Angelina Jolie Birth Chart – Gemini Zodiac Sign Horoscope & Birthday

Angelina Jolie’s birth chart, interpreted by The AstroTwins

The following analysis by celebrity astrologers Tali & Ophi Edut, aka The AstroTwins, highlights the most interesting astrological features of Angelina Jolie’s birth chart for all level astrology readers to understand.
Additional reporting by Astrostyle Contributing Editor Tasha Beg @thepopastrologist

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When Is Angelina Jolie’s Birthday?

Angelina Jolie’s birthday is June 4.

Angelina Jolie’s Sun Sign Is In Fascinating Gemini

•The Sun represents the essence of your personality, your main character energy•

Angelina Jolie’s astrological sign is Gemini. She was born Angelina Jolie Voight on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California.

Gemini is an air sign known for its versatile nature; it’s hard to put them in a box—they tend to dip their toes into anything and everything that catches their fancy! As a Gemini Sun, Angelina Jolie is certainly more than just your average Hollywood A-List actress, she’s a self-described mom, filmmaker, refugee advocate and humanitarian.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, reflecting the inherent duality present in the zodiac sign. Angelina Jolie is all at once the flirtatious extrovert and the reflective introvert. With her Gemini Sun located in her eleventh house of community and the future, she has certainly spent most of her public life split between her creative projects and humanitarian efforts.

Angelina Jolie’s Moon Is In Independent Aries

•Your moon sign governs the “inner you” and influences your emotions•

As an Aries moon, Angelina Jolie is a natural thrill seeker who finds herself attracted to experiences that challenge her comfort levels. Aries moons are natural born leaders—fiercely passionate beings with an affinity for handling moments of crisis. On a subconscious level, Aries moons might even find themselves running towards the fire, in search of those needing saving. 

Angelina Jolie’s Aries moon is located in her tenth house of legacy and public reputation, making her a natural maternal figure for the collective. She previously made headlines when she adopted her first child, Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt, from Cambodia. While filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Jolie had visited a local orphanage where she formed an instant connection with Maddox. Jolie adopted the young boy on her own and raised him as a single parent (a very literal rendition of the Aries moon) prior to meeting her now ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie’s Chart Features an Aries Stellium

•A stellium is when three or more planets are in the same zodiac sign or house in a birth chart•

Not only is Angelina’s moon in Aries, her birth chart features Jupiter and Mars in the fiery cardinal sign as well. Jupiter is the planet of magnification and confidence while Mars is the planet of lust, assertion, and action. It’s worth noting that her Aries stellium activates her MidHeaven, the most public facing part of the chart, indicative of reputation and social status.

With such prolific Aries placements, Angelina Jolie initially burst onto the Hollywood scene with a dose of rock & roll and rebellion. From her infamous blood (Mars) necklace with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton (Jupiter can also symbolize the husband in a natal chart!) to her wild child persona, her bold Aries self was on full display before she eventually channeled it into her humanitarian efforts. (Angelina Jolie, who served two decades as a United National Goodwill Ambassador, joined Instagram only recently and to use the platform to raise awareness of the issues she champions).

Angelina Jolie’s Rising Sign Is Maternal Cancer

•Your rising sign, or ascendant, is the first impression you make. Like a filter, it “tints” your Sun sign•

Angelina Jolie is a Cancer Rising. Cancer risings are the underrated chameleons of the zodiac, adapting to their environments to protect their tender underbellies. Naturally shy and deeply intuitive, Cancer is incredibly creative and longs to curate a safe space to be able to translate that inner vision. To wit, Jolie founded the creative community collective Atelier Jolie, the house/collective symbolism echoing her Cancer rising self. 

Cancer is also the sign of family, which tends to feature as a theme in the native’s life. Jolie’s family has manifested prominently in her karma, most notably via her complicated relationship with her father, acting legend and Academy Award winner Jon Voight. She also sparked a viral moment when she won her first Academy Award in 2000 for Girl, Interrupted, and famously sealed an on-the-lips kiss with her brother!

Angelina Jolie’s Chart Ruler Is Adventurous Aries

•Your chart ruler is the planet that rules over your rising sign•

As a Cancer rising, Angelina Jolie’s chart is ruled by her Aries moon. A chart ruler acts like your personal avatar in the movie of your life. With the moon steering her chart, her identity is flavored by la luna’s maternal and nurturing qualities. In Aries, themes like war, survival, adventure and the hero’s journey (or the heroine in this case) come to mind.

No surprises here that Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood legacy and career includes a strong emphasis on action and war narratives. At the height of her Hollywood career, Jolie’s actor cannon featured action lead turns in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Salt. As a director, however, she’s focused on social conscious themes (another side to her prominent Aries stellium). Her first directed film, A Place in Time, was a documentary on orphanages and refugee camps. She continued to explore other war narratives, directing films like In the Land of Blood and Honey, Unbroken as well as, First They Killed My Father. 

Love Astrology of Angelina Jolie: Underlying Tension

•Venus and Mars are the love planets in astrology. In your birth chart, Venus represents seduction and romance while Mars represents lust, motivation and erotic instincts.

Mars and Venus form a dynamic elemental aspect known as a square in Angelina Jolie’s chart, indicative of some underlying tension inherent in her relationships. Angelina has her Venus in Cancer, challenging her Mars in Aries.

Venus has her guard up in Cancer, hesitant to reveal herself as she scopes out the scene. With a Venus in Cancer, Angelina Jolie has walls up around her sensitive, tender heart. Family matters come first. She’d much rather cozy up to her loved ones at home rather than rub elbows with the glitterati on the Hollywood scene. Her Venus in Cancer sits directly on her Cancer rising ascendant; she embodies a divine feminine quality, a beautiful mother for wounded souls.

With her Mars in Aries, Angelina Jolie is a passionate lover; a risk-taker who loves a good chase (as well as pursuit). Mars in Aries loves a bit of danger—something Venus in Cancer strives to avoid at all costs. With Venus squaring her Mars, Jolie finds herself in a consistent battle with jumping head first into pleasure at the expense of her emotional safety.

Angelina Jolie’s love life has certainly made for some splashy headlines, none more so than her relationship with ex-husband fellow Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt that ended in 2019. At time of writing, she continues to be embroiled in legal battles with him, including allegations concerning a history of physical abuse committed against her. Not surprising for someone with prominent Aries placements, especially when Mars, the planet of violence and force, is a featured player in her romantic narratives.

Angelina Jolie’s Nodes Point To True Creative Expression

•Astrologers use the nodes of the moon (found opposite each other in your birth chart) to determine where your destiny lies (North node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South node).

Angelina Jolie has her South Node (past-life karma) in Gemini and her North Node (destiny) in Sagittarius. Her Gemini South Node is in her eleventh house of networks and long-term priorities (typically associated with Aqurius energy); her Sagittarius north node is in her fifth house of creation and children (typically associated with Leo energy). 

Angelina Jolie is here to disentangle from internalized social trends and expectations to find her true creative expression (and the right friendships to match!). In other words, she is here to learn to rediscover her curiosity and cultivate a healthy relationship with play. We see this karma play out in various ways, including Angelina’s evolution from actress to writer/director and the types of narratives she’s shepherding into the collective.

It’s worth noting that with a North Node in the fifth house, children could be a beautiful influence in her evolution as she develops a meaningful point of view for herself. She echoes the sentiment in a 2023 interview with Vogue magazine, stating: “having children saved me and taught me to be in this world differently.” Jolie is the mother of six children.

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