These Celebrities Are Finishing Their Saturn Return in Aquarius: Before and After

Throw your cosmic caps in the air! On March 7, 2023, the whole world graduates from the Saturn in Aquarius School of Hard Knocks. Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Michelle Obama: These celebs are officially graduating from their Saturn return in Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius is officially over on March 7! The ringed taskmaster planet spends three years in every zodiac sign, putting us all through paces. In Aquarius, the sign of technology, activism and community (including public health and social services), Saturn could not have made its presence more known.

This cycle, which began on March 21, 2020, brought us “social distancing,” a global quarantine, an uprising for racial justice after the murder of George Floyd, the Great Resignation and Chat GPT giving us AI anxiety. (See our article about Saturn in Aquarius if you want to learn more about the transit).

Some people definitely felt the hammer of Saturn in Aquarius more than others. For people born under the Sun sign of Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), the last few years served some brutal lessons. But Saturn is cruel to be kind. If we surrender and take its medicine, this planet makes us bulletproof!

Are you finishing your Saturn return?

Anyone who was born with a Saturn in Aquarius placement got hit hard.

The reason? They were going through their Saturn return, a cosmic rite of passage that comes around every 29 years. Saturn magnifies any immature habits and gives us the option to “adult or bust.”  If you were born between 1993-1996, 1962-64 or 1932-1935 you may have been born with Saturn in Aquarius. If so, rejoice! You’re finishing your Saturn return in Aquarius. Use our Cosmic Calculator below to find your Saturn sign or scroll down; we’ve got the dates listed at the end of this article.

Saturn return

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The celebs finishing their Saturn return in Aquarius

As the planetary drill sergeant heads into Pisces until February 13, 2026, it will serve a new set of lessons (you can read about the Saturn in Pisces transit in our article here). But in the meantime, we have plenty of takeaways from Saturn in Aquarius. As this group of celebrities graduates from a Saturn return in Aquarius on March 7, 2023, they’ve been through it! And all while the world watched. Here’s how they are holding up.

Selena Gomez

Does beating out Kylie Jenner for the highest Instagram followers (388 million!) count as a Saturn return victory? With your Saturn return in Aquarius, the sign of social media, hell yes.

But in the final weeks of this transit, the Cancerian singer and actress deactivated, then reactivated her TikTok, as shading rumors swirled between her and Hailey Bieber. Despite the drama, Gomez is using her platforms to speak out against body shaming. After being trolled for her weight during the 2023 Golden Globes she went live on TikTok to say, “I just wanted to say and encourage anyone out there who feels any sort of shame for exactly what they’re going through and nobody knows the real story.”

Cardi B

The Libra Bodak Yellow rapper won’t be wearing an orange jumpsuit, but she is rounding out her Saturn return with 15 days of community service as penance for a 2018 strip club brawl. True to the maturing powers of an SR (in humanitarian Aquarius!), Cardi tweeted, “Community service has been the best thing that has happened to me. Almost like a spiritual journey because sometimes I leave these centers in tears. Those people that we leave behind, they just need somebody to talk, and a lil push and YOU might be able to change their life forever.”


The Sagittarius Migos rapper—and Cardi B’s husband—had lots of rough patches and adulting moments during his Saturn return in Aquarius. After filing for divorce in September 2020, the pair called off the proceedings and announced a pregnancy. Their son Wave was born in 2021. Tragically, in November 2022, Migos member Takeoff (and Offset’s cousin) was shot to death at a Houston party. In December 2022, the Atlanta rapper was presented a key to Gwinnet County in honor of his annual toy drives providing gifts to underserved youth.

Michelle Yeoh

A long-overdue win for Aquarian inclusivity! During her second Saturn return, veteran actress Michelle Yeoh made history at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards, becoming the first Asian woman to win a leading film acting award. The Leo star, who won Best Actress Film for her role as laundromat-owner Evelyn in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is also nominated for the Best Actress Oscar—and is the first Asian actress to receive a nomination since 1935. Yeoh accepted her SAG award with the Aquarian spirit of unity, “This is not just for me, this is for every little girl who looks like me.”

Emily Ratajowski

Bring on the relationship anarchy of Saturn in Aquarius! In a 2023 episode of her podcast, High Low with EmRata, the Gemini supermodel became an advocate for shame-free divorce, saying, “I don’t think divorce is a sad thing. I literally say to people, ‘Good for you.’” And good for her, too. After her split from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2022, she’s fully embraced the dating scene, stepping out with a hot boy roster that includes Brad Pitt (who’s wrapping up his second S.R.), Pete Davidson and DJ Orazio Rispo.

