2022 Horoscope for Libra

By The AstroTwins

Wellness check! How are you feeling, Libra? And we’re asking about your body, mind, spirit and heart. After an fun, but somewhat undisciplined 2021, the skies turn your attention to drama-free living and self-care in 2022. And you’re oh-so ready for that balance (the Libra magic word). Who says healthy habits have to be boring? With adventurous Jupiter in Pisces and your sensible sixth house until May 10, you could become a vegan gourmet or attend an intimate retreat with yoga, breathwork and daily detox treatments. Hello, Libra bliss: 2022 edition.

A relationship could turn official between May 10 and October 28, when Jupiter moves into Aries and your partnership house. Some Libras could outgrow a longtime commitment and decide to amicably move on—or evolve into a new relationship pattern that works for you both, with more freedom and autonomy. You may need that added mobility, as the eclipses and Lunar Nodes dance across your money axis, bringing opportunities to invest, profit and create new income sources. With your aesthetic gifts, there’s no better year for checking out crypto art (NFTs) as a possible addition to your portfolio.

We’ve got you covered with your AstroTwins 2022 horoscope for Libra for love, career & money, wellness, and friends & family. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope book!


Love takes a turn for the serious—and the seriously sexy in 2022. On January 18, the lunar North Node shifts into sensual Taurus, lighting a bonfire in your eighth house of seduction and intimacy. Erotic connection is a spiritual experience during this cycle, which lasts until July 17, 2023.

But are you willing to let go and explore the depths of pleasure? With masterful Saturn in your romance zone, approach love and sex like a study. There’s always more to unlock and having some tools and techniques under your (garter) belt wouldn’t hurt a bit. When liberating, exploratory Jupiter soars into Aries and your partnership house, oh, the places you will go.

But how will that insatiable curiosity affect the rest of your life? Daring to live by your own rules may require some negotiation before you go exploring. People may be more willing to play along than you expect, provided you include them in your plan.

Career & Money

Money moves could bring a bountiful harvest in 2022, as the lunar nodes redirect their energy to your financial axis (Taurus-Scorpio) starting January 18. The karmic South Node in Scorpio demands budgeting and planning. Restore integrity by settling debts and raising your rates if you’re under-earning.

The Taurus North Node points you toward passive-income generators. This could be the year that you invest in your dream pad, crush it with crypto or get funding for your start-up. With serious Saturn in your fifth house of fame, focus on mastering your craft. Already a pro? You could get paid as an influencer, expert or motivational speaker.


Go with your gut, Libra! Vitality-boosting Jupiter swims two laps through Pisces and your sixth house of digestion: until May 10 and again from October 28 to December 20. Hydration is the first essential step. Start your mornings with a cleansing shot of aloe vera juice and put an activating pinch of sea salt in your water bottle every time you refill it. Fermented foods that introduce health-improving microbiomes (like yogurt and kimchi) may become regular staples of your diet.

Don’t forget the power of sexual healing! Self- and partner-pleasuring, erotic massage and other titillating touch can be the best anti-depressant out there. If energy and moods are fluctuating, have your thyroid checked. With the lunar North Node in your second house (which rules the throat area), have your thyroid checked, especially if moods, metabolism and energy level are fluctuating. You may need to shift your diet, stress levels or supplement plan for optimal functioning.

Friends & Family

Family: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Transformational Pluto is in the final phase of its 2008-2024 tour through Capricorn and your fourth house of kin. The highs and lows are starting to smooth out as you carve out your unique role within your innermost circle.

But with your ruler, accommodating Venus, retrograde in Capricorn until January 29, keep healthy boundaries in place. Couch-surfing relatives have to pull their weight; and make sure you aren’t taking advantage of anyone’s kindness. (Grandparents aren’t “free babysitting services” every day…) Serious Saturn could bring some heavy obligations for Libra parents or stall conception. Stay committed and get scientific: a savvy system can change everything for the better.

If long-distance friends ping you on WhatsApp after August 20, take orders from adventure-junkie Mars and find a way to visit each other ASAP!

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