Enneagram Astrology: How the 9 Types Match with the Planets and Zodiac Signs

Is your Enneagram type associated with a zodiac sign? Yes, in a way—and here’s how.

We’ve never met a personality test we wouldn’t take once. And over the years we’ve landed on a few faves (among them: Myers-Briggs, Gallup Strengths Finder, Human Design and our own I*AM system). 

In addition to astrology, we often turn to the Enneagram for insight. As identical twins, the fact that Tali is an empathic Enneagram 2 and Ophi is an enthusiastic Enneagram 7 explains our unique differences better than anything we’ve found. Trust us, finding an answer to the question, “So are you and your sister exactly alike?” has been a lifelong struggle. The Enneagram gave us our answer!

What is the Enneagram exactly?

The Enneagram, if you haven’t heard of it, divides the human psyche into 9 types. It’s one of the few spiritual psychology systems that’s made its way into corporate development programs, schools and even religious institutions (shrug).  

Scroll down for a description of each Enneagram type plus their most-like zodiac signs.

Listen while you learn

Our friend and fellow astrologer Cole (a Gemini and Enneagram 7) shared this amazing album of songs tailor-made for each Enneagram type. The lyrics are spot-on!

Now, read on to find your Enneagram Type’s astrological and planetary match!

Enneagram 1: Mercury

Archetype: The Perfectionist, The Reformer

Most like zodiac sign: Gemini or Virgo

Make way for the human Google! The Type 1 Enneagram is linked to the planet Mercury. These mission-driven people think, talk and processes information at lightning speed. Much like Gemini, Enneagram 1 people can be walking databases of facts and intel, which they’re not afraid to offer in the form of unsolicited advice!

Similar to Virgo, the other sign ruled by Mercury, Enneagram 1 folks hold themselves and others to high standards. They are know for having a strong sense of right and wrong, and (yes) for a tendency to be judgmental. Squeaky clean and annoyingly perfect at their worst, a high moral compass at their best, these folks can make the rest of us look like slackers at times.

Enneagram 1 Types can certainly outsmart others, much like their clever ruler, trickster Mercury. However, most Enneagram 1 people fear being seen as corrupt or bad, carrying the Virgo quest for purity and integrity. In Roman myth, Mercury also ruled commerce, and the 1 Enneagram Type may be good at business and money management.

Famous Enneagram 1 People: Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Plato, Nelson Mandela, Jane Fonda, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, Bill Maher (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 2: Moon

Archetype: The Helper

Most like zodiac sign: Cancer

Who needs a hug? Enneagram 2 is most like the Moon and the zodiac sign Cancer. These natural nurturers and empaths are always there to provide support and to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. Much like the maternal Cancer, Enneagram Type 2 people can veer into excessive caretaking and codependence, focusing on other people’s needs at the expense of their own. Like a sponge, you absorb the feelings of people around you and are highly sensitive to your environment.

At times, 2 Enneagram folks may forget to ask for the support and attention they need, leading them to feel resentful, drained and moody. Remember, the moon goes through 8 phases in a month. Make space for your own emotional fluctuations. That will allow you to use your intuitive gifts most effectively!

Famous Enneagram 2 People: Stevie Wonder, Eleanor Roosevelt, Byron Katie, Paula Abdul, Richard Simmons, Nancy Reagan, Elizabeth Taylor (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 3: Sun

Archetype: The Achiever

Most like zodiac sign: Leo

Pick me, pick me! The Enneagram 3 person is a natural leader and superstar. They brim with warmth and energy and can-do confidence, just like the radiant Sun and the zodiac sign it rules, Leo. Type 3 Enneagrams are highly accomplished performers whose names are regular fixtures on the honor roll, sports leaderboards and sales trackers.

If there’s an MVP title or trophy to win, an Enneagram Type 3 person is a likely shoo-in. Competitive mostly with themselves, Enneagram 3 people may inspire a range of admiration and envy. While they should never dim their lights for others to shine (imagine the Sun going dark!), they’ll win over the jealous folks by stepping out of the spotlight to mentor, coach, teach and encourage others. That’s the difference between a glory hog and a leader–and the world is in short supply of the latter! We need all the high-vibration 3 Enneagram energy we can get.

If you’re an Enneagram 3, remember that you don’t have to prove your worth to anyone. Allow yourself to be human and vulnerable, and let others get to know that side of you too.

