Taurus Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
Lately, Taurus, it seems like everyone is relying on you for SOME basic need. But unless you gave birth to them (and even then), it’s time to extricate yourself from draining obligations. This Wednesday, August 21, your galactic guardian, glamorous Venus, shifts into Virgo and stokes the embers of your passionate, romantic and attention-getting fifth house. Until September 14, the only favors you’ll be interested in exchanging are the ones that take place between your Frette sheets. Romantically, Venus brings a reset. Try a different dating app; or, if you’re already the Belle of Bumble, take a timeout from virtual cruising and test the waters offline. Get involved in extracurriculars where you stand a chance of meeting someone who shares your values and interests. With service-driven Virgo ruling your romance house, that might be a volunteer organization, or a group centered around self-improvement or spirituality. Attached Bulls will feel inspired to co-create, which, under this fertile cycle could mean anything from redoing the kitchen to getting “in the family way.” Even if you’re not embarking on a major undertaking, act more like a power couple than practical “old marrieds.”

On Friday, August 23, el Sol follows suit, swinging into Virgo until September 23. Over the next four weeks, you’ll make a noteworthy impact in the public eye and even attract a buzz from the media. Start putting energy into your passion (or platform) and think about visual presentation. We don't need to tell your Venus-ruled sign that well-lit photos and sleek graphics will give your presentation the edge. If you own a business, enlist a graphic designer to wave a magic wand over all your materials so that your templates are uniform and sophisticated. Socialize often, reclaiming your rightful place among the culture vultures and cognoscenti. All Tauruses can harness Venus' artistic and musical powers now, so pick up the tools of your creative trade and ply them! Everywhere you look, you'll see room for an upgrade—but that can also be a little bit of a problem for your luxe-loving sign. Though you'd love to live as if money were no object (and hey, maybe it isn't), don't let your sensible side go on sabbatical.  You can still get a rush from simple pleasures, like filling your house with tropical plants or splurging on a gorgeous, goes-with-everything bag.
Your champagne wishes and caviar dreams get another can-do boost on Saturday, when heavenly heartthrobs Venus and Mars spoon in the skies. These two only meet up once every other year. (The last time was November 2017.) Make the most of it! Step out of low-lying areas and treat the world like your catwalk. Swap mesh-paneled leggings for something from an “atelier” whose name is pronounced with an accent. Then, meet your favorite plus-one at a high-visibility venue. As this planetary pair shines into your fame zone, you could be propelled into the public eye. Mars rewards initiative, so don’t wait to be passed the mic. Find the right platform—social media, the stage, SoundCloud, it’s your call—and unleash!

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