The RARE Jupiter-Neptune Square Has an Important Wakeup Call

Is this the real life…or is this just a fantasy? In 2019, our “bohemian rhapsodies” will be interrupted by a series of jarring clashes (called squares) between expansive Jupiter and impressionable Neptune.

Rip off those rose-colored glasses: Expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, two of the most idealistic and no-limits planets, will lock into three tension-fueled squares (90-degree angles) in 2019. On January 13, June 16 and September 21, this cosmic clash will stir up confusion and delusion, snapping us out of denial with uncomfortable but necessary reality checks.

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We’ll actually feel these slow-moving outer planets doing their “trance dance” from December 2018 until late March 2019, and again from May through October 2019—yep, that’s pretty much the entire year. We’ve got some work to do down here, people!

When big outer planet aspects like this happen, there’s a collective opportunity to transform or break past a block. With the two most impressionable and excitable planets butting heads, these are important questions to ask ourselves:

  • How can we separate fact from fiction & fantasy?
  • How can we keep the spark of creativity alive without being unrealistic?
  • Where is the line between having faith and being delusional?
  • Are we tipping too far into hedonism, indulgence & addiction?
  • Where do we need to be more honest and transparent? Where are we being too much of an open book?
  • Where have boundaries become barriers?

Both planets are in mutable signs.

Jupiter and Neptune are both in change-oriented mutable signs, which are related to communication and adapting. These squares will reveal where things have gotten too “loosey-goosey” in our lives and might need better systems. Consider it a dose of cosmic checks-and-balances—uncomfortable “medicine” that will heal us if we grasp the lesson.

Opportunities of the Jupiter-Neptune squares:

  • Hitting “rock bottom” with an addictive or self-defeating pattern, and getting help
  • Suspending skepticism a little, opening our minds (with caution)
  • Becoming less rigid, more adaptable to change
  • Ending procrastination and taking a bold risk

Pitfalls of the Jupiter-Neptune squares:

  • Leaping without looking
  • Being gullible and falling for a slick sales pitch
  • Implementing too much change at once
  • Saying something blunt that you can’t take back, damaging bonds

How the squares will impact your astrological sign:

Aries: Your big ideas might not be rooted in reality, promises may not come through as hoped—you’ll need to demand more clarity and facts, conduct due diligence

Taurus: Jealousy and rivalry could taint a friendship or team; be clearer about expectations in a group so that one person doesn’t hold all the power or do the lion’s share of work

Gemini: Balancing career and relationship demands could get tricky; don’t over-promise and underdeliver, or accept people’s promises as fact (both in love and work)

Cancer: Taking on too much stress or worry could lead to codependence. Let others solve their own problems and don’t rush in with the answers. Beware the fix-it mission!

Leo: Love could get dramatic, you could get swept up in an infatuation with someone who may not be what they seem. Trust issues could crop up and need to be discussed openly.

Virgo: Balancing family and relationship can get tricky. Your moods and emotions could overwhelm a relationship. You may be uncharacteristically needy, or on the receiving end of emotional manipulation.

Libra: Analysis paralysis alert! You’ll be overthinking everything, which will make it impossible to make a decision. Distraction and stress could interrupt your concentration. Talk it through with a trusted sounding board, not everyone under the sun.

Scorpio: Security or freedom? Your hedonistic side could clash with your desire for security. Drama and ego can destabilize things, especially if you get lured into an intense situation. Watch your budget, as you can overspend fast.

Sagittarius: Balance between your own needs and taking care of loved ones. Work-life balance is a slippery slope, and throwing your own dreams into the equation makes it even harder.

Capricorn: If you’re not a licensed therapist, why are you listening to everyone’s problems? Careful not to enable or absorb the energy of everyone around you. Balance between social time and sacred solitude.

Aquarius: It’s great to hook your friends up or pick up the tab, but are you also carrying an unfair load or being taken advantage on? Your social life could interrupt your productivity and work performance.

Pisces: Your personal dreams and career goals may be at odds. Balance pursuing your immediate desire for joy without derailing your big-picture plans.

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fall 2019 astrotwins horoscope salePin


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