2022 Cancer New Moon: 7 Ways to Refresh Your Nest

On Tuesday, June 28 (at 10:52 PM EDT) the 2022 Cancer new moon arrives in the zodiac’s heartfelt sign of home, family and nurturing. 

Feelings spill out in every direction when the year’s only new moon in Cancer flips on our empathy switches. Some emotions may be as intense as a rapidly rushing river, others will drip out when we least expect it. Either way, resisting the flow is futile under the moonbeams of the 2022 Cancer new moon. 

What does the 2022 Cancer new moon mean?

Home and family always fall under this nurturing, annual new moon’s spotlight. Take some time to bless your nest as la luna turns up on the homespun vibes. Need a little work/life balance? Put more focus on the personal near June 28 and you may find that career stress dissolves as a matter of course.

Sit down and process whatever is churning inside of you. As you name and claim your emotions, you’ll regain a sense of personal power. Neptune, the planet that rules our subconscious minds, spins into its annual retrograde on the very same day. This helps you dive deep into your psyche for this exploration. Family patterns, intergenerational trauma and other deep wounds are ready to be examined and healed starting now.

What to do at the 2022 Cancer new moon

Here are 7 ways to make the most of the sensitive Crab’s emotive nature and to build security at the 2022 Cancer new moon

1. Reconnect to your roost

Family-focused Cancer loves connecting to kin. This is the perfect time to spark a renewed relationship with a relative, like your techpreneur cousin in SF, or your brother who’s been busy since he and his wife had the kids. With everyone’s nesting instincts activated by la luna, spending more time at home base helps all of us feel more centered. Bonus points for setting up a regular tradition like a monthly dinner with la familia. Decorate your home with familiar symbols: Place your grandmother’s serving platters on your dining table, or frame childhood photos and put them on display.  

With Cancer’s intimate vibes, a laid-back backyard barbecue is preferable to a giant shindig at a fancy restaurant—even if that backyard is attached to a giant Airbnb that you rent for the whole fam. Don’t feel obligated to include every difficult person who shares your DNA. If family comes with a giant “trigger alert,” gather in a smaller group or set up one-on-ones. 

Waiting for the right moment to go on that decorating spree?

Decorate your home with familiar symbols: Place your grandmother’s serving platters on your dining table, or frame childhood photos and put them on display. If your family of origin falls into the “better left alone” category, skip back a few generations and learn more about your ancestral heritage. Skip back a few generations and learn more about your ancestral heritage. You might even select a cultural object or artifact that reflects your roots to display in your home. That Viking spear or West African mask will surely spark some interesting conversations with your houseguests.

Switch it up! You don’t have to donate anything that you know you’ll treasure again one day. Just move it out of your sight line for a while. Or rearrange to energize the most abundant corners of your home, using the feng shui and astrology principles we illuminate in our Home Reset course!

2. Rework your security plan

Financial security is a big deal to the zodiac’s Crab, whose energy never feels settled without a rainy-day fund and a retirement plan.  With global economics continuing to fluctuate and inflation sending prices soaring, the 2022 Cancer new moon could spur creative ideas for pooling funds with family or sharing resources. Maybe it’s time to learn what the blockchain is all about or send your kids to cryptocurrency camp (seriously).

Changing times demand new strategies.

For the more seasoned saver, schedule a meeting with a financial planner to explore new options for growing your wealth. Since Cancer governs the home, this new moon may expedite the sale or purchase of property. 

3. Revitalize with H2O

Cancer is a water sign, and the 2022 Cancer new moon reminds us of the soothing and regenerative power of water. Take a ritual bath to cleanse your energy under these moonbeams. Pour in the Epsom salt, which is high in energizing, detoxifying magnesium (which most people are deficient in nowadays). Bring a crystal or two to the tub to “charge” your bath with healing energy. We suggest moonstone, which embodies the feminine vibration and is said to enhance intuitive powers.

Toss in a generous sprinkling of rose petals and a drop of pure essential rose oil. This gorgeous flower is known to have a soothing effect on the mind and can ease depression. Given the moodiness often associated with Cancer, a little boost goes a long way. (See our Crystal Horoscope | Healing Gemstones for Cancer Season for more ideas.)

4. Nourish your sensitive underbelly

Since Cancer rules the stomach area, try some tummy-soothing tricks. Infuse drinking water with herbs that are known to aid digestion and promote a healthy gut: fresh mint, lemon, even a few leaves of basil.

Experiment with the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto whose studies reveal that words and thoughts can change the shape of water molecules. Print an inspiring phrase or mantra onto a sticker and affix it to your refillable water bottle. You might just lift your spirits with every swig.

5. Feel all the feels

As the ruler of the heart, Cancer is all about trusting and respecting our feelings. Unfortunately, we still live in a culture that dismisses emotional people as “weak.” Flip that script! At the 2022 Cancer new moon, think less about practical matters and instead tune into that inner voice. Can’t find it? Put your hands on your belly—the area ruled by Cancer—close your eyes, and breathe. Within a few minutes, your emotional truth will have its say. Grab a pen and free-write whatever comes up to help process any unsorted feelings.

Is a particular person triggering you?

Instead of lashing out, look within. During this moody moon, familiarity CAN breed contempt—especially if we don’t give ourselves enough personal space in between all the heartfelt huddles. Maybe there’s something you need to get off your chest (another Cancer-ruled area)…just do it without blaming or shaming.

6. Honor thy mother figure

Cancer rules motherhood and motherly figures, and this new moon is a powerful day to connect with your mama or other matriarchal person (or your children). On this family-focused day, you might also want to explore your ancestral lineage.

Are there rifts among your relatives that seem to keep repeating themselves? Look into “Family Constellation Therapy,” a healing modality that helps break generations-long family patterns…in a downright fascinating way. You might check out the book Health, Happiness and the Family Constellation: How Ancestors, Family Systems, and Hidden Loyalties Shape Your Life—And What YOU Can Do About It.

7. Have a cleansing cry or a good emotional release

When all else fails, let those tears flow. There’s nothing more cleansing—or Cancerian—than the soothing power of an emotional release. It turns out that tears also have surprising medical benefits. They release toxins—namely, the chemicals that raise cortisol, the stress hormone. Who knew? In the meantime, enjoy the healing vibes of the 2022 Cancer new moon—and pass the tissues as you work through those issues!

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