Eclipse Season 2022 (Fall) Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign for the Powerful Scorpio and Taurus Moons

Eclipse season 2022, the fall edition, lasts from October 25 to November 8 and includes a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio and a total lunar blood moon eclipse in Taurus.

What do the Scorpio solar eclipse and Taurus lunar eclipse have in store for your zodiac sign? And what do they reveal about what’s happening in the world right now?

What does the fall 2022 Eclipse season mean for the world?

First, what are eclipses?

Eclipses always arrive in pairs—and land in exact opposite signs in the zodiac, in this case, Scorpio and Taurus. Power struggles can be explosive (and fascinating) under these eclipses! Nefarious details may come to light, exposing hidden agendas, crimes and scandalous underground activity. (Where are those missing boxes?)

Picking up the pieces could take a while, but with no-nonsense fixed sign energy (Taurus and Scorpio) helming the operative, these eclipses force us to deal with the facts and devise solutions that may require rebuilding from ground zero.

What is the date of the 2022 Scorpio solar eclipse?

The first eclipse, on October 25, is in Scorpio, the sign that rules reproduction. This solar eclipse also lands in close connection to Venus, the “divine feminine” planet in astrology.

What is the date of the 2022 Taurus lunar eclipse?

The second eclipse arrives on November 8, Midterm Election Day in the United States. This total lunar blood moon eclipse in Taurus is quite significant, especially since it lands in close connection to chaotic, revolutionary Uranus.

What will happen during eclipse season 2022’s fall moons?

As reproductive rights hang in the balance for U.S. women, the outcome of this election will be critical to our future—and is likely to rile up a cauldron of intense emotions.

We may witness progressives turn out at the polls, but is there potential for another January 6 United States Capitol Attack/insurrection-style event? Let’s certainly hope not. But with the moon in this precarious position, our nerves will be on high alert.

Meanwhile, Iran is seeing the first ever beginnings of a revolution ignited by women in that country—and these eclipses may add more fuel to their fires. As they risk injury and death in public protests, women are lambasting strict laws that require them to wear hijab (head covering).

What does the solar eclipse in Scorpio mean?

So eclipse season 2022 kicks off on Tuesday, October 25, at 6:49 AM EDT, with the Scorpio solar eclipse. Solar eclipses always occur during new moons (lunar eclipses during full moons.)

Look in a new direction during a solar eclipse, because that’s where opportunity lies. This can feel scary, since letting go of control will be necessary. These momentous new moons push us off the starting block and into new waters. But we have to move fast, since just like an eclipse, the manifestation period is both rare and brief.

Scorpio solar eclipse: What to expect

Scorpio is the sign of transformation—and with an eclipse in the picture, you may have to make a quick and difficult choice in the name of your growth. The challenge? Face your fears and do what is right for your future.

Expect an intense range of feelings to arise, from fear to regret to what Brené Brown calls “foreboding joy.” (Yes, it can be scary for humans to get vulnerably happy!) This is the time to acknowledge whatever you’ve buried in your psyche—even if you’d rather tuck it away.

Is your intuition telling you that something’s “off?” Play detective. As the cosmic veil drops, you could uncover power struggles, shocking scandals and sudden transitions. (WTH!) Relationships could go through twists and turns. Investment opportunities may appear unexpectedly, or someone may reach out with an offer to fund your work.

On a purely positive note, this eclipse can bring a legendary burst of creative genius.

Scorpio solar eclipse and love

Scorpio is the famous sex sign of the zodiac, so get ready! This eclipse could bring some spice cuffing season developments. Strong sexual chemistry could literally ignite a mind-body-soul connection. No judgments from us—or the Scorpio solar eclipse—if you hop into bed (the bathroom or a dark little nook) within moments of meeting someone you’re certain that you know from a past life.

For couples, October 25 could bring fast-moving developments, some of which might be jarring or exciting (or both)! The 12-Step saying “you’re only as sick as your secrets” applies to relationships, too. If you’ve been hiding information or holding back from your partner, you may be unconsciously poisoning the well of trust.

