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What does a Taurus need from a relationship? Which love match is most compatible with the zodiac’s Bull? Our Taurus love compatibility horoscopes reveal how your signs can find and keep love.

Taurus Compatibility: How do you match?

Taurus Compatibility: What You Need to Know

If you’re in love with a Taurus—or a Taurus in love—relationships are a marathon, not a sprint. The zodiac’s steady Bull is driven toward long-term security. But since this sensual sign is ruled by love-planet Venus, divine love is their ultimate mission. They’re constantly checking out every prospect for life-partner potential. While their vetting process might seem downright old-fashioned, there’s no changing this sign. Even if your courtship involves wining and dining, lavish gifts and unforgettable vacations, don’t let the five-star treatment fool you. This is a job interview for the position of lifemate. By the end of it, they’ll know: You’re either the real thing or not. 

If a Taurus seems reluctant to settle down, it’s because this sign doesn’t believe in settling. The steadfast Bull will hold out for a premium-grade partner who ticks off every box on their checklist. Sure they may have a lover or three to keep the bed warm. El Toro needs affection like the rest of us need water! And they love to gaze at a beautiful creature who looks stunning by their side. (Yep, this aesthetic sign can be vain and dare we say it, a sucker for a pretty face.) Even better if you listen to their long-winded monologues, which, as an incentive, take place over candlelit dinners or in gorgeous five-star settings.

But if Taurus isn’t introducing you to friends as a future spouse, put your antenna up. Taurus George Clooney earned himself a reputation as a notorious bachelor and serial monogamist who, fans and media speculated, would probably never marry. But when he met his perfect partner, whip-smart and stylish human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, it didn’t take long for him to propose. Taurus is a “lifer” when it comes to commitment. They will adore many, but they’ll only truly love one or two people.

Should Taurus decide that you are their person, prepare to be pursued with dogged devotion and ardent gestures of admiration. Taurus tunnel vision (viewed through cartoon goo-goo eyes) is legendary when it comes to love. No coincidence that both William Shakespeare and timeless love poet Robert Browning were both born under this star sign. (Not that all Bulls are quite so eloquent. Some can be embarrassingly blunt about their desires.)

To be compatible with a Taurus, you must pass the “sense and sensibility” test. Sense: They have to feel you’re the right person with all five senses (the Taurus intuition system). Yup, that means you have to look, sound, smell, feel and even taste good to them. If your voice irritates them or your natural scent doesn’t awaken their animal urges, no amount of cajoling will do.

Sensibility: You also have to fit naturally into a Taurus’ life; the relationship itself has to make sense. If they can’t bring you to the annual company gala, home for the holidays or to their go-to hangout, forget it. Religious or political differences can be a dealbreaker. And don’t even bother suggesting a long-distance relationship. Taurus needs to curl up to a warm body and return home to a familiar presence. Comfort is essential.

Sure the Bull loves to chase and charge after their romantic interests. But once the cape has been retired, it should become a cozy throw or a picnic blanket for two—later to transform into a wedding canopy or even a baby’s swaddling cloth. Will you be compatible enough to join their “happily ever after” tale? Only time, and (if you’re lucky) a few gourmet dinners, will tell.

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