2022 Horoscope for Capricorn

By The AstroTwins

A social and high-visibility 2022 awaits, Capricorn—with a chance to escape the demands of your public a little bit over the summer. The year opens with expansive Jupiter newly back in Pisces and your social third house, appointing you the unofficial mayor of your zip code while piquing your interest in new hobbies, scenes and ideas. All year, the Lunar North Node, irreverent Uranus and eclipses in Taurus will activate your fifth house of fame, passion and romance. This could spark new love affairs and even a pregnancy for Sea Goats of the childbearing set.

But ease into all this energy—and maybe save some of that for Valentine’s Day. Until January 29, Venus, the planet of love and interpersonal harmony, will be retrograde in YOUR sign, putting even your most considerate gestures at risk of being misinterpreted. You work hard for your money, Capricorn, so stack it conservatively and trim expenses while belt-tightener Saturn is in your financial zone until March 7, 2023. Luckily, Saturn is your ruler, so you can deal with a certain amount of delayed gratification and play the long game. While Jupiter does a stint in Aries and your domestic fourth house from May 10 to October 28, you could consider buying a home, selling property or renting out your place for Airbnb income.

We’ve got you covered with your AstroTwins 2022 horoscope for Capricorn for love, career & money, wellness, and friends & family. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope book!


Fate is on your side as the lunar North Node spins into Taurus and your fifth house of true love this January 18. This cycle, which lasts until July 17, 2023, could bring a passionate partner into your orbit. But no playing cool! The fifth house favors full-bodied romantic expression. Drop your guard and show your feelings. Giving your all is the secret to getting it back in return. Developments accelerate during two eclipses in Taurus, on April 30 and November 8. But stay flexible! These moonbeams may direct you in an exciting (but unexpected) direction.

Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn until January 29, starting the year in an introspective space. Examine unproductive patterns that keep people at a distance. Then, lean into magnetic Pluto, who’s winding down a long cycle through your sign (2008-2024). Your hidden charms are ready to be revealed—and we’re talking about the bedroom, not the boardroom, here. Leave work at work!

Career & Money

Your diligence is starting to pay off, Capricorn, as your ruler Saturn spends its final full year in Aquarius and your second house of cash money. Set up systems to work more efficiently and lock down bread-and-butter income. You may still be paying some dues this year, but people are taking notice of your work! Position yourself as an expert, speaker or leader however you can. Profitable opportunities could flow in near the eclipses on April 30 and November 8!

Enterprising Jupiter sails through your curious, cooperative third house until May 10 (and again from October 28 to December 20). Tap into local networking opportunities and partner up on projects for the win. You may commute between several cities during this time, or work with clients around the world. Build your nest egg while Jupiter in Aries drops roots into your domestic zone from May 10 to October 28. Invest in a home or vacation property or start a kitchen-table side hustle. Work gets busier than ever starting August 20, thanks to go- getter Mars in Gemini and your sixth house of daily routines and systems. Stay organized and seek service providers who meet your standards!


With the karmic South Node in Scorpio and your metaphysical eleventh house, mindfulness practices are the key to your serenity. Center yourself with meditation, yoga and breathwork. This can also activate life force energy, giving you the sexiest glow-up. Saturn’s been putting you through paces since late 2017. Are you exhausted yet? Get your adrenals checked and make sure you’re doing things to support their function. You’ll be ready for a more vigorous fitness routine once athletic Mars barrels into Gemini on August 20. You love a challenge, but take time to stretch and learn proper posture and technique to avoid injuries. Regular bodywork like massage and acupuncture can keep you balanced all year long.

Friends & Family

Develop meaningful connections—then bring the gang together. The more will be the merrier this year as the Scorpio South Node activates your communal eleventh house. If there are fractures in your social circle, you can only play ambassador for so long. If people aren’t willing to let go of grudges, that’s on them. Jupiter in Pisces provides a huge popularity burst until May 10 (and again from October 28 to December 20). While old friends are your world, expand the radius of your circle! You could meet new pals while traveling, doing self- development work or taking a class. Looking to start or grow a family? Two fertility-boosting eclipses on April 30 and November 8 are in your corner!

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