junk mail from your Inbox and organize messages into folders (is this your opportunity to try getting to “Inbox zero?”). Send junk snail mail straight to the recycle as you collect mail, too.

Organize your bookshelves or record collection. Alphabetize or color code by spine. Donate older books to a Little Free Library or build your own!

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