Home Decor Horoscopes: Decorate for Your Sun Sign

What kind of home decor suits your Sun sign?

Some zodiac dwellers need a Zen den that screams “privacy please!” Other astrological signs prefers a versatile space that allows for a revolving door of guests, partygoers and visiting family alike.

We’ve pinpointed home decor horoscopes, based on astrology of course, for the ambience, colors, layout and interior design that says “home sweet home”—just the way you like it.

Note: Your rising sign (or ascendant) and your Venus sign also influence your taste in decor, so you may find some of these suggestions fit with those signs in your chart. To find out your rising and Venus sign, do a free chart here!

Home decor horoscopes by Sun sign

Aries Home Decor Horoscope

Active, fiery Mars rules Aries—and what color is more energetic than your signature hue of red? Shots of crimson and hot pink around the house, especially in the office, keep you motivated. You’re sensitive to light and hue, and you get depressed easily. Avoid muddy or muted colors and bolster your spirits with bright tones. Deep Bordeaux is as dark as you should go, and it can set the dramatic mood you love. Use red as an accent in every room, especially in kitchen and dining areas, as it’s said to stimulate the appetite.

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Taurus Home Decor Horoscope

You’re deeply sensitive to your home environment and need to live in a comfortable, well-appointed space. Every detail counts, from the marble countertops to the drawer pulls. You’ll invest in the best of everything that your budget will allow. With your fondness for the arts, your home may feel like a gallery for all the pieces you collect, source, or even receive as gifts for helping out your talented friends.

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Gemini Home Decor Horoscope

Gemini style is varied—playful meets traditional, an eclectic mix of old-fashioned and modern, even a crazy mix of clashing patterns that you manage to pull off. Creativity, color and fun should all be part of your home. You can rock out unusual combinations like orange and lavender, or hot pink and chartreuse. Of course, today’s favorite shade can become tomorrow’s most hated hue, but that won’t stop you from slapping a coat or two on the wall when inspiration strikes.

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Cancer Home Decor Horoscope

Cancer, home is definitely where your heart is. Creative and romantic, you want a soothing haven that reflects your innermost self, and honors your nostalgic streak. Because you have such a deep need for security, you’ll decorate with sentimental objects such as souvenirs, family albums and heirlooms. You may eventually accumulate too much, as Cancers tend to cling to cherished possessions.

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Leo Home Decor Horoscope

The Leo lair is a creative studio, pleasure palace and entertainment center rolled into one. That’s a tall order for a single home to fill, but you’ll make it work! Decorate in “zones,” giving every room its own purposeful scheme. Ruled by the Sun, Leos love plenty of natural light. You’ll fill your place with potted plants and fresh herbs. With your larger than life personality, you’re drawn to oversized pieces, like large, carved armoires, sectional sofas and banquet-length tables for the many family meals you’ll host. (On fine China and serve-ware handed down from generations, ideally.)

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Virgo Home Decor Horoscope

As the zodiac’s perfectionist, your home decor is an eternal work in progress. Never satisfied, you’ll tweak, rearrange and clean the house forever. An avid curator, your home is often a showroom for the treasures from your travels (and your late night online shopping sprees) as well as “encouragement” assets like crystals, workbooks and divination decks that you like to keep on hand.

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Libra Home Decor Horoscope

Living in style is the Libra way, whether they do it with quiet modesty or a gaudy display. Even Libras on a budget love an elegant home filled with pretty things. Libras are deeply sensitive to their environment and want the best of the best. This sign might live lean, then splurge on a state-of-the-art home theater, an impressive book collection, or a closet filled with their favorite designer’s pieces. As a great admirer of physical beauty, artistic Libra aims for style and value, not to mention cleanliness.

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Scorpio Home Decor Horoscope

You love to read, write in your journal or experiment in the kitchen. Scorpios need a sanctuary where you can unwind mentally and physically. Your decor should communicate power. You may do this with precise lines, meticulous attention to detail, or intense colors that scream creativity. You easily get obsessed with the accents. Every doorknob, drawer pull and throw pillow matters. 

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Sagittarius Home Decor Horoscope

Sagittarians feel claustrophobic when stuck in one place for too long, and you’re hardly a homebody. A spacious, active household keeps you from going stir crazy. Your home needs a feeling of warmth, exuberance and inspiration to match your curious spirit. 

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Capricorn Home Decor Horoscope

Design-obsessed Capricorns will sacrifice comfort for style, but don’t forget that your home is a place to relax. Sure, that Le Corbusier chair and severe modernist couch will make for great talking pieces. But you also need to kick up your feet! Make sure you bring in enough cozy pieces for your chill time. Aim for a nice blend of heart and soul, classic and modern, comfortable and utilitarian, prefab and handmade, and you’ll strike an attractive balance.

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Aquarius Home Decor Horoscope

Go light on the antiques and overstuffed furniture, and decorate with strong, graphic pieces like a contemporary leather sofa on a steel frame or a velvet setee in an eye-popping hue. Hardwood floors and modern materials like glass and steel may be less cozy, but you like it that way. You’ll have plenty of friends dropping by, so create a space that accommodates high traffic and cleans up easily. With your soft spot for animals, you probably have a few pets around to greet visitors.

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Pisces Home Decor Horoscope

Style is highly personal for Pisces. Not only are you nostalgic, but you’re sensitive to every object and color in the room. With your fine aesthetic eye you’ll display treasures everywhere. Pisces rules photography, so you could hang independent film posters and framed photos. Silk meditation pillows, breezy curtains, shells and beachy touches will wind up incorporated into your decor scheme. There’s a sensual vibe throughout your living space, from the ambient lighting to the scented candles and room sprays.

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