Leo Moon Sign

If you have a Leo moon sign, your deepest emotions and desires take on the qualities of the Leo zodiac sign: dramatic, flamboyant and expressive.

Ah, la luna! Your astrology moon sign indicates the “inner you.” If you  have a Leo moon sign in your natal chart, it means that when you were born, the moon was traveling through the Leo zodiac sign. Your moon sign and your Sun sign combined make up a more in-depth portrait of your personality.

So, what does the moon sign even mean?

The moon sign in astrology governs our “inner selves”—those feelings, deep desires and soul urges that not everyone sees. Much like the moon waxes and wanes, reveals and hides itself, the lunar cycles can also affect how much we share or show. Your moon sign can reveal how (and who) you love, or what you need to feel emotionally secure. It also plays a major role in romantic compatibility, revealing how harmonious your dynamic will be.

In the astrological birth chart, the moon sign is your “emotional personality,” a crucial part of understanding what makes you or someone else tick. Since the moon is the celestial body that’s  closest to the Earth, our moods and feelings are governed by its movements. In a person’s natal (or birth) chart, the moon sign indicates what will provide us with a sense of home and security—what we need as individuals to feel safe, secure and comfortable. The moon also drives some of our “gut reactions”—how we respond on a primal, instinctive level.

Because the moon comes out at night, the moon sign can also influence our internal  “shadow sides”—the parts of ourselves that only become visible when we self-reflect or get vulnerable with people. Often the moon sign doesn’t present externally or immediately like the robust Sun sign or masquerading rising sign, but becomes much more visible as you get to know a person and see how they respond to different life situations.

About the Leo moon sign:

The spotlight’s on YOU! Those born with a Leo moon sign are the epitome of theatrical. They love to shine, and the limelight loves them for being so proud, bold and forthcoming with their delivery and flair. Speaking of love, the Leo moon sign desires nothing more than complete, absolute adoration—especially in the romance department. As George Sands said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” Nothing rings truer for the Leo moon sign, and they’ll do anything—ANYTHING!—to achieve that kind of amour!

When they’re not channeling their passions into lovers galore, a Leo moon sign can also be found harnessing their creative spark in the realms of music, theater and other show-stoppers. Much like the Leo Sun sign which is symbolized by the Lion, a Leo moon sign has gotta roar, too! And oftentimes, that roar can be heard via microphone (or megaphone!).  

If your moon is in Leo, you often find your outlet through performance, sometimes straddling the line between “stage” and “real life.” Leo moon signs may have a tendency to carry offstage drama into their actual lives, which can produce a bit of an egocentric prima donna—and that ain’t always pretty!

Yet, once the Leo moon sign gets their head out from their you-know-where, they are the most powerfully self-expressed and self-loving people around. Nothing wrong with that kind of savannah pride!

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the celestial body which governs our essence or “Self.” Courageous, kind, generous, protective and nakedly honest, a Leo moon sign can be an endless source of entertainment, and also your most loyal friend. When safely steered away from ego-driven terrain, Leo moon sign energy leaves others feeling awakened and revitalized in an empowering way.


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