How to Make a Leo Woman Happy

Is a Leo woman right for you? How do you make a Leo woman happy?

If you follow astrology, you may hear some misleading match-up advice. Maybe you’ve heard that you should “never” date a Leo. The truth is you can make it work with any zodiac sign. Your so-called imperfect match could become your life partner if you take a chance.

Astrology is a helpful tool for “decoding” people. No matter what you believe, it’s always helpful to have another tool in your romantic arsenal.

So if you’re interested in a Leo, how do you make a Leo woman happy—and find yourself happy with a Leo woman?

The Leo woman

Leo is the fifth of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which begins its cycle mid-summer every year during Leo season—which falls around July 23-August 22.

The Sun is the center of the Leo woman’s solar system and the ruler of this sign. When the whole universe revolves around her, it’s hard to be humble! Like the Sun, Leo heats everything up with its dazzling drama. And when the Sun sets, it’s ice, ice baby. Leo keeps happiest when she’s shining.

Leo is the sign of drama, and oh, can she put on a show! Even Leos who pretend to be shy come to life in the spotlight. A natural-born leader, she loves to be the boss. Leos need mega-doses of praise and appreciation, which may cause you to think she’s self-centered. The truth is, the Leo woman has a huge heart, and she’s the zodiac’s most generous sign. She’s always there to help, spoil and protect the people she loves.

Her energy may be hard to match. But it’s never boring to be part of her world if you don’t mind sharing a spotlight!

Is the Leo woman your “dream girl?”

Leo is the fifth of the 12 signs of the zodiac and a fire sign. Symbolized by the proud and fierce Lion, Leo energy is expressive and flamboyant in nature. The Leo woman is fiercely protective of her loved ones. She leads from the heart and wears her emotions on her sleeve.

The Leo woman can easily get swept away in her personal theatrics and romantic affairs, fully opening herself to her desires; she is good at expressing herself and letting you know what she wants. The essence of Leo energy is courageous, kind, generous, loyal, protective, nakedly honest and entertaining. Negative manifestations of Leo energy can be arrogant, greedy, sloppy, coldhearted, jealous, aggressive and vain.

Love with a Leo woman can leave you awakened and revitalized in an empowering way.

How to spot a Leo woman

Who is the center of attention? Usually a Leo woman. Leo women are entertainers at heart: they know how to spin a story, belt a tune and to get others hyped up around them. Warm-hearted and authentic, the Leo woman can offer great strength and heroism in the face of adversity, pouncing upon an obstacle with her prowess and determination to be the best she can be.

Wooing her romantically means pulling out all the stops. Treat a Leo woman to luxe but meaningful gifts, oversized roses, lavish dates, and she might decide to pounce on YOU! Sometimes her energy can be too dramatic or overbearing. But if you are willing to adore a Leo—paws, flaws, and all—you’ll be rewarded with her devotion and affection.

The “natural habitat” for a Leo woman

You can often find a Leo woman going to the theater—or starring in a production herself!—and taking endless photos and videos. She is the woman who is about town, don’t expect her to be too much of a homebody (although she does love to dig into a good book, classic literature, and relax at a spa). But she needs her people! You might find her anywhere there’s a crowd, and she’s often the center of it. The Leo woman sits in the front row of the roller coaster.

What a Leo woman does for a living

Producing, directing, running for president, sipping drinks in the VIP section of a club, at the helm of a high-profile company, giving a lecture, hosting a party of even her own birthday bash. A lot of movie stars are Leos, lead singers, directors and filmmakers. Other jobs befitting a Leo are lawyer, language specialist, coach or trainer, advocate, politician, department manager, bodybuilder, stunt person or dancer.

What a Leo woman wants in a partner

It’s all about survival of the fittest. The Leo woman has her own version of natural selection in the game of love. Are you ready to play? Leo likes to be not only the center of attention, but strong and powerful—if you upstage her, the spotlight might get crowded. Unless she feels you’re a match for her power couple plans.

Loyalty is one of the most important traits of the Leo woman and she wants it back. She really has no tolerance for flakiness in a partner. The Leo woman is ruled by her heart and she doesn’t want it broken. She wants to spoil and be spoiled and have a willing participant for her sweet gestures. Equally important, she needs intellectual stimulation and you can expect endless (sometimes circular!) conversation on just about any topic that interests her.

When a Leo woman is in love with you, nothing stands in her way of letting you know. She demands a lot of attention and energy, and to have outlets for her passions. The Leo woman needs her space.

The Leo woman has a shy side, too, which may be harder to discover when she’s monopolizing conversation. She can actually suffer from social anxiety and self-consciousness. If you get close to a Leo woman, she will let you see this vulnerable side of her. She cares deeply about what you and others think of her. It may surprise you to have to boost the ego of someone who appears so sure of herself around others, but she needs that from a loving partner.

Flirting with a Leo woman, “romantic stuff”

The Leo woman is a complete romantic idealist, in love with being in love. She wants to create a legendary love story together that will inspire envy and awe. When she’s in love she will want to celebrate the relationship and let everyone know. But ultimately, the Leo woman wants an easygoing, fun relationship with a best friend. Like a lion lazing in the sun, she wants the relationship to be easy and safe in the downtime from adventures.

