Your Cosmic Love

Matchmaking Astrology

The cosmic formula for finding your perfect match with astrology

As professional astrologers, people always ask us, “What zodiac sign am I most compatible with?”

We get it! Love is one of the most rewarding and confusing areas of life. 

Our own journey into astrology deepened during our early dating years. We wanted to know what made our crushes tick—and also, to gain a better understanding of who we would ideally be compatible with.

Then we began helping our friends, working with couples and uniting quite a few people with their soulmates!

As the astrologers and matchmakers for Cosmic Love, we got a chance to test those skills in an amazing social experiment. And while our 30 years of experience certainly helped us with this process, there are some things you can try right now to get your love life moving in the right direction. So we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing some of our Matchmaking Astrology secrets with you in this special Guide 7 Secrets to Matchmaking Astrology!


The 7 Secrets of Matchmaking Astrology

In this FREE guide, you’ll learn how to: 

1. Find Your Sun Sign Elements

The first step to understanding astrology and matchmaking is to find your Sun sign elements. There are four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air and water. Each element is associated with certain personality traits that are key to balancing relationships

2. Go Beyond Sun Signs

While your Sun sign is a good starting point for understanding your astrological compatibility, it’s not the whole story. To really get a sense of who you’re compatible with, you need to look at your entire birth chart. This includes your moon sign and Rising sign, as well as the placement of all the planets.

3. Learn Your Big 3: Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

Your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign make up what’s known as your “big three.” The Sun sign reveals how you shine, the moon sign governs your emotions and the rising sign is your cosmic compass!

4. Study the Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars Signs

In addition to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, another important factor in astrological compatibility is the placement of the inner planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars. Each of these planets is associated with a different aspect of love and relationships. By understanding the placement of these planets in your birth chart, you can get a better sense of your ideal partner.

5. Look at the 5th, 7th and 8th houses, AKA the love houses

The 5th, 7th and 8th houses are known as the “love houses.” These houses represent different aspects of love and relationships. By understanding the energy of these houses, you can get a better sense of who you’re compatible with.

6. Map Your Synastry Chart

A synastry chart is an astrological report that compares two birth charts and bases your compatibility on the distance (aspects) between the planets. 

7. Create A Composite Chart

Did you know that your relationship has a chart of its own? It’s called a Composite Chart and it’s the ultimate care and feeding manual for your relationship! Our new book The Astrology of Us is all about Composite Charts and can help you unlock the soul purpose of any relationship!