7 Tips for a Vibrant Virgo Full Moon

This year’s Virgo full moon is on February 22, 2016.

Give the world service with a smile. This week’s full moon lights up the sign of Virgo, the grounded helper-healer of the zodiac. Like a sacred earth goddess, this full moon brings us back to our nature-loving origins and reminds us of the power of being generous for generosity’s sake. Giving selflessly feels better than a week at the spa, as it connects us to the power of pure, true, universal love. Whether we’re helping out a friend in need or volunteering at a non-profit, this full moon will beam its light on the places where our gifts are needed.

In case you’ve heard the false rumors that Virgo energy is boring, guess again. Ruled by speedy, communicative Mercury, our intellectual curiosity is stimulated under this lunar spell. There’s no better week to research, gather data and visual inspiration, and get to work on a DIY project—using upcycled and salvaged materials, naturally.

This year, Jupiter is also in Virgo—and retrograde—so this full moon may reignite some of our grander goals or inspire us to take a bold risk on a project we back-burnered when Jupiter began its reverse commute on January 7.

Want to host a full moon ritual? Here are some tips for manifesting at new and full moons. And below, a few ways to use the Virgo full moon to your advantage:

1. Bust through “analysis paralysis.”

Procrastination is the enemy of progress. Yet, underneath our hemming and hawing, there’s always a valid emotional experience going on. Virgo’s analytical powers can help you pierce the veil. Write down (yes, Virgo loves lists) anything in your life that you’re putting off. What’s REALLY going on here? A few possibilities: either you’re not feeling excited about it, you don’t know where to start, or you need to ask for help. Go down the checklist item by item and see. Write down the ONE thing that keeps stopping you from moving forward, then identify a person or resource you could turn to for help. Then, book an appointment in your own calendar to call or email that person (or heck, just pick up the phone now). Get the ball rolling again!

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2. Chew on this: check your digestion.

Each sign is associated with a body part and Virgo rules the lower stomach and digestive system. Turning up your digestive fire can help you sleep better, prevent diseases, and help your body use food as the fuel it is intended to be. Digestion begins in the mouth, but with our go-go-go lifestyles, many of us inhale our food instead of mindfully chewing it. Use those molars and incisors: they are there for a purpose. This week, try chomping each bite twenty times before you swallow. Your lunch breaks might take a little bit longer, but, hey, it’s a bonus meditative moment that will make you more productive when you return to your desk.

Another trick for helping with digestion? Lie on your left side, which compresses the C-shaped tummy and facilitates a self-massage. The advanced ritualists might even try going raw this week or doing a juice cleanse (or a soup cleanse, if the weather is still cold in your area). The Virgo full moon loves everything pure and earthy. Bring that straight to your plate and see how alive you feel. Read up food combining principles or add more fresh juice to your daily regimen. Read up on gut health, too. The key with the Virgo full moon is to repeat the chosen practice daily so that you can really feel its impact.

3. Systematize & simplify.

Virgo is an efficiency expert, and loves structures, systems, and a sense of order. Where do we need to whip our lives into shape? Expect a megadose of motivation to come with this full moon. It’s not just about tucking stuff away in junk drawers, but rather, cleaning house, simplifying, and ridding ourselves of excess. The zodiac’s Virgin likes things pure, simple, and sweet. What a great opportunity to lower our carbon footprints this week. We can apply the de-junking approach to body care, too. The full moon in Virgo brings healthy living into the spotlight and wants us to devise an empowering eating and exercise routine.


4. Start your to-do lists with a dream or desire.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (a Capricorn) said that “faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” That’s a beautiful sentiment—as long as you have an idea where those invisible stairs are leading. This year, the analytical Virgo full moon is opposite four planets in Pisces, which are activating our subconscious and spiritual sides. Unite your logical left brain and your creative right brain. Lists may sound dreary to most signs, but when you’re rooted in a greater vision, they’re simply the road map that will get you to your ultimate destination. Books and tools like Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map help you create goals with soul, to work backward from how you want to FEEL in your highest state, then to set intentions based on that. Once you’re steeped in that visionary vibe, doing the groundwork feels light and even exciting… because you know the universe is truly on your side.

5. Check your produce labels.

The devil is in the details, and Virgo, the sign of health, knows that well. How can you bring more mindfulness to your nutritional habits? Know your codes—fruit or vegetable sticker PLU codes, that is—and how to check whether the item is organic, conventionally grown or (eek!) genetically modified. Remember this: a five-digit code starting with 9 on your banana, bell pepper, etc. means it was grown organically. If it starts with a 4, it was conventionally grown, and an 8 means GMO. Dr. Frank Lipman explains the whole system simply here. The Virgo full moon reminds us: you are what you eat!

6. Use a new word every day.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, brainiac Virgo flexes some serious vocab skills. Why say “good” when you can say “superlative,” “unrivaled,” or “magnificent?” This full moon is blessing us all with the gift of gab this week, so take the challenge and wax poetic. Adopt a new word per day and use it as often as you can. You might even get your friends in on the fun. Imagine the nerdy laughs as you all find ways to weave “prescient” or “sartorial” into a sentence. Seriously. And if you’re already gifted with word-power, host a Scrabble night near the full moon and let the good times roll.

7. Declutter creatively.

Waste not, want not: that’s one of Virgo’s favorite expressions. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a great week for cleaning out those closets and donating to a meaningful charity or friends-in-need. But before you toss everything in the Hefty bags, stop and think: could this be used in a different way? Try an “upcycling” project this week, which is a lot like recycling, except the object is given a brand new use. Our crafty crew of friends are masters of the upcycle. We’ve seen adorable baby cowboy boots used as a flowerpot (bonus points from this earthy full moon for planting something), a bike wheel turned into a wall clock, a denim skirt made out of jeans with a ripped inseam. These projects don’t have to take hours on end. All it takes is a creative sweep of your environment. For ideas: check out theupcycleblog.com and readymade.com. Another great project? Making your own, eco-friendly cleaning products using ingredients like white vinegar, lemon, and baking powder. (Here are some recipes for a fresh and nature-friendly home.)


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