Flirting & dating and your first date

The Leo woman views life as a theatrical production in which she is the star. A Leo loves the unfolding story of a courtship, beginning with a first date. She loves a hunt (if you play a little hard to get), but also likes to dive right in. A good first date is anywhere that feels like you’re just hanging out, a coffee shop, sure, but also a restaurant with communal tables. You could even invite her to a BBQ with your friends. Direct eye contact is important to have with a Leo especially during conversation that turns into a debate (politics isn’t off the table).

The vibe of a first date should be loose and the activity can be fun and entertaining: a more, a concert, a sporting event. Retro date spots will score points, too, like bowling alleys or roller rinks.

It doesn’t take much to flirt with a Leo woman, just talk to her! Every conversation with a Leo woman is an opportunity for a playful interaction.

Sex with a Leo woman

Meow! Think: wild loving that might leave claw marks. Sex is a grand performance for a Leo. The Leo woman likes to have a well appointed den for her romps, her bedroom might appear it was used for a scene in a romantic movie. Music helps get the Leo woman into a sexy mood. And her bed might be nice and big to spread out in, roll around like the lion she likes to be. She might also be OK with recording it all to watch later.

A Leo woman’s turn-ons and turn-offs

If you want to keep a Leo woman happy, it is helpful to know here turn-ons and turn-offs!

Leo woman turn-ons: playing with her hair or rubbing her head, spoiling with spa treatments, sharing an indulgent meal, dressing glamorously or sexy, massage, bossing around (playfully), challenging her to games, being intelligent and ambitious, being loyal and family oriented, listening to the sound of her voice, going on playdates (physical activities are best) and frequent doses of sexual play

Leo woman turn-offs: neglecting your appearance, dressing frumpy, embarrassing her in public, competent with her/winning too many times or making her look bad, acting like an airhead, being overly submissive, being behind the times/dull/old-fashioned, having low sex drive, being a homebody, having no sense of family, being too over the top/upstaging her or being too cynical and refusing to believe dreams can come true

Dating a Leo long-term

The Leo woman believes in a “happily ever after.” Loyal and honorable, the Leo woman needs a purpose and a love story that lives up to what she imagines is her ideal fairy tale. Before you think that’s too tall an expectation, remember the Leo’s ideal centers around a friendship-like bond, loyalty and shared interest in adventure and activity. You don’t have to worry about fitting into some Hollywood version of being the perfect partner—just be yourself!

If she… 

Gets quiet, it means she’s brooding. You’ve either insulted her pride or you’re not paying enough attention to her. You could stroker her ego.

Doesn’t call, it means she’s consumed with life (what else is new?) Call her. She’ll love the attention!

Calls a lot, she likes talking to you and thinks you’re interesting, but may want you to be just a friend. Hang out and get to know her better to see if you can get to the next level.

Doesn’t make a move after a couple of dates, she’s taking it slow, getting to know you. You could pump up the flirting and give her a clear signal you’re interested. She might not be sure if you like her.

Doesn’t make a move after a few weeks, she is either moving really slowly or she’s sleeping with someone else. If she’s not courting, flirting or moving in a romantic direction at all, she thinks you’re not interested or she sees you as a friend only. You could take her out to dinner and ask her playfully if she sees you as more than a friend—bold strategy but at least you’ll get your answer!

Moves fast, she’s infatuated with you or just feeling lusty. You could pace things unless you want to go down the fast lane.

Gives gifts, it means she likes you—really likes you. Act as graceful as possible, just don’t assume you’ve got her wrapped up yet.

Introduces you to her family and/or closest friends, it means nothing, she introduces them to everyone! Do your best to fit in, she wants a family-oriented partner.

Compatibility with a Leo woman, by zodiac sign

If you’re an… your common language is:

Aries: being the star, creativity, entrepreneurship, a need for 1:1 attention and praise

Taurus: love of luxury, fine dining and music

Gemini: partying, socializing, political debate and conversation

Cancer: books, art, music, movies, family and tradition

Leo: love and romance, over the top showing off, basking in the spotlight

Virgo: taking everything personally

Libra: overspending, vanity, romance, museums

Scorpio: sex, passion, intensity

Sagittarius: fun, laughter, raunchy jokes, travel, adventure, sex, starting businesses

Capricorn: prestige, ambition, social climbing, titles

Aquarius: politics, social issues, socializing and performing

Pisces: romantic fantasy, getting swept away, creating a bubble for just you two, family and tradition

Famous Leo women and female celebrities

Dixie D’Amelio, Nessa Barrett, Eva Gutowski, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, J.K. Rowling, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, Halle Berry, Mila Kunis, Leilani Castro, Dua Lipa, Veronica and Vanessa Merrell, Joey King, Olivia Holt, Amy Adams, Angela Bassett, Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Whitney Houston, Charlize Theron, Coco Chanel, Gina Rodriguez, Charli XCX, Sandra Bullock, Lucille Ball, Kate Beckinsale, Lisa Kudrow, Dua Lipa, Christina Perri, Taylor Momsen, Hayden Panettiere, Sara Geronimo, Kristin Chenoweth, Lynda Carter, Elisabeth Moss, Amelia Earhart, Iman, Jackie O, Hilary Swank, Karlie Kloss, Martha Stewart, Anna Sui, Geri Halliwell, Gillian Anderson, Melanie Griffith, Betsey Johnson, Debi Mazar, Debra Messing, Kyra Sedgwick, Kim Cattrall

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