Challenge yourself to be transparent and have a heart to heart. Caveat: Choose right time and place for this—when you’re both relaxed and open, not five minutes before your boo is stepping into a meeting that their job is riding on!

Scorpio solar eclipse and money

Shared finances, passive income and property matters come under the microscope, too, especially since this solar eclipse lands next to value-driven Venus. How can you pool funds for greater wealth? If you’ve been spending indiscriminately, start tucking more away for the future. Have a portion of your paycheck automatically streamed into your 401K (or SEP IRA if you’re self-employed). Search for investments with compounding interest.

What does the lunar eclipse in Taurus mean?

Eclipse season 2022 ends with the Taurus lunar eclipse is on Tuesday, November 8, at 6:02 AM ET at the Taurus full blood moon. Expect shakeups.

Lunar eclipses always happen during full moons. Seeing red? Lunar eclipses transpire when the full moon opposes the Sun at the same degree of zodiac sign on the ecliptic. With the Earth sandwiched between these heavenly bodies, el Sol casts a shadow that slowly bleeds across the surface of the moon. (In fact, due to its reddish tint, a total lunar eclipse has earned the nickname of “blood moon.”) Lunar eclipses are prime time for doing shadow work and dealing with feelings we’ve ignored.

Situations could pivot abruptly or come to a sudden, unceremonious halt. If anything in your life is “eclipsed away,” here’s our advise: Stop chasing and give it some space. You’ll either manifest a better option or circle back to this later—after you’ve processed the lesson and evolved!

Taurus lunar eclipse: What to expect

Sense and sensuality? Yes, the twain can meet, and lunar eclipse in Taurus is here to prove it!

Eclipses reveal shadows, beaming on the hidden aspects of life that we’d rather not deal with. These shakeups can be as shocking as a tsunami. No, you don’t have to hide out in a bunker, but do keep your wits about you. The more grounded and stable you can be near November 8, the better.

Out of the blue, you may have to shift into practical, resourceful mode in order to resolve whatever curveball this Taurus lunar eclipse sends your way. Whether a minor tremor or a seismic shift, whatever changes arise were overdue. No more ignoring what must be done!

Taurus lunar eclipse and love

Bring on the TLC, affectionate gestures and long, lingering hugs (and then some) during eclipse season 2022. Love doesn’t have to come in like a wrecking ball, then race off like a runaway train. But if that’s your story, pull into the station and check your GPS before you derail.

Brace yourself: Since this full moon is also a total lunar eclipse, you might be hit with some surprising information. Like maybe that nice person is actually a manipulative tool—and the one you pegged as a player is marriage material. Misaligned values could be cause for a breakup, or some heavy-duty couples therapy.

But then again, perhaps your love interest is more stable than you gave them credit for. (And, glug, maybe you were the secret commitmentphobe of the two of you?) Bottom line: When you slow down and get back to brass tacks, you may discover inconsistencies that need to be dealt with. But that’s where pragmatic Taurus shines. Sort it out with logic and lots of touch, if the love isn’t lost. 

How eclipse season 2022 (fall) affects each zodiac sign

Your horoscope for the October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse and the November 8 Taurus Lunar eclipse

Aries: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Your powers of seduction are off the charts starting Tuesday, October 25, when a solar eclipse in Scorpio, shoots into your magnetic, erotic and transformational eighth house, Aries. Beam that mojo selectively, focusing on people who actually deserve it. Chemistry could bubble up—or go from warm to exothermic—with someone who wants to go the distance with you. But since eclipses come with a shadow, you could just as easily fall for the charms of a card-carrying player. If someone plies you with promises that feel like they’re coming way too soon, enjoy the flattery, but keep your wits about you.

