The July 3 Capricorn Full Moon Is Your Supportive Mid-Year Check-Up

The July Capricorn full moon is half time, check-in time, for the New Year’s resolutions you made when the ball dropped on January 1. Ready to switch up your game? The Capricorn full moon on July 3 is also a supermoon, a great time to set goals to accomplish before the end of the year!

Check in on your New Year’s resolutions! (Remember those?) The full moon in goal-getter Capricorn sets the stage for a productive “midterm” review. What’s your 2023 progress report?

Not to overdo the school metaphors, but Capricorn is the zodiac’s ambitious student! The Capricorn full moon encourages you to pinpoint what’s working well and cross off anything that’s proving to be an impossible task. This midyear review is the perfect time to revamp your strategy and set different milestones if you need to pivot.

And while an industrious Capricorn supermoon turns focus to “what’s next?”, don’t forget to celebrate any and all accomplishments you’ve made so far in 2023. JSYK, no one gets a shiny gold star for being a martyr. Acknowledge your progress and thank people who’ve been part of your growth.

Are you ready to go bigger? Maximalist Jupiter is fist-bumping the Capricorn full supermoon, which can help you expand your vision. But capture any big ideas in writing! With the moon opposite mental Mercury, relying on your memory won’t cut it.

The July 3 Capricorn full moon is also a supermoon

A supermoon is a full moon that appears larger and brighter than the typical full moon. What makes it “super” is based on the distance between the moon and the Earth. Depending on the zodiac sign that the moon is in, a supermoon can amplify the astrological traits of that sign. Read more about what makes a supermoon, super.

Fun fact: the July 3 Capricorn full supermoon is also known as a Buck Moon.

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5 ambition-activators for the Capricorn full moon

1. “Blueprint” your plans. Strong structures begin this way. If you haven’t mapped out your vision for any of your goals, this lunar lift sends you back to your creative drawing board. Start by identifying milestones to mark your progress. Consider that you could actually be inspired to do less. But give your all to one important benchmark that you want to accomplish by the end of 2023. After you have the desired endpoint, list your actionable items. Bite-sized is still the right size if it gets you one step closer to your goal every day.

2. More than glance at your calendar. Open your calendar and take a hard look. Are you cramming an unreasonable number of commitments into a tiny bit of whitespace? Capricorn (and its planetary ruler, Saturn) are nothing if not realistic. Perhaps you can eschew a few obligations to focus on ones that feel more meaningful and worthy of your time and energy. If you’ve been winging it, plug commitments back into your daily grid. Set reminder alarms so you don’t have to rely on memory, which takes up more psychic space than you may realize!

3. “The roots create the fruits.” That axiom of The Law of Attraction means to evoke change, you have to work beyond the surface or symptoms to transform the system itself. Capricorn rules structures, including government, corporations and the economy. With issues like gun control and abortion access at the forefront, the full moon in Capricorn seems perfectly poised to help us continue to assess systematic methods for actually making a difference. Be tenacious! Research laws and policies, address your city council, set up an appointment with your HR director. Following protocol can be frustrating, but it’s part of the steady methodology that a Capricorn-fueled victory requires. Persist!

4. Let your resistance guide you. This is about another type of resistance: the one inside you. Ask yourself: What am I resisting? Be brave, and brutally honest with yourself. This is the flip side of being tenacious. We can be our own worst enemies, and sticktoitiveness can morph into self-sabotage. But instead of seeing resistance as “bad,” let’s view it as energy and acknowledge it. There’s probably some innate wisdom underneath the surface. Often, it’s just fear, and we go into a self-protective fight-or-flight mode. Try asking yourself: What am I protecting myself from by not taking action? How can I help myself feel safe and get back into action?

5. Begin again. So you stopped doing cardio every morning. You were overwhelmed by work, family life and the state of the world. You meant to and swore you’d do it tomorrow, but you didn’t. A week passed. Then you thought: why bother? The Capricorn full moon gives you permission to chill that thinking. Forgive yourself. Set a new goal. Begin again. You’ll pick up right where you left off. Or, go back a few steps. Capricorn energy is about taking careful steps. If you focus on the top of the mountain it can seem daunting. But if you take a first step, and then another, soon enough, you’ll see you’re closer to the summit. 

Do a ritual for the Capricorn full moon

A Capricorn full moon (and supermoon on July 3) reminds us to honor the wisdom that comes with time and experience. Nothing happens overnight with this persevering and process-driven sign. Instead, Capricorn puts down roots with an eye toward longevity and legacies. Our Capricorn full moon ritual can get you grounded, especially if you’ve been feeling less so lately.

Your love forecast for the July 3 Capricorn full moon

Take yourself on a date with destiny, as the full moon in Capricorn illuminates your romantic goals. Are you waiting for someone else to fulfill all your fantasies? Try a more proactive approach.

We recommend operating by “the law of assumption” which hypothesizes that you can draw something (or someone!) to you by acting as if those circumstances already exist.

See what happens if you:
• Dress up and take yourself out for a fancy dinner
• Sit at the bar and say hello to another solo patron
• Start house-hunting in the area you’d like to live with your someday-someone—even if you’re nowhere near ready to buy

If you’re in a relationship, this full moon could bring a perfect moment to dream about next steps together. But first, take time to appreciate the ways you’ve been there for each other over the last six months. An attitude of gratitude is the ultimate aphrodisiac under this lunar light!

