Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

Hit the gas, tap the brakes—or pull over onto the virtual shoulder? That’s your dilemma on Tuesday, April 7, as motivated Mars, who’s revving through your professional tenth house, forms its annual clash with maverick Uranus in your sign. Part of you is ready to step into a leadership position (or go solo), but the uncertainty of these times is giving you pause. If your work dynamics have done a 180 lately, you might suddenly be resenting all the new responsibilities that have come your way. While you’re comfortable being the boss, your slow-and-steady sign needs time to learn the ropes and make sure everything is crystal-clear before you hit go. If that luxury isn’t forthcoming, however, do your best on everything you’re personally accountable for, but don’t try to micromanage aspects that you’re not up to speed on. And when all else fails, figure out a way to delegate.

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Later on Tuesday, the year’s only full moon in Libra illuminates your sixth house of work, service and well-being, bringing a new awareness, or possibly a sense of urgency, to your health and how you interact with colleagues. If no one is stepping up to keep the work flowing, you might need to jump into the fray and make some (incontestable) suggestions. Be concise and clear and let the fair-minded Libra vibes guide you. For example, everyone kicks in as equally as possible, and anyone who’s in a better position contributes a little more. But no slackers allowed! When your nose isn’t to the grindstone, go the extra mile to get good, nutritious food served up for you and your family. If you’re not currently going in to work, this might be a time to embrace cooking meals from scratch and eating three squares a day. This full moon could prompt you to start that organizing project you’ve been procrastinating on. Declutter your desk, your closets and, if you’ve got the bandwidth, maybe even the garage.
Regardless of who you’re sheltering in place with, make sure to build in plenty of time to spend on your own, reading, meditating and communing with your muse. On Friday, mindful Mercury spins into Aries and your twelfth house of rest, introspection and imagination until April 27. Don’t write off your daydreams as a waste of time. You could download the most useful and inspirational insights when you’re letting your thoughts wander. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to come up with a “masterpiece” now. But do enjoy this reconnection to your quiet inner self. And since the twelfth house also rules healing, Mercury’s arrival could intensify any efforts around therapy, dreamwork or making a spiritual practice really stick.

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