What the Lunar North Node in Gemini Means for Your Sign

Your guiding beacon, the lunar North Node, settles into Gemini for 20 months beginning May 5, 2020. Until January 18, 2022, the most exciting action could take place within your own zip code.

Where are we meant to grow and stretch in our collective soul journey? The lunar North Node in Gemini is here to elevate us.

The lunar North Node in Gemini, (the star that rules all things locally grown) travels in synch with its eclipses and directs our dharma and evolution. And with the global coronavirus pandemic in full swing, it’s probably for the best that we’re guided home, since summer 2020 travel plans are pretty much #cancelled.

It seems the first lesson involves schooling us in what it REALLY means to be “neighborly.” Cooperating and communicating can bring our home cities to life during this 20-month cycle. Hey, that might be what it takes to survive the economic crisis of 2020. Under the ingenious hand of the Gemini North Node, bartering could become “the new Venmo” as we swap services and goods in lieu of cash. (Trade you a bushel of homegrown heirloom tomatoes if you install my hardwire light fixtures?)

What the South Node’s placement tells us

Across the zodiac wheel, the karmic South Node slips into Sagittarius, forcing us to reckon with the impact that accelerated global development and travel have had on the not-so-lonely-anymore planet over the past two decades. (Flash back to the perilously overcrowded queue of climbers snaking around Mt. Everest, which resulted in 11 people dying in May of 2019.) While some restrictions may lift this summer, the South Node cautions us against returning to our old ways. Yes, we may all miss #ResortLife and adventure travel, but what about the inconvenient TRUTH (Sagittarius’ favorite word) about climate change? It’s only been a couple months of quarantine, but we’ve been getting used to the cleaner, quieter skies that aren’t choked with carbon emissions from nonstop flights and belching factories pumping out the endless stream of “buy more stuff!” wares that we’ve become addicted to ordering…by two-day delivery, naturally.

The last Gemini-Sagittarius configuration began in 2001

The last time the nodes were in the same Gemini-Sagittarius configuration was from October 2001 to April 2003, a cycle that began literally one month after the Twin Towers fell in New York City. Along with reordering international relations, the fallout from September 11 had such a massive impact on travel that we are still removing our shoes at airport security checkpoints 19 years later. In an eerie repetition, New York City, an international port and the epicenter of so many key industries, is in crisis again, as coronavirus cases rage at unprecedented numbers, shutting down the city as it did for much of the fall of 2001. Similarly, worldwide border policies, trade agreements and alliances are likely to make more significant shifts between now and January 18, 2022.

Gemini/Sagittarius is the axis of communication, ruling over publishing and the media. Will journalistic ethics tighten up or will regulations lead to censorship or more so-called fake news? With the North Node in Gemini, we’ll be forced to embrace life’s paradoxes. Yes, there are two (or more) sides to every story and none of them may be 100 percent credible. But this data-driven zodiac sign will also force us to find the legit line between fact and fiction.

What the Lunar North Node Shift into Gemini Means for Your Zodiac Sign


If you’re selling it, Aries, we’ll take two! The moon’s North Node shift into Gemini wakes up your expressive third house. With your communication skills on fire, you could become the mouthpiece of a movement. Now’s the time to put your thoughts into writing, record a podcast or start posting daily on social media. This zone also rules local goings-on, so you could find yourself taking a more active role in your community in the coming year and a half. And as the lunar South Node enters Sagittarius, it could bring some karmic connections from all around the globe. All your prior travels, studies and experiences with other cultures will inform your next big steps in life.


Show us the money, Taurus! The moon’s North Node shifts into Gemini and your second house of financial stability. Yes, the global economy may be in flux, but Bulls who are willing to roll up your sleeves and pivot for our changing times will keep the coffers full until January 18, 2022. While you may invest some “sweat equity” before you see the dollars roll in, you could leap into a higher earnings bracket, and with that comes a heightened sense of self-worth. And as the lunar South Node moves into Sagittarius, your eighth house of joint ventures, cast a wide net! You can tap into funding and partners anywhere in the world.


Destiny calling, Gemini! Not only will the world be vibing at YOUR frequency, but this rare transit calls forth your trailblazing leadership. This time, Gem, you may be stepping forward as a solo star instead of half of a dynamic duo. With the karmic South Node in Sagittarius, relationships will still be a potent source of inspiration—and information about your limiting beliefs. Not sure where to begin? That’s fine! As one of the zodiac’s four mutable signs, you actually thrive in chaos. Until January 18, 2022, the lunar North Node in Gemini you could literally wipe the slate clean and move to a new corner of the world, start your own company or embark on a meant-to-be path that’s nothing like what you’ve done in the past.


