The Leo Mom Horoscope: Parenting by Zodiac Sign

Mommy Magic: The Leo Mother’s Strengths & Gifts

Playfulness—the Leo mom is a kid at heart forever!

Hands-down, you’re the liveliest (and most energetic) mom in the zodiac, Leo. You’re showy, affectionate, forever leaving lipstick marks on people or keeping the party going 24/7. You’re not just a mom, you’re the ultimate playmate. (Our own Leo mom remained a Girl Scout leader long after we quit our cookie peddling days.) You keep the kids engaged in extracurriculars galore—piano lessons, dance, sports, science clubs. It’s a wonder they get any sleep, but they’ll certainly grow up to be well-rounded, creative souls. You’re also a great scribe (did you miss your calling as a historian?), who diligently records every milestone, from first poops to driver’s licenses and everything in between. Leo is a proud sign, and your little ones make you beam. They truly are your greatest accomplishments, which you’ll tell anyone within earshot. Then, of course, you’ll lead them directly to the gallery of trophies, degrees, hand-drawn Mother’s Day cards, and whatever other sentimental stuff you’ve got in the shrine.


The Leo mom is a natural leader.

Who’s the boss? Mama, that’s who. Confident Leos can be warm and laid-back, but when it’s time to lay down the law, you do. You’re an active mom and a lifelong learner who’s never too old to try new things. Your incredible willpower and ambition can set quite an example for your kids, who feel safe under your fierce protection. Even if you’re struggling financially, you make sure your kids have every advantage. When you want something, you don’t wait for permission—you go for it. (Leo is queen of the jungle, and in the animal kingdom, it’s the lady lionesses that do the hunting. ) If that means schmoozing up the scholarship board to get your kids admitted to an elite college prep program, or trading secretarial services for their band camp tuition, so be it. You won’t be denied! Nor will you shelter your kids from the facts of life. That means telling them honestly about the beers you drank in high school, or calling private parts by their proper anatomical names. (The “vagina monologues” may start early in your home—like when your kid is old enough for that “how babies are made” book.) Rather than shelter them, you encourage their creativity, which might keep them too entertained to get into trouble. Nice strategy!


Mama Mia! The Leo Mother’s Challenges & Issues

Leo moms can be self-centered at times…

Leo is ruled by the Sun—you know, the giant, flaming orb that the entire solar system revolves around? So if you occasionally think you’re the center of the universe, who could blame you? A little bit of that sets a healthy example. Lord knows, there are enough women bashing themselves and their bodies, so if mama is confident and puts herself first, great. But if you’ve become your own reference point for everything—and treat your kids like personal show ponies whose job it is to make YOU look good—you’re asking for backlash. Leo Martha Stewart, queen of the picture-perfect life, was the subject of a damning tell-all book penned by her own daughter. Are you keeping up appearances instead of keeping it real? If you’re a rock star mom, your kids may feel like you’re constantly outshining them. (Imagine living up to the legacy of Leo mothers like Madonna or Jennifer Lopez.) Even if you’ve staked your claim on fame, be sure they don’t get the feeling that they have to be mega-stars to be worthy. For some people, normal is more than enough, even if it isn’t for you.

And the Leo mother can serve up drama!

The squeals of surprise. The “oh my God” messages you leave in hushed, breathless tones on people’s voicemail. The intense way you fall in (and out of) love with people, hobbies, books, whatever. If you’re into something, then it’s the most amazing thing you’ve every experienced. And when there’s a crisis or problem, you rush in to fix it. At times, it can seem like everything is a four-alarm fire, a crisis of epic proportions. But making mountains out of molehills can bring unnecessary chaos to your home. If you’re constantly overreacting, it can throw your kids into a tailspin. So they failed a science quiz, or left a sweater at the movie theater, or bit somebody on the playground. It’s not the end of the world, Leo. Your sign rules the heart, so you approach everything with passion and emotion. But there’s a fine line between healthy “drama” and histrionics. Learn it. The same goes for some of the over-the-top things you do that can lead to burnout. Will your one-year-old really remember the 200-guest circus party complete with live zoo animals? Maybe it’s better to save those funds for college.

Famous Leo Mamas:  Madonna, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Soleil Moonfrye, Martha Stewart, Whitney Houston, Kelis, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Rebecca Gayheart, Mary-Louise Parker