Watch Anya Taylor-Joy Learn She’s the ‘Epitome of Aries’ From The AstroTwins

The AstroTwins, resident astrologers for ELLE magazine, read Anya Taylor-Joy her astrology birth chart ahead of her June/July 2024 ELLE cover.

In “Starstruck with Anya Taylor-Joy” for ELLE, The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, give an astrology reading to The Queen’s Gambit star.

Watch Anya Taylor-Joy learn about her same-day-birthday husband, her “headstrong” Big 3 and what the future holds for her career (directing?!)

Anya Taylor-Joy and The AstroTwins: Fire power!

The fire sign bond was instant with Anya Taylor-Joy when the AstroTwins sat down to discuss her chart for ELLE’s new series, “Starstruck.” Born April 16, ATJ is an Aries. That’s one of the three zodiac signs represented by the fire element, along with Leo and Sagittarius, the Sun sign Ophira and Tali were born under!

Tali says Anya was as warm and witty in person as you would expect from anyone with a stellium of Aries planets. Anya has four placement in Aries: her Sun and moon, Mars and Saturn. With all of those packed into the twelfth house of her birth chart, it took no time for the three of them to dive deep into the esoteric realm together. Anya even knew that The Emperor Tarot Card is ruled by Aries.

When you watch Anya Taylor-Joy in “Starstruck” with The AstroTwins, the actress learns that Aries is a really powerful sign, “probably the most in the zodiac, when it comes to leadership,” Tali says.

“I feel very validated in some kind of a way,” Anya says. “This is my happy place.”

Much like when they read for pop sensation Dua Lipa, The AstroTwins worked with ELLE to conceptualize a birth chart reading that was interactive. Anya got to answer multiple choice questions about being a Aries. Of course, they did discuss many other aspects of Anya Taylor-Joy’s birth chart, too! The Furiosa star also shared what it’s like being married to her husband, also an Aries (see the TikTok below!)

@ellemagazine Are you truly an #Aries if you don’t back down from a heated argument at the offer of sushi? #AnyaTaylorJoy @The AstroTwins | Astrology #AstroTwins #Astrology #AriesMoon #TaurusRising #TheQueensGambit #Starstruck ♬ original sound – ELLE (US)

Tali says she and Ophira could have talked to Anya Taylor-Joy for hours about her birth chart, Tarot cards, summoning ancestors and laughing at the absurdity of life on the 3D plane!

@ellemagazine We need more of #AnyaTaylorJoy’s chivalry in our lives. @The AstroTwins | Astrology #AstroTwins #Astrology #Aries #AriesMoon #TaurusRising #Starstruck ♬ original sound – ELLE (US)

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