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January 2021 Taurus Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

At last! For the past six months, you may have struggled to shine, and at moments felt outright invisible. That’s all changing as January opens and the hangover of #canceled holidays fades into the rearview. Ready for your cosmic coming out party? The first month of 2021 will happily host it!

On January 6, energizer Mars blasts into your sign after six interminable months stuck in “sleep” mode, and it’s game on. Then electrifying Uranus rouses from a five-month retrograde in Taurus mid-month, and you’ll be an unstoppable force. Yes, Bull, you’re baaaaa-aaaack. 

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But you won’t just be stampeding at the first metaphorical matador’s cape. Your passionate awakening will be anchored by the heavy-hitting presence of lucky Jupiter and master builder Saturn, which recently relocated to Aquarius and your tenth house of career, achievement and public acclaim. Not only will you have innovative ideas to share, but you’ll also start getting the recognition you deserve. It’s about damn time!

Just get plans underway before Mercury turns retrograde from January 30 to February 20. As the cosmic communicator backspins through Aquarius and your professional zone, you could experience a few slowdowns or setbacks. But with the right amount of advance planning, you’ll be buffered against the mischief maker’s mayhem. Back up your data and devices and make sure everyone’s clear on their marching orders as soon as possible.

Week 1: January 1-10
Finally, your time to shine

Wake-up call! This Wednesday, January 6, is the day you didn’t know that you’ve been waiting for. But it is, Taurus, because your focus, confidence and energy are about to return with a vengeance. Since June 27, 2020, motivator Mars has been in Aries, slogging through your twelfth house of rest, sacrifice and illusions for an extended stay—FOUR times longer than its usual visit!
During this surreal time, you may have become more spiritual, vulnerable or deeply in tune with your emotions. But you also could have felt confused and adrift, as though nothing you attempted quite came together. There was plenty of magic and divine serendipity—which Taurus folk don’t always let themselves dabble in. But in the mundane day-to-day realm, it might have been hard to find your footing. As a stability-seeking sign, you could emerge from this cycle feeling pretty disoriented. But you may also have met a soulmate, grown more emotionally in tune with yourself or discovered how to consciously root into a state of divine grace and acceptance. There are all things that will carry you through any future rough patches!
Your surreal haze gives way to inspired action this week when Mars blazes into Taurus, activating your confidence, charisma and clarity. Mars is here until March 3, a once-every-two-years visit. All that feisty Mars energy will have you raring to go, and its methodical Taurean flow will suit your style of getting things done one item at a time, AND to your exacting standards. You’ll start to feel like your old self again—only better. Thanks to your long twelfth-house “meditation retreat,” you’ll approach your goals with more wisdom and depth, a silver lining that will pay dividends over the long haul. 

With all the attention Mars could bring, you’re ready for a style refresh. A new look (or even just a hair, makeup and wardrobe mini overhaul) will help you feel sharp again, inside and out. Any transformations you undertake are sure to enhance your confident glow. And keep up the good work with social distancing for just a bit longer—all of your persistence will pay off.

Week 2: January 11-17
Should you stay or should you go?

Is it time for a bold coming-out party—or should you keep some plans under wraps? The answer is “both” this week as go-getter Mars and disruptor Uranus both make waves in Taurus while tangoing with the other planets. 
After feeling suppressed and subdued for the last six months, you’re eager to shout your message from the rooftops. Mars is finally in your sign, and you’ve got something to SAY. But not so fast, Bull. On Wednesday, January 13, rash Mars will lock into a tense square with tight-lipped Saturn in Aquarius and your conservative, career-driven tenth house. 
There will certainly be occasions to speak up boldly, but you’ll need to do so tactfully and tactically. Aside from “just wanting to be heard,” how can you position yourself as a trailblazing leader rather than a hotheaded disruptor? Strike the right balance and you could earn the respect and allegiance of key power players. You’ll want them in your corner this year, Bull! You don’t have to suppress your truth to earn their trust…but know that this is a process, so play the long game. 
Besides, on Thursday, January 14, pioneering Uranus will end a five-month retrograde backspin in YOUR sign that began on August 15. As the planet of radical change turns direct (forward) in Taurus, some of your passion projects or cherished personal goals gain momentum…or head in a thrilling new direction. Have you been pondering a new look or waiting to debut a style update? Uranus direct gives the all-clear for you to start turning some heads. 
Fun fact: For the next two weeks, there will be ZERO retrograde planets, a great time to make decisive moves. Do it quick, before Mercury turns retrograde on January 30 in your career house. Thursday is also ideal to “go big or go home” because the bold Sun will conjunct transformational Pluto in Capricorn and your visionary ninth house. Swing far out of your comfort zone, Taurus, and try something wildly new and different. 
The weekend could bring some bumpy moments as you break out of that shell. On Sunday, January 17, expansive Jupiter and disruptor Uranus lock into a tough square, which only happens every seven years. When these freedom-seeking planets connect, the urge to liberate yourself from any limitations becomes impossible to ignore. But since they’re at odds with each other, you could be pulled between dueling desires to blaze your own trail and move up the career ladder. Jupiter in Aquarius and your career house pushes for professional expansion while Uranus in Taurus prompts you to put your own dreams first. You may need to do a bit of both! 
The last Jupiter-Uranus square was in 2014, so look back to that time for any major plot twists. This time around, Jupiter and Uranus are in different signs and parts of your chart. But once again, you’ll feel the urge to break out of anything confining, whether it’s your career path, an image you present to the world or your life direction. 