Life takes a turn for the spiritual as the lunar North Node drifts into Gemini and your twelfth house of intuition, healing and closure. Between now and January 18, 2022, your hidden gifts will emerge as you channel your compassionate nature toward helping others. Divine inspiration floods in, supporting you with developing your creative work! You’ll need more than the usual amount of privacy to unleash those artistic gifts, Cancer. If family is encroaching on your personal space, set up “quiet hours” and make sure you have what Virginia Woolf described as “a room of one’s own.” With the karmic South Node in Sagittarius, self-care and healthy routines are essential to staying serene and productive.


“Leader of the pack” becomes more than just your status, Leo, as the lunar North Node shifts into Gemini and your collaborative, progressive eleventh house. Between now and January 2022, it’s your MISSION. Tap into your gifts of leadership to inspire, organize and support community. With the karmic South Node in Sagittarius and your fifth house of fame, you can use your theatrical gifts to inspire others into action. Who said changing the world can’t be fun, right? The more creative and playful you are, the easier it will be to inspire everyone around you, both online and in real time.


The ceiling can’t hold you, Virgo—not starting as the moon’s North Node (aka the cosmic destiny point) swings into Gemini and your tenth house of ambition and authority. Between now and January 18, 2022, you aren’t allowed to hide behind modesty, domesticity or “simplicity.” All that homespun wisdom and the practical magic that comes with it WILL be handy for this next stage of your evolution. But now the question is, How can I use what I learned to guide other people—and create abundance for myself in the process? Powerful people may step up to direct your path, so take the onus off of yourself to figure this out entirely.


Expansion is the order of the day—or make that the next 20 months—as the moon’s North Node bounds into Gemini and your philosophical, adventure-seeking ninth house. Under normal circumstances, this destiny-awakening cycle would spur you to travel the world in pursuit of wisdom, but there’s no telling if (or when) that will be possible during this cycle. In the meanwhile, widen your mental angle, Libra. Studying, teaching, even starting your own business are all in the stars. With the karmic South Node in Sagittarius and your third house of communication and local activity, helping your neighbors “think different” and work cooperatively may feel like your soul’s mission.


It’s a great time to be a Scorpio as the lunar North Node shifts into Gemini and shines like a beacon into your eighth house (aka “the Scorpio house”). Through January 18, 2022, this destiny-spurring transit turns your attention to deep connections, spirituality and transformation. But no skipping steps! In order to get closer to others, you’ll have to get in touch with your most vulnerable feelings. Since the eighth house rules sexuality, you can look forward to some bedroom escapades that are both sultry AND spiritual. Simultaneously, the karmic South Node will activate your money zone, helping you support yourself and stabilize so you can build relationships from a grounded place. No romance without finance!


Stay open to possibilities, Archer! The destiny-dosing North Node in Gemini and your seventh house of committed partnerships launches a 20-month cruise. Is there a certain relationship you’re eager to improve upon or build? Between now and January 18, 2022, you’ll feel increasingly ready to take the plunge and hitch your wagon to one special person. Whether romantic or professional, you will expand more than ever as part of a dynamic duo. The catch? The karmic South Node is shifting into YOUR sign, forcing self-reflection. Face down all the ways your independence and (glug) “I’ll do it my way” persistence may be blockading your own growth. Simultaneously, this transit helps you walk the line between cooperating and people-pleasing.


With the lunar South Node hunkered down in Capricorn since November 6, 2018, you’ve been paying quite the karmic debt—growing spiritually as you weathered some tough lessons. As the nodes shift to Sagittarius (South) and Gemini (North), turning you toward work, wellness and healing. The next 20 months are about simplifying what’s grown complicated as you get your body, mind, spirit, house—and finances—in order with the lunar North Node in Gemini. But this isn’t just about being pragmatic. With the South Node in your spiritual twelfth house, it’s time to heal any limiting beliefs about money and power that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.


Off with the PJs, on with the printed caftan! Yes, Aquarius, it’s time to embrace your fierceness, even while in quarantine. The destiny-driven North Node in Gemini souns a wake-up call in your fifth house of passion and creativity for the next 20 months. This is the abundance planet’s first visit here since April 2003—a welcome change from its industrious grind through your sixth house and work and routine, which began on November 6, 2018. You’ve been hustling like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ve grown internally. But enough with that “all work, no play” lifestyle. It’s time to lace up your dancing shoes and kick up your heels (and set up a “studio” or “club” for rocking out at home). A lively, lusty new cycle awaits! A new romance, a pregnancy or even artistic inspiration could be on the horizon between now and January 18, 2022.


Time to follow your homing instincts, Pisces. The destiny-directed lunar North Node sets up house in Gemini and your grounded fourth house. You’re back in your domestic element—and this cosmic beacon could speed up your dreams of owning property once it’s safe to move around again. (Funky Craftsman in a great school district or urban pied-a-terre in hipster heaven?) Between now and January 18, 2022, you’ll prefer quiet alone time over rollicking parties, slowing down and intensively focusing on one project at a time instead of multitasking. Thanks to the lunar South Node in Sagittarius, your career path may shift as a result, perhaps incorporating publishing, media or cross-cultural connections.

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