Famous Enneagram 3 People: Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Tom Cruise, Prince William, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Will Smith, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Seacrest, Tiger Woods, Madonna (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 4: Neptune

Archetype: The Romantic

Most like zodiac sign: Pisces

Next stop: Imagination Station! Like dreamy planet Neptune and its corresponding Pisces zodiac sign, Enneagram Type 4 people are idealistic and highly sensitive, sometimes to their own demise. Reality isn’t their preferred state. Instead, they make the ordinary feel like pure magic, with their poetic souls who see everything through a filtered lens.

The struggle for Enneagram 4 can be an enduring sense of victimhood. Because they make so many sacrifices or take on the world’s problems, they may carry a karmic burden that manifests as self-pity. Addiction and self-sabotage can run high among this Enneagram 4 group, as their sensitivity makes them prone to Pisces habits of avoidance and escapism.

Many 4 Enneagrams will do a stint in recovery or have a life-altering experience with a spiritual healer. Like divine Neptune, they must “find religion” in whatever space becomes their sacred temple. The Enneagram 4 Type heals themselves and others by channeling their angst into art, music and poetry, or as spiritual and emotional counselors for other seekers and Highly Sensitive People.

Famous Enneagram 4 People: Amy Winehouse, Rumi, Anne Frank, Jackie Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Prince, Anais Nin, Kat Von D (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 5: Uranus

Archetype: The Investigator

Most like zodiac sign: Aquarius

What if we tried it this way? The Enneagram 5 Type is an innovator and futurist, much like the revolutionary planet Uranus and its cosmic companion Aquarius. Side-spinning Uranus is all about doing things differently than the others, and the quirky 5 Enneagram is a natural “design thinker” who likes to test, experiment and tinker.

These iconoclastic types can be loners, often feeling misunderstood because they’re so ahead of the curve. They can see how the dots connect, visualize the macro master plan…so why can’t you? Like mad scientists, Enneagram 5 people can be impatient with the rest of us mere mortals who can barely keep up with their mile-a-minute stream of consciousness and crazed genius ideas.

Luckily, loneliness isn’t usually an issue for the 5 Enneagram, since their sprawling ideas and curiosities provide ample company. They usually have a million fascinating projects underway (much to the chagrin of anyone who cohabitates with them). Why get distracted by superficial social obligations when they could be constructing a satellite UFO detection tower or deep-diving into research on quantum computing?

Famous Enneagram 5 People: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Bobby Fischer, Annie Liebowitz, Kurt Cobain, Emily Dickinson, Georgia O’Keefe, Salvador Dali, John Nash (A Beautiful Mind), Friedrich Nietzsche (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 6: Saturn

Archetype: The Skeptic, The Loyalist

Most like zodiac sign: Capricorn

An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure! But why have an ounce, when you can have a bushel? That might as well be the “Scout’s Honor” motto of the typical Enneagram 6, a Type that mimics the cautious, responsible nature of Saturn and the Capricorn zodiac sign. Always focused on what could go wrong, Type 6 Enneagrams are a walking contingency plan, prepared to troubleshoot any natural disaster, shark attack or worst-case scenario you could imagine. Never mind that the statistics are low (and your Enneagram 6 will quote the exact data on that). There’s no way in hell a 6 Enneagram will risk being the victim of the lightning strike or the tornado that touches down.

Impeccable and loyal, these people are the backbone of any family or organization. But when do THEY get to have fun? Friends who remind Enneagram 6 people to relax, who make them feel safe or occasionally play “designated driver” for THEM can be a gift…provide the 6 Enneagram can release control and put their lives in someone else’s hands.

Famous Enneagram 6 People: Mark Twain, Bono, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Affleck, Chris Rock, Ellen Degeneres, Michael Moore, Jennifer Aniston (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 7: Jupiter

Archetype: The Enthusiast

Most like zodiac sign: Sagittarius

The answer is always yes! Few can resist the Pied Piper enthusiasm of an Enneagram 7, much like the enchanting spell of jovial, more-more-more Jupiter and abundant Sagittarius. The Type 7 Enneagram could sell ice to a sno-cone vendor, simply by spinning an irresistible picture of the possibilities that can come of taking a supersized leap into the unknown. Jupiter is the god of the feast and Sagittarius is the zodiac’s risk-taker. In that spirit, Enneagram 7 people have giant appetites for life and love to make the impossible come to life.