Existing relationships could take a turn for the permanent, so start planning next steps with your S.O. Even if you’re not racing to the altar, you’ll warm to the idea of a more spelled-out commitment or exclusivity clause. This applies to romance AND finance. Vagueness won’t work in either arena near the Scorpio solar eclipse, and an ultimatum may be necessary. While you don’t have to play by conventional rules during eclipse season 2022, having clear terms spelled out gives you the freedom to put your energy into people—without worrying about drama or time wasted on a bad investment.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Money matters, security and personal values are still front and center on November 8, as the year’s only Taurus full moon—a potent lunar eclipse—illuminates your second house of finances. Your carpe-diem sign likes to wing it, but Taurus is a nuts-and-bolts earth sign, so this annual event compels you to root your dreams in terra firma. You’re not too crazy about playing it safe, but the more you can envision concrete, long-range goals (new convertible, down payment on a home, South America trip), the easier it’ll become to delay gratification.

Over the next few weeks or even six months, you may have to stand up for some of your most deeply held principles. While you’re always ready and willing to fight for a righteous cause, this challenge hits closer to home. It can help you clarify values you didn’t realize were so important to you. Band together with kindred spirits if you need support.  

Taurus: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

When a solar eclipse in Scorpio and your seventh house of committed connections galvanizes the skies, a promising prospect could pop up out of the blue, someone who seems like that missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. Since eclipses can add the element of surprise, this hopeful contender might even be someone you’ve known for a while.

Meet the universe halfway: Power up the dating apps and ask friends to play matchmaker. Solar eclipses bring major momentum, but they don’t leave time for deliberating. If a soulful someone sparks your interest, introduce yourself and hand them a card. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! A connection that’s been simmering on the back burner could turn into something a lot more exclusive.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Circle November 8 in red on your calendar, the planets have you covered. That day features 2022’s only Taurus full moon—which also happens to be a show-stopping lunar eclipse. Full moons bring your efforts to fruition or a turning point, and eclipses turbocharge their energy. This one is an acknowledgement of all your dedication and labors of the past six months. Don’t be humble, Bull. Step into the spotlight and take a bow!

But before your curtain call on eclipse season 2022, use this lunation’s enlightenment to look at WHY you’ve been toiling in the shadows. Owning your accomplishments doesn’t mean you’re being arrogant or prideful. Believe it when friends and colleagues tell you how unique your talent, wisdom and devotion are! Savor the pleasure that comes from a job well done. Let this lunar lift inspire you and see how it feels to turn up the self-promotional volume. Need an assist? Ask a friend to play publicist. Next: On to your lofty goal!

Gemini: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Riddle us this: Can you be a healthy hedonist, Gemini? On Tuesday, October 25, a solar eclipse in Scorpio jumpstarts a six-month health kick. Try bringing some vitality-boosting fare to your plate. Let thy food be thy medicine, but make sure it also excites your palate. Wonders can be done with roasted veggies, nut butters and inflammation-busting berries and omega-rich fish.

If you’ve been more sedentary than active since the pandemic (like most humans), kiss that phase goodbye. Sign up for a sports league or splurge for a membership at a fitness studio with fun classes. This one-two punch could illuminate some hidden health issues that require adjustment, like low iron levels or a touch of adrenal fatigue. Book appointments to ensure that you’re running at optimum speed. And if it’s time for a new doctor, the eclipse could illuminate a great healer, perhaps one who practices functional medicine or naturopathy as well as Western.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

If you’re looking for another reason to downshift, look no further during eclipse season 2022. The November 8 Taurus full moon—also an activating lunar eclipse—lights up your twelfth house of rest, release and introspection on November 8. You won’t need any convincing to unplug and cool out that day—especially if you’ve been going at warp speed! This will be a welcome relief from your recent can’t-stop-won’t-stop pace.

You might need to conquer your FOMO, but a day by yourself, doing what you want—when you want—will be pretty persuasive. On this day and over the next two weeks, you could get some brilliant downloads and have a creative or spiritual breakthrough. But you won’t appreciate it (or maybe even notice it) if you’re always around other people and going, going, going. Eliminate non-obligatory events from your calendar and improvise. What can you reschedule, and what can simply be crossed off the list? The rest of November is ideal for preventative self-care. Book massages or energy-work sessions, upgrade your food choices and, most importantly, slow down!

