How to Make a Cancer Woman Happy

Is a Cancer woman right for you? How do you make a Cancer woman happy?

If you follow astrology, you may hear some misleading match-up advice. Maybe you’ve heard that you should “never” date a Cancer. The truth is you can make it work with any zodiac sign. Your so-called imperfect match could become your life partner if you take a chance.

Astrology is a helpful tool for “decoding” people. No matter what you believe, it’s always helpful to have another tool in your romantic arsenal.

So if you’re interested in a Cancer, how do you make a Cancer woman happy—and find yourself happy with a Cancer woman?

The Cancer woman

Cancer is the fourth of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which begins its cycle at the start of summer during Cancer season—which falls around June 21-July 22.

Sensitive Cancer is ruled by the ever-changing moon, and the Cancer woman’s moods go through many cycles. She’s intuitive and nurturing, even psychic. She’s sensitive and loyal, with a ready shoulder to cry on.

The Cancer woman loves to get domestic, serving her friends and family home-baked goodies and tea. When she gets moody, she need to be comforted, or else just left alone. Like the crab this sign is symbolized by, she can cling — or pinch — when she feels threatened or vulnerable.

Thrifty Cancer women can pinch pennies tightly. (Of course, she also loves to spend! It’s a mood thing.) To make life easier, she surrounds herself with comfort: a cozy sweater, a favorite book, trusted friends, and a stash of her favorite goodies. Cancers are close to their moms or mom-like figures, she’ll probably have a few stored in her Favorites contacts. She may be an unofficial mom to everyone in her life, too. Taking care of kids, friends, and pets can keep her spirits high.

Is the Cancer woman your “dream girl?”

Change can threaten this security-seeking sign, which seeks to plant deep roots. The essence of the Cancer woman’s energy is sensitive, domestic, feminine, maternal, compassionate, caretaker, romantic, and creative. Negative Cancer vibes can be gossipy, cliquey, isolated, passive-aggressive, hypersensitive, and overly competitive.

Emotions and intuition overrule the Cancer woman’s logic and intellect. Cancer rules the stomach and literally urges us to “go with our gut.” Cancer’s energy is the ultimate Chicken Soup for the Soul, and once you’ve sipped from the Crab’s consommé, you feel soothed and nurtured. Cancer women can play it too safe and smother, however, which can veer them into coddling and codependence.

How to spot a Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is a homebody at heart, even if she’s out and about in the working world or the queen bee of their social hive. She loves returning to a space that she can call their own. Home and deep bonds, especially female ones, keep them feeling secure. Many Cancer women are passionate foodies who love to cook and of course, eat! Many Crab women love to host their own house parties for a regular crew.

The creative Cancer woman is the ultimate culture vulture, always up on the latest Michelin-starred restaurant, new band or raved-about independent film. Great with kids and pets, Cancer women make excellent parents and caretakers. Need a little TLC? Call on Cancer, who’s always ready with a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. (Be warned: You will need to return the favor soon enough!)

Try not to get too hooked on the Cancer woman’s compassion or your relationship can get codependent. That shell can be a bit too snug and Crabs can lose perspective, lapsing into pessimism. Before claustrophobia strikes, make sure to set healthy boundaries. She needs someone to give them space (to vent, especially) but also remind her of her strength.

The “natural habitat” for a Cancer woman

The Cancer woman might be spotted running a family business, cooking a gourmet dinner, helping friends decorate their homes, hosting a party, cheering on a favorite sports team, sightseeing historical places, engineering a gadget or working on an art project, leading a wilderness retreat, attending a charity event, or sailing. She could also just as easily be spotted buying a round for all her friends at the bar, holding court with a group of steady friends, or involved in a game (this sign loves a good video game, pool table or board game).

What a Cancer woman does for a living

The Cancer woman is caring and creative, which are among her strongest work traits. She is a loyal employee and devoted to her coworkers (she’s probably a favorite of theirs, and the least likely to brag about it). She has spot-on intuition and brings a spirit of “family” to any workplace.

Some career choices that attract Cancer women also include: CEO, childcare worker, content editor, attorney, physical therapist, regional planner, interior designer, computer systems analyst, tech writer, and gallery attendant.

The Cancer woman makes a strong financial manager, real estate agent, or could be a fashion designer, comedian, actor, soldier, human rights activist, Olympic swimmer, pediatrician or Ob/Gyn.

What a Cancer woman wants in a partner

Wanted: domestic bliss with a willing dependent. The Cancer woman is the sign that rules women and femininity and home sweet home is her number-one mission. What home looks like, well, that can take on many physical attributes, but there is one constant: it’s the place where she feels safe. Home, family and security are top priorities. She wants someone to be just as much as a homebody as she can be, but she also needs some emotional outlets that aren’t your deep thoughts, like martial arts, sports, the stock market, or winning at a game and satisfying the desire to be in control.

The ideal partner for a Cancer woman is someone who is intelligent and powerful and will never leave her. She’s looking for her dream partner, someone to help raise the kids equally, and help with the chores. Just because this sign is “domestic” it doesn’t mean she wishes to do more than her share of the workload in the home.

Possessiveness is one potential downside to a relationship with a Cancer woman, as is mothering. She wants to feel needed and wanted, but also to be independent—if this sounds like a have your cake and eat it, too, scenario, it kind of is. However, if you strike just the right balance with a Cancer woman’s needs and yours, she will release you from her pinchers, especially if trust is built mutually.

Flirting with a Cancer woman, “romantic stuff”

Smart flirting with a Cancer woman starts with touch, most likely. It could be a simple handshake but most likely she’s reached in for a hug. How she responds to your touch says a lot about how she feels about you—does she linger a little, pull you closer, grip your back a little tightly? She is a good listener, too, but she’ll get bored if you drone on (but you might not know it, the Cancer woman has a great imagination and can be thinking of an art project while you’re yammering too long about something that happened at work).

