Keeping Up With The Scorpio Jenners: What Kris, Kendall and Caitlyn Can Expect in 2016

Scorpio mania! A trio of Jenners are all born under this star sign: Kris, Caitlyn and their daughter Kendall. With Saturn in Scorpio from October 6, 2012 to September 17, 2015 it’s little surprise that this Jenner trifecta went through such massive changes over the past few years. While Kendall was evolving from shy little sister into international haute couture model and It Girl, the momager and Olympian divorced after decades of marriage and Bruce transitioned into Caitlyn. You say YOU want a revolution? Um.

As astrologers, we are always obsessing over the zodiac signs of pop culture figures. It’s fascinating to note the sign-based similarities and analyze their latest developments by the stars. noticed this starry synchronicity too and asked us to break down the year ahead for Kris, Caitlyn and Kendall. If you love this guilty pleasure like we do, here’s what we had to say about it all. Read on!


The AstroTwins

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