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September 2020 Virgo Love Horoscope

As summer draws to a close, you may still be feeling like you’re on vacation as Venus traipses through your eleventh house of casual friends and community until September 6. Enjoy it, Virgo, because once the cosmic coquette crash-lands in Leo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house on September 6, things could turn a bit emotional for four weeks.
Buried memories, old hurts or unprocessed grief could bubble to the surface, demanding your immediate attention. This can be particularly distracting because you’d much rather get lost in the daydreams Venus is unleashing! And since the twelfth house rules release and endings, without even trying to, you may pull back from a certain connection that’s run its course or no longer “sparks joy.” With renewed insights, you might discover that things have gotten a bit too close for comfort with someone and that your union in bordering on codependent. Now’s a perfect time to insert a little healthy distance.
Meanwhile, passionate Mars spending a lengthy interlude in Aries (June 27 to January 6), which is your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. While you’ll enjoy steaming up the windows—especially as the nights get longer and cooler—this transit can also shorten your fuse and make you thin-skinned or even a bit paranoid. Everything from your emotions to a new relationship can heat up quickly.
But tap the brakes, Virgo! When Mars shifts into reverse (retrograde) for two months on September 9, feelings may turn on a dime, or you might have “buyer’s remorse” over something you gave too much rein to. Rather than stay the course, be open and honest about what you’re feeling. If you need some time on your own to mull things over or to work through some trust issues, don’t be afraid to say so. SO much better than suffering in silence!
That said, one of THE hottest days of your year could be September 28, when the cosmic lovebirds harmonize in a loving trine, coaxing you to get vulnerable and open your heart to someone who’s shown they deserve it. Sexual attraction, even a soulmate bond, could intensify. If you’ve been doing deep inner work during Mars retrograde, this once-a-year mashup could bring a breakthrough!

Key Dates:

September 2: Venus-Saturn opposition
Careful where you aim those amorous arrows! Vixen Venus in your friendly eleventh house is batting her lashes at steady Saturn in your love zone. Your flirtatious moves could lead someone on, but one of you might be feeling the attraction more than the other. Even if it is mutual, the circumstances of your lives might not smoothly align. Make sure you both want the same things before leaping in.

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