Taurus Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
Powering down for the holiday break? Not so fast, Taurus! This Friday, December 20, may be the end of the working year for some Bulls, but it also marks the annual arrival of magnetic Venus into Aquarius and your tenth house of professional success. A project you’ve been working on or approval you’ve been waiting for could come through now—with all the bells and whistles you were hoping for. This is the sphere of public recognition and super-lofty goals, so don’t pack up and leave five minutes before the miracle happens! Your cosmic ruler Venus here nudges you to “put up or shut up” about those ambitions. Even if this isn’t the ideal week to LAUNCH a new initiative, it’s perfect for getting all your ducks in a row and having everything ready to go when you are back after the holidays. While everyone else is balancing glasses of eggnog and appetizer plates, you can put the finishing touches on your master plan. If you’re not 100 percent clear about what you want to manifest, take some time to think, dream and scheme. Something is surely kicking around in there, Taurus: It’s just a matter of tuning in and downloading it! From now until January 13, you can charm your way into elite circles or attract people to your mission. It’s a perfect time to pay extra attention to your appearance, perhaps getting new professional photos taken. And if you need new party outfits, consider it an investment in your own professional future!
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Your mind might shift to other big projects on Saturday, when the Sun blazes into Capricorn and your worldly ninth house until January 20. This chart sector is associated with travel, entrepreneurship and education, so any (or all) of these areas can exert a greater than usual pull. Anything that expands your world is a major plus now, even if it’s just taking a webinar over the holidays or beginning to research a late-winter vacation. Knowing you have things to look forward to will help you tough out the season. Challenge yourself to stretch outside your comfort zone, perhaps with a physically challenging retreat or rugged ecotourism getaway. You might want to start saving up for this now so that if an opportunity were to drop in your lap, you can jump on it!
Sunday’s stars could command your attention as Venus gets into a rare (twice-a-year) tussle with wrench-throwing Uranus in your sign. Part of you is happy to hunker down and do some professional brainstorming, yet this defiant clash could cause you to rebel against “the man” or the system or just playing by the rules. Before you do anything you might wind up regretting, stop and dig beneath the surface. Are you resenting someone’s authority or heavy-handedness? If so, don’t burn one of YOUR bridges just to spite them. Find a way to discuss your dissatisfaction in a way that can actually get you what you want. For Bulls whose love life has been a bit lackluster, this one-day transit could actually ignite some sparks. Go ahead: Play (responsibly) with fire!

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