Cancer Family Dynamics Horoscope

While every household will play by different rules, understanding each zodiac sign’s innate domestic style can help you sort it out.

What it like living with a Cancer?

The warm-fuzzy Cancer family member is chicken soup for a family’s soul.

Few things make the Cancer family member happier than spending time with their beloved relatives, bonding as a close-knit unit. They count the days between each festive gathering, especially holidays that center around one of their sign’s passions: cooking. They may be the family “glue,” their home may be the central location for all get togethers.

Cancer is the zodiac’s “mother sign,” and they can be as protective as a mama or papa bear when it comes to their brood. If they have kids, they will be a hands-on parent with PTA creds. They want the best education and opportunities for their kids. Period. It’s important, however, that their nurturing doesn’t turn to smothering. Giving their offspring space to develop their identities, even if their values diverge from their own, can be challenging.

As a child, they need their own share of coddling and special attention, or their shell can become hardened. The relationship between a Cancer child and their mother can affect them deeply. If they didn’t get the TLC you needed, finding a mother figure to “adopt” them can help to heal their heart.

Astrology tip for living with a Cancer

With their heart of gold, their relatives are no strangers to the Cancer family member’s acts of generosity. Yet they often exhaust themselves showing how much they care. Then, look out! When they veer into martyr terrain, their mood can crash and swing. The sudden shift can be shocking for their family. One minute they’re smiling and the next, they’re raging. Yikes! To keep those crab claws from pinching, give them permission to say no they’re too tired to do their family members yet another favor.


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