Hailey Bieber Birth Chart – Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope & Birthday

Hailey Bieber’s Chart, Interpreted by The AstroTwins

The following analysis by celebrity astrologers Tali & Ophi Edut, aka The AstroTwins, highlights the most interesting astrological features of Hailey Bieber’s birth chart for all level astrology readers to understand.

Hailey Bieber birth chart

When Is Hailey Bieber’s Birthday?

Hailey Bieber’s birthday is November 22.

Hailey Bieber’s Sun Sign Is Sagittarius (Almost Scorpio!)

•The Sun represents the essence of your personality, your main character energy•

Hailey Bieber’s astrological sign is Sagittarius. She was born November 22, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona.

She is a zero-degree Sagittarius—meaning the Sun in her birth chart is at the very first degree and day of Sagittarius, so she is almost a Scorpio. She carries some of those sign’s traits with her, like being a bit quieter and more mysterious.

However, she is true to her fire-sign-friendly Sagittarius nature by being happy-go-lucky in many ways. She’s generous, sharing and willing to take chances and leap into things.

She is also true-to-Sagittarius worldy; her Brazilian mother is also an Archer, which is the sign of the global traveler. Hailey Bieber’s traveled all over the world throughout her life because of her mom and her modeling career.

Hailey Bieber’s “Big 3” Are All In Fire Signs

• The Big 3 in astrology is your Sun, your rising sign, and your moon•

In addition to her Sagittarius Sun, Hailey Bieber’s Big 3 in astrology includes Sagittarius rising and an Aries moon, all fire signs! This explains why she is such a creative, athletic, dynamic in-the-moment person. Things happen fast when she wants them to happen. She doesn’t make any apologies for being an individual following the beat of her drum and doing what’s best for her.

Hailey Bieber Is A Tell-It-Like-It-Is Sagittarius Rising

•Your rising sign, or ascendant, rules the first impression you make. Like a filter, it “tints” your Sun sign•

With Hailey Bieber’s rising sign in Sagittarius, she is someone who’s going to tell it like it is. Sagittarius is the sign of religion, philosophy and bigger thoughts. She’s always been active in her faith and met her husband, Justin Bieber, at the Hillsong Church.

Hailey Bieber’s Natal Chart Moon Is Hot-Blooded Aries

•Your moon sign governs the “inner you” and influences your emotions•

The moon represents your emotional nature. We often think of Justin Bieber as “the bad boy” but Hailey Bieber’s got a “bad girl” in her, too. She can be very fiery, rebellious and combative, thanks to her Aries moon. She’s not unwilling to stand up to someone and be demanding about what she wants.

Hailey Bieber’s Sagittarius Sun Is In The Spiritual 12th House

Hailey Bieber’s Sun is in the twelfth house of the zodiac wheel. This makes her a generous, magnanimous, old soul. While she can be self-focused with her Aries moon, this Sun sign placement counterbalances that. People born with Sun in the twelfth house are boundlessly compassionate and tapped into the spiritual world.

A 12th house Sun means she won’t feel “eclipsed” by her partner’s success

The twelfth house is the zone of support and sacrifice. People with Sun here like to be seen as someone who others can lean on, rely on. Haily has stood by her hubby, Justin Bieber, through ups and downs, illnesses and life passages. People born with their Sun in this house are powerful in the background, shining as much behind the scenes as they do in the limelight.

A twelfth-house Sun makes one glamorous and enchanting. As one of the world’s foremost models, Hailey Bieber is a great example of quiet, mysterious beauty.

Hailey Bieber’s Destiny-Driven Nodes Are In Aries And Libra

•Astrologers use the nodes of the moon (found opposite each other in your birth chart) to determine where your destiny lies (North Node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South Node).

Hailey Bieber’s South Node is in Aries and her North Node is in Libra.

The lunar South Node is the point in the sky that reveals past life energy. With her South Node in robust Aries, it’s no surprise that Hailey Biber is sporty, strong and independent. This gives her the ability to hold her own. While she’s there for other people, she doesn’t lose herself. She’s able to keep a strong sense of self and make decisions she can stand behind, even if other people don’t understand them.

With her North Node in marriage-minded Libra, her soul evolves through partnerships. Although commitment is not familiar terrain for her self-sufficient Aries South Node, it’s the key to her happiness this time around.

Hailey Bieber’s Love Astrology

•Venus and Mars are the love planets in astrology. In your birth chart, Venus represents seduction and romance while Mars represents lust, motivation and erotic instincts.

Hailey Bieber’s birth chart shows Mars and Venus right next to each other, but in two different signs. There’s a little friction there.

Her Venus is in Libra, the sign of marriage

Love planet Venus is at home in Libra, the sign that it rules (along with Taurus). This is one of its happy places! Hailey Bieber needs ease, luxury and harmony in her partnerships. She is devoted and naturally becomes a “we” with her mate.

Mars in Virgo makes Hailey Bieber more traditional

With her Mars in Virgo, Hailey Bieber needs traditional structures like marriage in order to feel secure and intimate. A partner who is helpful, health-conscious and routine-driven is supportive to her. Her love language may be “acts of service” many days.

Yet there’s also something a little bit rigid and regimented about people born with Mars in Virgo! While she loves romance, she might also become a little “strict” and parental, bossing her mate around.

Hailey Bieber’s Chart Ruler Is Jupiter

•Your chart ruler is the planet that rules over your rising sign•

As a Sagittarius rising and a Sagittarius Sun, Hailey Bieber’s chart ruler is Jupiter. Natal Jupiter in her chart is in Capricorn and the first house which makes her a big thinker. She is someone who likes to make plans and can manifest with surprising ease. Jupiter in earthy, materialistic Capricorn gives her the ability to work within some of the most traditional institutions, including the fashion industry and religious spaces.

Having a celebrity family, she’s able to attract large contracts, large sums of money, even if she may not necessarily need them. Hailey Bieber’s simply always going to be an abundant person!

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