Cancer: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Cupid has not deserted you, Cancer. On October 25, a solar eclipse in Scorpio electrifies your fifth house of fame, passion and romance. Your love life gets a reset and some magical momentum. If you’re single, a hot prospect may arrive or you could finally get clarity about a situation that’s had a major question mark hanging over it. Should you meet someone promising, don’t play coy.

Solar eclipses open brief windows of opportunity and you’ll want to strike while the iron is hot! This lunation during eclipse season 2022 could herald a proposal or pregnancy, or maybe just a fresh start with your S.O.

Let bygones be bygones and focus on what you can co-create with your sweetie over the coming six months. Taking on a shared goal that’s both challenging and stimulating will strengthen your bond. Just talking about all the things you could do together will be a total turn-on!

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Want another excuse for brimming with esprit de corps on November 8? Eclipse season 2022 ends with a Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse in your eleventh house of activism, technology and teamwork.

A full moon would be potent enough—but factor in the eclipse, and it’s liable to be downright game-changing! Eclipses can bring about turning points or completions and, because they illuminate previously hidden dimensions, they tend to deliver an unexpected twist.

During the next two weeks, a group project might reach an impressive climax, plus you could get excited all over again about some fresh #SquadGoals. Rally the troops for a shared victory lap and soak up the attention and satisfaction that comes from hard-earned success. But keep your gaze on the road ahead. This could be the start of a whole new chapter, one that positions you for leadership. Give a lot of thought to what you want out of this, and don’t hesitate to make that big ask!

Leo: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Is it time to renovate, relocate or Feng Shui your digs? Nesting news arrives on October 25 as the solar eclipse in Scorpio could shake up your home as you know it, Leo. Start the Pinterest boards for dream-home inspo or focus on the shifting the energy of the rooms. When you walk in do you feel restful and enlivened in all the right places? Or is there a heavy pallor or claustrophobia when you step through the archway? Move things around (and even consult a Feng Shui pro) to get the chi flowing. Having your environment in order is so grounding.

But brace yourself: Eclipses are known for bringing surprises or propelling us into long-overdue action. A letter could arrive from the landlord announcing a rent increase or some truly irritating construction to your building. Maybe this is the cue you need to start looking during eclipse season 2022 for a new place to hang your fedora.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Ready, set, goals! The sky on November 8 features the year’s only lunar (full moon) eclipse in Taurus, which powers up your ambitious tenth house.

Full moons—especially the two per year that are lunar eclipses—can bring efforts to a culmination point, which is great news if you’ve been laboring away on a project and wondering when it will finally be finished (or acknowledged). Eclipses also bring things out of the shadows and into the light, so if you’ve been waiting for a missing puzzle piece, it might be revealed over the next two weeks.

Think back to April 30’s black moon solar (new moon) eclipse in Taurus. Seeds you planted around that time may finally be ready to harvest. And when the harvest comes in, don’t keep the bounty to yourself, Leo! An eclipse in your house of public recognition gives you a clear mandate to promote this major accomplishment in a super-strategic way.

In the process, you might attract the attention of a baller who wants to back your venture. Don’t think of it as self-aggrandizement. Focus on the “global” benefits of your work so it’s easier to toot your own horn loud and proud. If you require assistance in that department, tap a savvy PR friend to help you target the right audience.

Virgo: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

On Tuesday, October 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio electrifies your third house of communication, Virgo. Solar eclipses herald surprises and fresh beginnings. This one could bring the gift of a new BFF or kindred spirit for a creative collaboration. Network away over the weekend and bravely hand your card to intriguing people you meet.

