Javier McIntosh

Capricorn Single
Season 1

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capricorn SINGLE

Javier McIntosh

Javier McIntosh is a 33-year-old film director thriving in Atlanta, Georgia. He owns a video production company, McIntosh Bros Productions, and enjoys directing and producing commercials, music videos, and feature films. Javier is a Capricorn, so he has always been ambitious, hardworking, responsible, and persistent. He is hoping to put these traits to use and with the help of the stars, find his true love. Meet more Cosmic Love cast members »
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Javier’s Astrology


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (Earth)
Moon Sign: Aries
Rising Sign: Aries
Venus Sign: Capricorn
Mars Sign: Aries
North Node: Pisces
Chinese/Lunar Year Sign: Earth Dragon
Numerology: Life Path 4

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