Your Capricorn full moon horoscope

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for the Capricorn full moon on Monday, July 3, at 7:38 AM Eastern. You can read for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Catch the sweet smell of success wafting through the air when the full moon in Capricorn lights up your tenth house of career and ambition, supercharging your professional goals. You take pride in your work, Ram, and you may finally get the recognition you deserve for your hard efforts of the past six months. If you’re not quite there yet, keep at it. Things will start to come together now, and under this lunar glow you could hit a major milestone. If you’ve been considering a change in life direction, now’s the time to get serious and reset your course.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Venture off your well-worn track and explore fresh vistas, Taurus! The full moon in Capricorn powers up your ninth house of exploration and adventure, inviting you to open your mind as wide as possible. Inspired ideas are in the ether, ripe for the plucking, but you won’t find them if you’re afraid to dip a toe in new waters. You could get wind of an amazing travel opportunity or to get in on the ground floor of an exciting venture. But you can’t win if you don’t play!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Your emotions may run deep under the full moon in Capricorn, which is powering up your eighth house of wealth and intimacy. An intense day is in store as you peel back layers of a relationship and learn more about a romantic or business partner. In love you’re playing for keeps, so anything short of true-blue won’t make the cut. Financially you could hit a turning point. No more leaving major decisions to others. You’re large and in charge—and ready to make some smart money moves.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Relationships come under the microscope when the full moon in Capricorn powers up your seventh house of committed partnerships. Full moons are powerful moments of manifestation or turning points. If you’ve been on the fence about a budding romance, you’ll get clarity quickly. A business alliance could turn serious now, so make sure you know what YOU want out of the deal. Couples should have a future-oriented chat to make sure your long-term goals are in sync.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Get your sweat on!  If you’ve taken a tumble off the wellness wagon, the full moon in Capricorn—landing in your health and fitness zone—calls for some lifestyle changes. Summer is the perfect time to tweak your plan: Steer clear of the middle of the supermarket and fill your eco-chic recyclable bags at the farmer’s market. Pick five nutritious recipes to try before the month is through. Leos who HAVE been taking care of body and mind will see the results they’ve been hoping for.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Let your love light shine! The only full moon in Capricorn this year electrifies your amorous, glamorous fifth house. There’s no point in playing small or dimming your bright light, Virgo. The stars are rolling out the red carpet just for you, and it behooves you to dress to the nines and step out on it. Whether you’re single or spoken for, your romantic floodlights are on, so aim your high beams at a worthy object of desire.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

As the full moon in Capricorn powers up your fourth house of domesticity, you’re not at risk for FOMO. Professional obligations aside, you won’t have any trouble saying no thanks to invitations that require you to be away from home for more than hour at a time. Your prime directive is to get comfy and cozy, connected with your nearest and dearest. Family is in the spotlight and there could even be pregnancy news. If you’re looking for a new place to hang your hat, this full moon could catalyze a move.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The full moon in Capricorn fires up your social third house. You won’t be alone any more than you want to be, Scorpio. Normally you find great comfort in your cozy little cave, but under this expansive lunar energy, it may feel claustrophobic. Emerge and check out a new scene—and fresh faces. You won’t have to venture far to find kindred spirits. If you’ve been considering joining forces with a friend or colleague on a professional project, you’ll know if it’s a keeper in the next two weeks.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Back in black! The full moon in Capricorn powers up your money corner and helps you get back on a good financial track. If you’ve been ignoring growing debt, enact a personal economic stimulus plan. There’s no reason to accept being underpaid…but it’s up to you to turn that around. Invest in your best resource—yourself!—and lay the foundation for growth by updating your front-facing materials such as your bio or your social feeds. Consider having a few sessions with a wealth coach.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

High fives all around! The year’s only full moon in your sign brings a bounty of good news and dividends for your hard work of the past six months. Your modest sign doesn’t like to flaunt your success in an obnoxious way, but this is a biggie, Cap, and you’ve earned your bragging rights. So promote away! Throw yourself a party or post something on social media to acknowledge yourself. People will always judge and there’ll always be haters. Ignore them and keep doing you.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

The full moon in Capricorn spotlights your twelfth house of completions, illuminating an issue that’s been withering on the vine. You know you should cut bait, but your emotions may have gotten the better of you. If you’ve been waiting for a sign—or an external event—to bring resolution, this is your wakeup call. You don’t need a crystal ball to know that this situation or relationship needs to end. Let go with love, knowing that when one door closes, another surely opens.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

You won’t be able to hide your light under a rock when the full moon in Capricorn illuminates your eleventh house of social networking. Even if you close your door or silence your phone, the masses are going to find you. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy this popularity spike at least a little, Pisces. Letting people in may sound scary, but it’s the only approach that will bring true intimacy into your life. So drop the ice queen act and let a handpicked few through the gate.

When is the next full moon?

The remaining full moons of 2023 are in:
• Aquarius on August 1 (also a supermoon)
• Pisces on August 30 (a supermoon and also a blue moon, since it’s the second full moon in a single month!)
• Aries on September 29 (also a supermoon; the fourth and final one of the year)
• Taurus on October 28 (also a partial lunar eclipse)
• Gemini on November 27
• Cancer on December 26 (second full moon in Cancer of 2023, the first was on January 6)

When is the moon in Capricorn next?

• The next new moon in Capricorn is on January 11, 2024
• The next full moon in Capricorn is on June 22, 2024

Sometimes there are NO Capricorn new moons in a calendar year and some years there are two, as there were in 2022 when they bookended the year (one on January 2 and one on December 23). So there is no new moon in Capricorn 2023.

Read even more about full moons

Full moons mark the halfway point of monthlong lunar cycles. These are harvest times, when we reap the results of the seeds we planted six months earlier under a corresponding new moon. Learn more about full moons in astrology here.

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