Pisces Daily Horoscope for October 31, 2020 - November 1, 2020

Lean in to the powerful communal energy unleashed by Saturday’s Taurus full moon in your third house of communication and hometown happenings. Your internally focused sign can easily while away the hours lost in your own world, but this once-a-year lunar lift encourages you to come out and find your crew. There’s a lot to learn—and share and explore—together, and some exciting initiatives might be getting off the ground that could use someone precisely like you. On Sunday, consider becoming a more actively engaged member of a group. The common experiences you share over time become the glue that holds you together. As a bohemian Pisces, you like to breeze from group to group, never beholden to the demands of anyone. Yet this habit may be affecting the quality of your closest relationships. You’ll never have a chance to truly connect to people if you’re always fluttering away. Be patient with the process and just stay put.

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