With eclipses, it’s essential to strike while the iron is hot. If you’ve been in a social slump, venture out and explore new scenes and activities. Evening workshops are a great place to start, especially ones that allow you to connect with your local community. Some Virgos will feel the call of bi-city living. If so, start scouting out your second home base or checking out listings for a potential pied-a-terre.

Could your transportation mode use an upgrade? Hit bike shops and car lots for test drives. You could roll out on a new set of wheels before the week is through. Or upgrade the quality of your commutes with a new tablet or stereo system during eclipse season 2022. Listening to audiobooks on the way to work is a great use of your transit time. Before you know it, you’ll have a veritable Ph.D. in the topics of your obsession!

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

On November 8, the year’s only Taurus full moon—which happens to be a potent lunar eclipse—lands in your ninth house of travel, expansion and adventure.

For some Virgos, this couldn’t happen at a better moment. If you’ve been spinning your wheels or have gotten sick and tired of waiting for someone to green-light a project or weigh in on your work, be proactive! Let them know you can’t move forward until you hear from them, and if a response isn’t forthcoming, you’ll still be reachable—just a few time zones away. Think about places you’re dying to go and friends in appealing locales who’ve been asking you to visit, then start scoping out online deals. If you’re not seeing anything, put in fare alerts—and be ready to pack your bag on a moment’s notice.

Libra: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Moneymaking opportunities heat up on October 25, thanks to the solar eclipse in Scorpio and your second house of finances, Libra. Like a cosmic economic stimulus plan, this lunar lift activates your earning powers.

Looking for new work? Circulate your LinkedIn page, call the recruiters, or schedule a performance review with the powers that be. Even if no one bites, actions like these signal to the universe that you’re ready, willing and eager to accept abundance. Your initiative could really pay off.

Eclipses bring surprise opportunities, and a job offer or dream client could pop up out of the blue. You won’t have forever to mull over your decision. If the pros outweigh the cons, jump on it—yes, even if it means making some fairly significant changes to your life.

If you’ve been saving and planning diligently, this eclipse could green light a long-awaited investment purchase. Think “practical luxury” here, Libra, because if you’re going to spend THAT kind of cash, you want to make sure you get lots of mileage from the splurge.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Even if your furnace hasn’t switched on, the temperature is sure to be smoldering in Libra-land on November 8 when the year’s only Taurus full moon—also an electrifying lunar eclipse—heats up your eighth house of seduction and eroticism.

Emotions get dialed way up under this intensifying energy, and you may not be able to quiet your feelings or desires—and why would you WANT to? These lusty lunar beams can jumpstart a lethargic libido, deepen a solid union or send a very eligible prospect your way.

Anyone hoping for a reboot in the intimacy department should take a few proactive steps to stoke the embers. You might buy some racy lingerie, propose a new position or just do things on your own to feel more comfortable in your skin.

For some Libras, this could transpire on a purely physical level, and if that’s what you want, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re yearning for a truly deep, Tantric connection, this lunation could spell sexual healing. 

Scorpio: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

If you have a message to trumpet from the rooftops, be sure to blast it out. But forget about ducking the limelight altogether, Scorpio. On Tuesday, October 25, the year’s only new moon in your sign arrives as an electrifying solar eclipse!

This fierce lunation is like a bonus cosmic New Year to the tenth power during eclipse season 2022! What is standing in the way of your full potential? Like the Hindu god Ganesh, this eclipse can act as a “remover of obstacles.” (On that note, you might send up a little prayer for those barriers to be removed with grace and ease.) Rule of thumb: If it doesn’t flow, let go.

For some Scorpios, this will feel like Independence Day, ushering you out of complicated entanglements and on to a liberated path. If you’re happily attached, you should still carve out more space to pursue your autonomous interests. Maybe you’ve been itching to make a fresh start lately. If you’ve been idling in neutral, this eclipse will shift you into fifth gear.

If you haven’t treated yourself lately, invest in your own self-development. Think: a life-altering seminar or sessions with helpful experts like a stylist, coach or private yoga instructor. The more you pour into yourself, the greater your ROI in every area of life. Let us say this emphatically: You are worth it!