FWIW, we don’t particularly recommend getting married before the first Saturn return—but if you do, prepare to hit a “moment” during your S.R. as you go through a life review like never before.

Gloria Steinem

No surprise this celebrity activist was born with Saturn in Aquarius! In the final month of her third Saturn return, the 88-year-old Aries feminist icon received an unexpected tribute. Seated next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (Scorpio) at NYFW, she watched models parade down the Michael Kors runway wearing low-slung belts that are among her “hippie intellectual” style signatures. While she’s denied the existence of a “feminist icon,” we beg to differ. The f-word Steinem made women proud to claim remains an ever-relevant title as the reproductive rights she fought for were overturned during her third Saturn return. 

Miley Cyrus

Saturn return came in like a wrecking ball for the Sagittarius singer who, in her words, “fell off” sobriety in the beginning of the pandemic, but she quickly got back on the horse. In late 2020, Miley Cyrus spoke publicly about her relapse in an Apple Music interview, saying, “Twenty-seven to me was a year that I really had to protect myself. That actually really made me want to get sober, because we’ve lost so many icons at 27.” (If only Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin knew about their forthcoming Saturn returns…)

Miley’s eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, drops on March 10, right after her Saturn return in Aquarius ends. The fit and glowing Cyrus calls it a “love letter to LA,” proof of evolution since her Party In The USA days. 

Read more about Miley Cyrus’s birth chart.

Jeff Bezos

Fortunately, the Amazon overlord learned his lessons about sexting before his second Saturn return. (Soooo uncomfortable.) Saturn in Capricorn, Bezos’ Sun sign, served him a divorce, cheating scandal and unwanted public exposure. Although he stepped down as Amazon’s CEO in 2021, his second Saturn return solidified Bezos’ empire.

During the pandemic, Amazon grew ever-more massive. Bezos is currently the third richest billionaire on the planet and has publicly stated an intention to give the majority of his wealth away to charity before he dies. (Supercool, Jeff, but how about paying city taxes and improving employee conditions?) In a move that spells “Aquarian aid,” Amazon has donated $75 million to Ukraine, including major tech to protect the nation’s data and infrastructure.

Quincy Jones

A-list tributes are already circulating for the Pisces music industry icon, who turns 90 on March 14, 2023— who has worked with legends including Oprah, Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie and Jennifer Hudson to name a small percentage of his accolades.

With barrier-shattering Saturn in Aquarius, Jones is as much a civil rights hero as an industry veteran, supporting Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s and orchestrating We Are the World to raise money for African famine relief in 1985. Wrote Jones in a recent Facebook post, “People keep tellin’ me I’m turning 90 this year, but what they don’t know is that I feel like I’m turning 50!”

Who else is finishing their Saturn return in Aquarius on March 7, 2023?

Here are some more celebrities who are finishing their Saturn return in Aquarius. As they round out their rite of passage and join the SR in Aquarius Class of 2023, let’s hope those lessons of adulting and mastery stick!

FirstSaturn return in Aquarius dates & celebs

February 7, 1991 to May 21, 1993
July 1, 1993 to January 28, 1994

First Saturn return in Aquarius celebrities: Pete Davidson, Zayn Malik, Jin, Emma Roberts, Travis Scott, Demi Lovato, Tristan Thompson, Shailene Woodley, Nick Jonas, Sam Smith, Cara Delevingne

SecondSaturn return in Aquarius dates & celebs

January 4, 1962 to March 25, 1964
September 3 to December 16, 1964

Second Saturn return in Aquarius celebrities: Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos, Brad Pitt, Marissa Tomei, Tom Cruise, Tommy Lee, Demi Moore, Ralph Fiennes, Paula Abdul, Anthony Kiedis, Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Lisa Kudrow, Justin Trudeau

ThirdSaturn return in Aquarius dates & celebs

February 25 to August 13, 1932
November 21, 1932 to February 15, 1935

Third Saturn return in Aquarius celebrities: Gloria Steinem, Shirley MacLaine, Maggie Smith, Sophia Loren, Willie Nelson, Yoko Ono, Quincy Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Julie Newmar, Robert Blake, Cissy Houston, Shari Lewis, Brigitte Bardot

Here are the dates of Saturn in Aquarius

February 7, 1991 to May 21, 1993
July 1, 1993 to January 28, 1994

January 4, 1962 to March 25, 1964
September 3 to December 16, 1964

February 25 to August 13, 1932
November 21, 1932 to February 15, 1935


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