An Ode to Mercury Retrograde in Leo to Inspire Self-Expression

We are regularly delighted by one of our readers, U.K. performance poet Myke Kofi, who writes us the most stunning verses inspired by our horoscopes. Talk about flattering! So we asked Myke to share his latest for Mercury retrograde in dramatic Leo (July 26-August 19, 2018), to offer lyrical cosmic insight to this notoriously stubborn and overly theatrical starmap.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Regaling the cosmos, reissuing the clarion call.

Re-examining our Iron Lion Zion pride and prejudices

Re-whispering about some president’s eventual downfall.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo, unfashionably late to the zodiac party

But finally, Ta Dah! Rejoining the cosmic retrograde brigade:

Fixated, power hungry Pluto and Mars;

Unnatural bedfellows Saturn and Neptune;

Prometheus retroshading glances at Uranus in Taurus.

Wondering why you always half-undressed , yogic hottie in a luxe bodice?

Somebody call the fire-fighting brigade and the reigning fashionista police!

Realize Astro peeps, real life’s about to get horribly messy;

Renail your colors to the mast; recommed nailing it with some Essie®

Redo the up-do, revitalize your unruly Leonine mane attraction;

Reconnect with your hobby-horse when you can get no satisfaction.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Reconsider everything during this mass planetary role reversal

Reminder: this transient, earthly life ain’t no dress rehearsal.

Resistance will be futile: restrictive ties restraining the Lioness’s roar (rawr)!

Reinforcing a rethink, rescheduling the reunion; rerouting the worldwide tour.

Resending algorithms thru’endless loops, the simplest comms haywire;

Rebuking unsustainability on Mother Earth with untameable wildfires.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Reviving the analog antiquities and vintage vinyl; 90s tee-shirts and retro-gaming;

Re-examing deep-rooted resentments. Relentless blaming, naming and shaming?

Re-alchemizing our plutonic lead into sterling service and refined gold;

Re-evaluating the half-truths, fibs and lies we’ve collectively bought and sold.

Re-inventing new emoticons for jesters and clowns; purging bonfires of the vanities.

Reclaiming authentic self-expression; revaluing our inheritance, a resourceful humanity.


Rubik cubing or trampolining, anyone?

Rediscovering our childhood merriment and supernatural mirth

Reassessment of the mid-year slooow down of Mercury retrograde in Leo?

A nuisance and yet a renaissance heralding our collective regal rebirth.

Regaining the crown, releasing your Roarrrr!


© Myke Kofi 2018 for

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