The problem, however, is that they tend to leap without a parachute, relying on faith alone. Enneagram 7s love the journey more than the destination. They don’t really care where they end up as long as they have a great time all the way there. This can win them friends AND enemies. But if they can curb their enthusiasm long enough to create at least a rough plan–or better yet, they team up with a practical sidekick who can map their visionary ideas to a solid plan–these dynamic 7 Type Enneagrams will happily blow your mind!

Famous Enneagram 7 People: Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Bette Midler, Galileo, Mozart, Joe Biden, Richard Branson, Mick Jagger, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Simon Cowell, Howard Stern, JFK (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 8: Mars

Archetype: The Challenger

Most like zodiac sign: Aries and Scorpio

You talkin’ to me? Enneagram Type 8 carries the energy of warrior planet Mars (perhaps with a side of vengeful Pluto). Never backing down from a fight, and often the ones starting them, Enneagram 8 will challenge anything or anyone they feel is wrong or a threat to them. At their best, 8 Enneagram people will stand up for their rights and advocate for yours. They aren’t afraid to confront a bully or put their butts on the line to fight injustice.

However, this Enneagram type needs to learn when to put their swords away. Like the planet Mars and the Aries zodiac sign, they may fight for fighting’s sake, or get pigeonholed into playing the hero, which can exhaust them. The Enneagram 8 sometimes has too much of a sarcastic or combative edge, which can make them difficult to be around if they don’t tone it down sometimes. Like Aries, they can occasionally be selfish and demanding, wearing out others who can’t keep up with their intensity!

Famous Enneagram 8 People: Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Frank Sinatra, Saddam Hussein, Donald Trump, Serena Williams, Courtney Love,Susan Sarandon, Roseanne Barr, Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Walters, Mae West (source: The Enneagram Institute)

Enneagram 9: Venus

Archetype: The Peacemaker

Most like zodiac sign: Taurus or Libra

Naturally drawn to Venus themes of beauty and harmony, Enneagram Type 9 people are a serene and soothing presence to be around! They may have an affinity for art, music, fashion and color, a trait shared by both Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. In family or group settings, Enneagram 9 is often the diplomat who mediates conflict between people and helps everyone reach compromise.

Like gracious Venus, Enneagram Type 9 people can be consummate hosts who make everyone feel comfortable and cozy. Like Libra, which is symbolized by the Scales, Enneagram 9 people can also end up being the misfits in a group, because they’re intuitively balancing whatever energy is missing, playing a role that may not even be who they are.

Venus loves harmony and cooperation at any cost, so Enneagram 9s have to be careful that they don’t suppress their anger or true feelings, taking it on the chin just to keep the peace. Too much people pleasing can manifest in illness or depression for the 9 Enneagram Type. Make like the Taurus zodiac archetype and learn to stand strong in your convictions!

Famous Enneagram 9 People: Queen Elizabeth II, Jim Henson, George Lucas, Audrey Hepburn, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Claude Monet, Carl Jung, Morgan Freeman (source: The Enneagram Institute)

History of the Enneagram

As we like to say, humans are our own biggest blind spots. No matter how much self-awareness we cultivate, being human is a daily cleanup job that involves taking out our own mental trash and wiping away the cobwebs that form in our psyches.

The origins and history of many of the ideas and theories associated with the Enneagram of Personality are a matter of dispute. Contemporary Enneagram theories are principally derived from the teachings of the Bolivian psycho-spiritual teacher Oscar Ichazo from the 1950s, and the Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo from the 1970s. Naranjo’s theories were also influenced by some earlier teachings about personality by George Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way tradition.

How the Enneagram Works

There’s a whole lot to the Enneagram system that we’re still learning. Compatibility is a big part of it: certain types get along better while others challenge each other. 

The Enneagram is a three-part figure comprised of a circle, an inner triangle and a hexagonal design that, frankly, has way more math and sacred geometry than we can explain in this post.

enneagram figure

Great ways to learn more about the Enneagram

Take the official Enneagram Institute test for a small fee (worth it if you want to really use this as a tool)

Sing along! (Spotify playlist recommended by our friend and fellow astrologer Cole)

Ian Morgen Cron’s book, The Road Back to You

This recent Amy Porterfield podcast


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