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

You could wake up on November 8, with a sixth sense that you’re ready to commit to an exclusive relationship, put a ring on it or call the whole thing off. That’s the kind of intense energy generated by the year’s only Taurus full moon—also an electrifying lunar eclipse—in your seventh house of partnerships.

On November 8, or sometime during the next two weeks, you could decide you’re either all in or so NOT into it anymore. These far-reaching Taurus moonbeams direct your vision past what’s right in front of you and help you to picture a future with (or without) this person. If they’ve been stringing you along and are unwilling to take the obvious next step, stop waiting around (and giving away your power). Let them know what YOU need—and by when!

In your harmonious seventh house, this lunar lift will bring opportunities to rebalance the scales in any dynamic duos that are feeling less than dynamic. Single? Keep a very open mind for the rest of the month (and year!). You could meet someone who floats your boat yet is totally different from your usual type. If there’s a strong attraction AND your core values are aligned, it’s worth taking it for a test drive.

Sagittarius: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Guardian angels could show up on October 25, when a solar eclipse lands in Scorpio and your twelfth house of helpers and healers. Someone who has “been there, done that” can shed light on a vexing situation that has had you tied in knots. Don’t wait for this Yoda figure to land on your starship, though. Actively seek wise counsel: a career coach, trainer, therapist, or even a holistic or spiritual healer.

If you’ve suffered a recent setback or loss, resources may pop up to help you get back on track like a book that “falls off the shelf,” or a must-experience class that a friend recommends. But you’ll need to do something that’s hard for your sign, Sagittarius: surrender! This eclipse wants you to STOP trying to force a situation to go according to your perfect, fairy tale vision. The universe’s Plan B might bring you more joy than you realize. Instead of mapping out every last deliverable, get psyched about the mysterious unknown—a path that can only be revealed if you let go of control.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Time for a full-system overhaul and productivity reboot! On November 8, the year’s only Taurus full moon—an electrifying lunar eclipse—powers up your methodical sixth house and helps you rein in the chaos and overload.

Your spirited sign hates to skip any fun activities or let people down, but if trying to do it all only adds to YOUR stress, it’s not worth it. There’s no shortage of parties and other gatherings, and perhaps a portion of your workload can be delegated or outsourced. Sometime during the next two weeks, take a realistic look at your to-do list and assess which things you can let go of.

And explore where mess may be causing you to leak energy. If you keep searching for the same missing documents because your digital filing system doesn’t meet the definition of “system,” it’s time to bring some method to this madness.

On the bright side, these lunar high beams during eclipse season 2022 could signal a raise, promotion or plum assignment. And since the sixth house also rules wellness, give higher priority to self-care. Make massages or other bodywork part of your regular lifestyle—and whenever possible, get to bed earlier!

Capricorn: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Hiding out altogether won’t be possible on October 25, Capricorn, when the year’s only new moon in Scorpio arrives as a galvanizing solar eclipse in your eleventh house of community.

Finding a crowd where you feel truly comfortable hasn’t ever been an easy quest for you. Still, there ARE places where you feel right at home and this eclipse could catapult you into direct contact with groups that you actually want to (gasp!) join!

Solar eclipses herald new beginnings; they can be as forceful as a hurricane when it comes to blowing you out of your comfort zone, too. Stop ignoring invitations or being vaguely non-committal. Socializing will remind you of how much support you actually have. While mingling, you could tap into a new extracurricular obsession. Explore more ongoing activities, like a dance troupe, book club, weekly craft nights, or spiritual circle. Or, form a more official collective with people who are already in your innermost crew.

Taurus lunar eclipse

On November 8 the year’s only Taurus full moon—which happens to be a game-changing lunar eclipse—and it’s turbo-charging your fifth house of romance, creativity and fame!

