Aquarius Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for an Aquarius baby?

Aquarius children are born during the four weeks of Aquarius season, meaning they are typically born January 20–February 18. Conception dates for an Aquarius baby are April 25-May 15.

What are Aquarius kids like?

Aquarians are the “Baby Einsteins” of the zodiac, born with a touch of genius and a daredevil streak to match. Start socializing your Aquarius with peers early; this popular sign will crave the company of lots of friends. These kids can be a bit eccentric and offbeat. They may surprise you with bizarre comments or quirky habits. Your best bet is to enjoy the show. They’ll only rebel if you try to tame their antics.

Generous with siblings, the Aquarius child hates to see anyone treated unfairly. They’ll stick up for the underdog and fight for the rights of their peer group. Get them involved with scouting, sports or a community service club at an early age to encourage their sense of humanitarianism and team spirit.


How do you entertain an Aquarius child?

Playtime tips

  • Aquarius rules teamwork, so sign your water bearer up for a group sport like softball. Don’t be surprised if this little athlete makes it to the all-star league! Daredevil Aquarius is competitive too, so a sport like gymnastics or horseback riding will captivate them.
  • Aquarians love wizards and science fiction. Teach them magic tricks and get them a chemistry set. They’ll have fun wowing the crowds with their inventions. They’ll also be whizzes at any computer game they try.
  • Set them free in a big outdoor space! This active air sign needs to race around, climb fences, jump, scream, and laugh with wild abandon. Just keep a box of Band-Aids handy, as there may be a few scraped knees.
  • Get a pet or let them play with animals. Aquarians have a unique bond with feathered and four-legged friends. They will take the death of a pet hard, however, so you may need to explain up front that they will outlive their pet.

How do you parent an Aquarius child?

Parenting tips

  • Your Aquarius child will either be super popular or an offbeat genius. In the latter case, consider putting your Aquarius in an alternative school so they can be around other kids of equal intelligence (and not wind up feeling like a total misfit).
  • Never talk down to your Aquarius child or use baby talk. This sign hates authority and will rebel instantly. For maximum cooperation, state your rules clearly and logically as if talking to a peer.
  • This sign loves having something to look forward to. Guide them through life, by talking about the future (as in, “When you bring home a good report card this semester, we’ll get you a new bike.”)
  • Aquarians are rebels and need to know that there are consequences when they misbehave. If you threaten punishment, you’d better make good on it. Otherwise, they will lose respect and walk all over you.

What can I expect from an Aquarius child?

How they deal with

Rules and authority

In short: expect mischief. As the zodiac’s rebels rules by Uranus, Aquarius kids often break rules as fast as you can make them. These kids can be incredibly cooperative and easygoing, but if they feel that their rights are being encroached upon––watch out. This spirited sign will go toe-to-toe with any iron-fisted ruler. (It was Aquarius Abraham Lincoln who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the majority of slaves in the United States. This sign is no joke.) The Aquarius child wants to be talked to like an equal, which can be tricky, since some degree of hierarchy is essential. Settle for talking to them like human beings.

Aquarius is the sign of groups, and these kids are susceptible to peer pressure. A naughty friend can easily lead them into trouble, convincing Aquarius to break the rules or try something they shouldn’t. (Take extra care that your Aquarius plays with the “good” kids, since they will be a heavy influence.) Natural comedians, these hilarious kids can also land in hot water for mocking an authority figure, often with a dead-on impersonation. A future in performing arts—or detention—awaits.


To free-spirited Aquarians, limits are negotiable. With their smooth-talking ways and affable personalities, Aquarius kids can and do charm their way past most parameters. Curiosity is often the culprit of these kids’ misdeeds. (“I know the oven is for food, but I wonder what would happen if I put my toy in there…?”) Keep close tabs on your little mad scientist!

Separation and independence

Social Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and while they love hanging out with parents, they’re just as content to spend quality time with 50 of their closest little buddies, cousins, aunts and uncles.  

Younger siblings

The more, the merrier! Aquarius kids are great mentors and teachers to younger sibs. Not often the jealous type, Aquarians become BFFs with little siblings, cheerfully sharing a bedroom, toys, clothes and attention with their little sidekick. They can be incredibly protective and giving, even putting their younger siblings’ needs above their own.

Older siblings

No matter the birth order, Aquarius kids just want to be best buds with their siblings. Although they crave companionship and camaraderie, their arrival may spark jealousy from an older sibling who feels displaced. Fortunately, Aquarius kids let it roll off their backs, and usually triumph over the green-eyed monster. Just remember: Aquarius is the sign of individuality. Don’t compare them to their siblings or expect them to follow in anyone’s footsteps, because they won’t. This could stir competition where none existed.

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Easy-breezy Aquarius is the sign of detachment, so they might not mind letting go. However, some kids of this sign struggle with anxiety, so make sure to do any training in a relaxed, low-pressure setting. This unpredictable toddler might just surprise you: one day, they just quit nursing or wearing diapers, and that’s just that. Fun-loving Aquarians respond well to anything you make into a game—even a team toilet training at nursery school or daycare. Since their peers are a strong influence, just let Aquarius admire the big-kid pants a little friend is sporting. Soon enough, they’ll want a pair of their own!


Awkwaaaard. Heavy-duty topics and emotions make Aquarius kids uncomfortable. (Who’s squirming more when you reveal how babies are made?) This is the sign famous for bathroom humor and joking about any sensitive topic. Yet, Aquarius kids are also hyper-rational, so stick to the facts and don’t bulls**t them. They can’t deal if you present sex in a sincere, lovey-dovey way…or try to sell them some phony line about a stork. But lay out the science and they’ll be all ears.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

School is the Aquarians child’s social hub, where they quickly find and form their squad. They might be the extroverted jocks or the kids scoring seats on student council and homecoming court. Or they can be the more introverted kids involved in after-school clubs and marching bands. There’s a Type A side to many Aquarians, and they can be driven about their grades and goals. Other Aquarians may need reminders that they’re in school to learn, not to constantly socialize with whatever group(s) they do land in. 

Household conflict

Can’t we all just get along? Team-spirited Aquarians hate conflict, especially at home. When relatives fight, they’ll try to crack jokes to lighten the mood, and if that fails, they’ll disengage, scurrying off to their rooms to avoid the drama. Only when things are really unfair do they offer their natural diplomatic skills and mediate. Other times, Aquarius can be one stirring the pot, playing pranks, breaking rules or making smart remarks that provoke an argument. When they get into a funk, Aquarians can even be sarcastic and sadistic, externalizing emotions they don’t want to process. Duck before you end up the target of their wrath.


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