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Week 3: January 18-24
Raring to go

Get those ambitious plans ready! Aquarius season begins this week as the Sun joins Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the Water Bearer’s domain on Tuesday, January 19, staying until February 18. Aquarius rules your tenth house of career and success, and you’re more than ready to tackle some lofty goals, especially after a long, dragged-out holding pattern for the second half of last year.
You’ll be fired up to make radical changes, possibly a complete pivot, especially on Wednesday, January 20. That day, go-getter Mars and pioneering Uranus will unite in Taurus, awakening your inner trailblazer. Do you have an innovative idea, perhaps one that involves cutting-edge technology? Hire that app developer or start scouting Fiverr wizards who can help you make it a reality. You might also have a vision for how the world can be better and more equitable. Don’t hold back—this outspoken starmap urges you to take a chance and speak up!
Warning: With these two unpredictable planets melding their energies, you could be a bit volatile, especially if someone challenges your vision. You’re eager to move things forward, but this rash energy could tempt you to force your hand. Pro tip: Remain open to feedback instead of adopting a “my way or the highway” attitude. Even if you’re convinced that your approach is best, steamrolling others will only alienate crucial supporters instead of turning them into allies. Keep your ego and temper in check today.
On Saturday, January 23, Mars will lock into a heated square with expansive Jupiter in your career sector. More impulsive and temperamental behavior could be triggered by this week’s second Mars aspect. While it’s great to break out of any limiting beliefs, watch that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot when doing so. Professional pressures could compete with your desire to launch a solo venture or do things your way. Should you play by the rules or flagrantly break them? This Mars-Jupiter square demands that you stick to the plan, at least to some extent, before throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Also on Saturday, the ego-driven Sun gets put in check by mature Saturn (the only adult in the cosmic room today, it seems) as the two make their once-a-year meetup. While this is normally a sobering and even pessimistic day, the Sun-Saturn conjunction provides the pause that could save you from self-sabotage. Step back and take a hard look at your long-term goals rather than just the immediate impact. Where would you like to be a year or two from now? Taking a little time to reflect on that could pay dividends.

Week 4: January 25-31
A boost in the middle

Ups and downs: incoming! The last week of January is bookended by challenging days—with a huge positive boost in the middle. On Tuesday, January 26, the Sun in visionary Aquarius and your tenth house of reputation squares off against troublemaker Uranus in stubborn Taurus and your first house of personal identity. Your desire for stability may be disrupted by parts of your life that are in flux—or your own shaky mood. 

If a tempting offer comes your way today, you’ll face a tough decision: Which path forward is best? Work hard to hold your temper if the pressure feels extreme. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what’s most important: the way you’re seen by others or the way you feel inside?
Things heat up in a wonderful way on Thursday, January 28. Considered the “luckiest day of the year” by many astrologers (and recently dubbed the Day of Miracles) this annual conjunction of the Sun and expansive Jupiter will shine a spotlight on your work-life balance, with abundant energy ruling the day on both fronts.
Adding to the day’s fire is a full moon in gregarious Leo and your fourth house of home and family. Is a possible move or some other reshuffling of your living situation on the horizon? This could be a banner day for career and achievements, but it could be hard to find time to indulge in the Leo full moon’s pampering perks. Perhaps a toast with your inner circle is in order?
You’ll want to polish up your public persona/front-facing materials (headshots, website, etc.) earlier this week because on Saturday, January 30, communicator Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius and your tenth house of professional endeavors. This backspin will persist until February 20, so don’t be surprised if a job offer is delayed or presents some plot twists.
Read the fine print and don’t sign on the dotted line just now if possible. Be careful about clashes with clients and authority figures. Any disagreements could be simple crossed wires, but if things get too overblown, you could find yourself stuck making amends or rebuilding a burnt bridge. Hold off on any big announcements and hunker down to work behind the scenes. You can unveil your big plans and projects in late February under more favorable skies.

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