If you’re an artist or performer, this lunar lift could herald one of the most exciting, important starting blocks of 2022. Even if you don’t “hit the big time,” you’ll have an all-access pass to your muse PLUS the magnetism to draw an appreciative audience.

Since the fifth house also rules theatrics, put your natural reserve aside and be a little flamboyant. There’s no better time to explore your outer limits and stretch beyond any confining edges. In doing so, you may discover the reaches of your own genius.

In a solid or unfolding love relationship, the spirit might move you to bare your soul and let someone know how you feel (and what you want). Unattached? Be more forward with your crush du jour. It’s possible they’re equally interested—and equally shy! 

Aquarius: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

Be prepared to pounce on October 25 when the solar eclipse in Scorpio brings major momentum for your career, Aquarius.

Eclipses open exciting windows of opportunity—ones that don’t often leave much time for deliberating. So when an enticing offer comes in, leap if you’re ready! There may even be an established entity involved, like a major brand or an industry influencer.

Since eclipses can bring surprises, the people you turn down may step up their game, revealing just how badly they actually want you. In some cases, however, the eclipse will bring a test. This might come in the form of an offer that just isn’t on par with your level of experience or expertise.

Draw the line in the sand. No settling for less than you’re worth or taking on a high-maintenance client just because they bring a bit of prestige. On the flip side, you should also avoid faking it ’til you make it. Be honest about what you are capable of. Being the little fish in the big pond is fine, too; in fact, it’s the best way to grow.

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

Family, foundations and Chateau Aquarius REALLY move to the front burner on November 8 for a second reason: The year’s only Taurus full moon—also a potent lunar eclipse—lands in your fourth house of kith and kin.

For some Water Bearers, big changes are in the pipeline: a relocation, major reno or a change of roommates. But for others, the shifts will be much subtler and more internal, causing you to ruminate on your most important relationships and living situation.

Your hyperkinetic social life might downshift to more nights in at base camp. Kick off this annual phase by decluttering and cleaning like a domestic goddess. Then invite people over for mellow—or not-so-mellow—nights!

While this lunar lift is at its strongest over two weeks, you could feel its influence for up to six months. In manifesting Taurus, it can illuminate the calming, beautiful oasis you want your home to be. If you’ve been considering moving, selling or buying property, eclipse season 2022 is the time to get serious about it.

Pisces: Eclipse season 2022 horoscope

Scorpio solar eclipse: October 25

On October 25, a solar eclipse in Scorpio lands in your joyful ninth house and reboots your optimistic, broad-minded outlook on life, Pisces.

Pull your suitcase out of storage. Traveling both for business and pleasure could expand your horizons in every way—and you may set off on this voyage faster than expected. No matter your GPS coordinates, a cross-cultural connection or a long-distance collab could really heat up.

Since the ninth house rules higher education, this eclipse could shoot you into back-to-school mode, be it a degree program, weekend workshop or an online course.

Feeling enterprising? Whether you’re signing your own paychecks or working as a hired gun, you’re ready for expansion and greater independence. If you already own a company, add new offerings for your customers or replicate your winning model in a new territory. Set your sights on an end goal and let nothing deter you!

Taurus lunar eclipse: November 8

You’ll get another boost in your self-expression on November 8, when the year’s only Taurus full moon—also a transformational lunar eclipse—illuminates your third house of communication and socializing.

Like-minded folks could pop up out of nowhere, and you should view such strangers as potential partners, not as the competition. A cooperative attitude will serve you better than a threatened, defensive stance. Collaborations you’ve been involved with for a while might reach a culmination or turning point. Look at this as a sign that it’s run its course. Time to move on to something bigger and better!

Take your victory lap, then follow Taurus’s manifesting lead and create your NEXT set of intentions. Seek out talented, inspirational people whose skills dovetail with, rather than duplicate, your own. If you’ve become a bit insular with your social circles or are tired of hanging out at the same old spots, this lunar lift of eclipse season 2022 can broaden your horizons and propel you to graze on new turf. 


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