The Capricorn Child: Baby and Parenting Horoscopes

The Capricorn baby is typically born between December 21 – January 19

Conception Dates for a Capricorn Child: March 25-April 15

Capricorns are the zodiac’s old souls, so your baby may arrive in the world with a furrowed brow and a wizened expression. Disciplining this baby won’t be too hard: these responsible kids love to make Mommy and Daddy proud. Rather, the challenge may be in getting little Capricorn children to cut themselves some slack. They are born with a perfectionist streak, and may even rip up their drawings if they don’t look like fine art masterpieces. Start socializing them early with a good crowd of kids: this sign hangs on to childhood friends for life and may even wind up marrying their first loves. An unstable early home life or changing schools regularly can turn them into loners and misfits. Family-oriented, they will love celebrating traditions with relatives. A weekly family night and a set schedule of chores will give them the solid base they need to excel in the world.

Playtime for the Capricorn baby or child:

* As an earth sign, Capricorn babies will love going to the park and roaming around outdoors.

* Social and outgoing, they crave the company of other kids. Get them involved in a playground playgroup or summer league. They are likely to become popular with their peers.

* This athletic sign rules the knees, and they tend to excel in sports like soccer or anything that involves running. Natural leaders, they are likely to wind up being nominated for team captain.

* As the zodiac’s most ambitious sign, Capricorn children love going to work with Mommy and Daddy, or pretending that they own their own business. Set them up with a toy cash register and watch their imaginations flow.

* Their natural sense of order makes them good drummers and bassists. Give them musical instruments and pray you can stand the noise!

Parenting Tips for the Capricorn child:

* Clearly define the rules and regulations for your Capricorn. This sign is afraid to make mistakes and may need to be encouraged to let loose and play.

* Never shame your Capricorn for making a mistake. This little worrier hates to displease Mommy and Daddy.  Teach your Capricorn the old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

* Capricorns are all about image, so keep up appearances at their school or social functions. Embarrassing your Capricorn kid by exposing a questionable hobby or behaving in an uncouth fashion will ensure that you’re never invited to another game or recital again.

* Naturally popular, other kids will flock to them. Teaching them to accept all types will save them from falling into their sign’s proclivity towards snobbery.

* Capricorns tend to be reserved and quiet, and like solving problems on their own. Don’t pry into their every thought. Just let them know that you’re always available for help or advice. Next up: Your Momscope—Find Your Sign’s Parenting Style >