Flirting & dating and your first date

A good first date with a Cancer woman is to a cultural event, art gallery, concert, or a fine meal. A simple picnic in a park can also win her over. It’s not out of the idea to take her to a family reunion or family event for your first date or soon after, she’ll feel comfortable around your family so much that you’ll wonder if she hasn’t already met everyone.

Sex with a Cancer woman

The Cancer woman deeply connects to her emotions, even when it’s just a fling. Romantic Cancer is sensitive to your needs and loves to please you. But she is no wham-bam lover. Think romance novel cover art, that’s what she’s got in mind—to be whisked off her feet (and despite the romance book cover, she’s not really overly worried with your appearance).

Are you good with touch and being touch? Remember a Crab likes to grab! How about a game of dress-up? The Cancer woman will go for some light costumery or full on cosplay. Handcuffs and wrist-binding might even be her thing. Practice your “safe word!”

A Cancer woman’s turn-ons and turn-offs

If you want to keep a Cancer woman happy, it’s helpful to know here turn-ons and turn-offs!

Cancer woman turn-ons: curves, feminine touches, being a foodie who loves to eat and cook, being vibrant and full of life, gushing about family, being well-read and culturally literate, believing in true love and fairy tale romance, gazing into each other’s eyes, able to perform simple fix-it tasks, and being asked for guidance on life decisions.

Cancer woman turn-offs: being jaded or overly cynical, being jealous of friends or attempt to interfere with those relationships, having zero interest in pampering and self care, criticizing her taste in art, music or refusing to go somewhere with her (especially if she loves the activity, like camping, sailing, hiking, snowboarding), mocking her in any way, and not wanting a family.

Dating a Cancer long-term

Trust doesn’t come easily to this water sign woman, but once you earn it, she’s eager to make things official. Once she decided you’re the one, she’ll be full steam ahead. Dating a Cancer woman is like trying out for a bigger role. She’s never not going to think about the big picture, even if she’s not ready for the next step. She won’t likely waste her time with someone she doesn’t consider worthy of going the distance with.

A potential pitfall for dating a Cancer woman longterm is if you step on her trust, embarrass her, or take her for granted. Emotional confrontation is not a Crab forté, so you might not know what you did until her anger builds up beyond the point of being able to repair the relationship (if you did anything at all!). It’s better to have a talk, but be prepared to be the one to initiate it.

If she… 

Gets quiet or is moody and brooding. You might want to go out with your friends and leave her be. She needs her space. Take the hint and get away before things get ugly. She’ll recover and you’ll be glad you waited.

Doesn’t call. It means she thinks you’re a nice person, but she doesn’t see where this is going—and she certainly can’t imagine introducing you to her family. Move on. If you really like her, see if you can apologize and clear things up. But if you offended her or hurt her feelings (which are typically fragile) you may not get the second chance you’re looking for.

Calls a lot. She’s falling for you or thinks you’re her new best friend. You might want to ask her questions to draw her out of her shell. She needs to feel safe around you.

Doesn’t make a move after a couple of dates. She’s intimidated. Show a little bit of your softer side and offer to help with something to give her a point of entry. Don’t rush her, though! If she’s not interested, move on. She knows what she likes.

Doesn’t make a move after a few weeks. She may be too shy or insecure to know where to begin. Boost her confidence and make her feel safe. Plan a no-pressure date to be in a comfortable and low-key setting where you can build your connection.

Moves fast. It means you should make no assumptions. She believes in love at first sight, but she can also be lusty. Slow her down if you want something real, she will respect you for it big-time.

Picks up the tab, gives gifts. It means she thinks you’re worthy of consideration. The Cancer woman does not part easily with her cash. Gush over her generosity and good taste.

Introduces you to her family or closest friends. It means you’re being put to the test. If you’ve made it this far (and want to be there) be genuinely excited to meet her family and friends. Ingratiate yourself, they’ll be talking about you for days and could be a deciding vote in her future with you.

Compatibility with a Cancer woman, by zodiac sign

If you’re an… your common language is:

Aries: you’re both “extroverted loners” who enjoy the arts as much as a good night at home

Taurus: home and family are everything to you both

Gemini: dive bars, independent theater, video games and antiquing obsessions

Cancer: nesting, you could set up a cozy little bubble together

Leo: you’re both hopeless romantics who’ll let your lives go to hell for a shot of love

Virgo: books, cooking, architecture, design, and foodie fun

Libra: winning, dining and dancing

Scorpio: the depth, intensity and fragility of your emotions

Sagittarius: sex, gossip, work ethic and raunchy sense of humor

Capricorn: a house in the ‘burbs, 2.5 kids, white picket fence

Aquarius: sex, discussions about global politics (foreplay for both signs)

Pisces: an underlying belief in fairy-tale romance

Famous Cancer women and female celebrities

Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Khloe Kardashian, Lele Pons, Lindsay Lohan, Sofie Dossi, Tana Mongeau, Amanda Cerny, Alessia Cara, Gisele Bundchen, Li’l Kim, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson, Emily Bronte, Wendy Williams, Vera Wang, Margot Robbie, Mindy Kalong, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Warren, Priyanka Chopra, Angela Merkel, Liv Tyler, Sandrah Oh, Frida Kahlo, Eva Green, Gisele Bündchen, Malala Yousafzai, Edie Falco, June Carter Cash, Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Solange Knowles, Selma Blair, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Phoebe Cates, Saweetie, Ginger Rogers, Missy Elliott, Sonia Sotomayor, Elizabeth Gilbert, Porcha Williams, Michelle Branch, Fantasia Barrino, Malia Obama, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles, Sofia Vergara

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