Your soundtrack for Scorpio season is here!

The Scorpio season playlist is here, in all its dark and sensual glory.

To set the mood for this water cycle, we tapped Astrostyle’s resident mixmaster Jennifer Newman, AKA Astralselector on Spotify. She curates a playlist for each zodiac season.

“With eerie melodies, minor chords and songs by my favorite scorpions, may this be the soundtrack for all your underworld activities,” Jennifer says. Scorpio season also includes the Halloween holiday!

The Scorpio season playlist includes 22 songs.

As the brilliant mind behind Essential Style Feng Shui (check out her Personal Style Feng Shui unit in our Home Reset Course!), a former radio DJ and all around creative, Jennifer tapped into multiple layers of magic to curate these tracks.

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Photo by 100 Files from Pexels


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