A Cosmic Love Playlist

Are you watching Cosmic Love on Prime Video, the first-of-its-kind reality dating show featuring the matchmaking astrology of The AstroTwins? Whether you’re on Episode 1 or you’ve binged the season, this Cosmic Love-inspired playlist captures the spirit of the adventures of the four Elements looking for everlasting love among 16 singles.

We tapped Astrostyle’s resident mixmaster Jennifer Newman, AKA Astralselector on Spotify. Jennifer curates a playlist for each zodiac season so we are thrilled she developed this soundtrack for us to enjoy along with the streaming series.

Jennifer is the brilliant mind behind Essential Style Feng Shui (check out her Personal Style Feng Shui unit in our Home Reset Course!). She’s a former radio DJ and all around creative. Jennifer tapped into multiple layers of magic to curate the tracks of her Cosmic Love playlist.

“It’s not just love that is happening on the show, it’s turnabouts, betrayal, high highs and low lows,” Jennifer says. Think: sexy and sneaky, yearning and changed minds and hearts.

“If you listen to the playlist in the order I built it, there’s an undulating flow, just like how the show goes.”

Jennifer’s Cosmic Love playlist on The AstroTwins Spotify channel features 40 songs for two-and-a-half hours of music. It’s a fun list, great for a party!

While you’re enjoying the Cosmic Love playlist

Head over to astrostyle.com/cosmic-love for everything about the Cosmic Love show on Amazon Prime! Amazon also has a playlist of songs from the series you can listen to on Amazon Music if you’re a subscriber.

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