Lilith in Libra: 9 Months of Relationship Empowerment, Push for Gender and Sexual Equality

Black moon Lilith moves into Libra on June 29, 2024, after nine months in Virgo. All about the Lilith in Libra cycle—what it means for you, your relationships and desires, and your place in the world.

Lilith transits out of Virgo on June 29, 2024, heading into Libra for its next nine-month stint, until March 26, 2025. On the same day, Saturn, the planet of structure and restriction, slips into its annual retrograde, in Pisces, for five months.

The rest of 2024 is going to be a bit of a reality bender!


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JSYK: Lilith is not a planet or an asteroid but rather a point in the sky

Lilith is not actually an asteroid or any real matter at all! Lilith is actually a point that falls between the Earth and the farthest part of the moon’s orbital path around the Earth. A void in the sky, if you will. Lilith is a place of complete nothingness but also deep, deep empowerment.

In mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who was banished from the Garden of Eden because of her sexual desires. Our take on Lilith? She’s the patriachy’s worst nightmare, a woman who refused to suppress or subvert herself.

The resurgence of feminism in recent years has made Lilith a hot topic of astrology, and we couldn’t be happier. Yet, as women’s health and reproductive rights are systematically being taken away, Lilith is under fire. Unrestricted, erotically empowered divine feminine energy has historically been a threat to the patriarchal systems that hold power in the hands of the few. There’s a reason Lilith is also associated with the righteous rage we feel when we are oppressed or shunned.

Lilith spends 9 months in each zodiac sign

We are wrapping up nine months of Lilith in Virgo, a complex, mutable earth sign. Since September 23, 2023, Lilith in Virgo served solid ideas, systems and organization. But it also stirred up anxiety and perfectionism, and a whole host of neurotic feelings. You may have “banished” or quieted yourself internally for the past nine months—no external oppressor required.

People haven’t exactly been rushing into relationships during Lilith in Virgo, either. Of course there are some people that are doing just fine in that department, good on them (we hope that for all of us)! But the trend is for a lot of people say that they don’t have space for a relationship (like “boysober“).

More people than ever are placing less emphasis on relationships as a source of happiness—and many are realizing they like to be by themselves. In part, this may be owed to the fact that no one can live up to our standards while Lilith is in Virgo. This transit made us quiet flaw-finders, both of ourselves and of others.

The trad wife revolution that kicked up on TikTok screams Lilith in Virgo: that controlled duality of the Virgin (Virgo’s symbol) and controlled sexuality (as an archetype). Reproductive rights in the U.S. have only worsened during Lilith in Virgo.

We are ready for Lilith in Libra 2024

Lilith, this wild, sexual creature—in Virgo, the sign of the Virgin—has been a bit of a mind-bender, for sure. Where do go from here with our sexual energy and our sexuality?

On Saturday, June 29, Lilith in Libra (a cardinal air sign) will force us to confront injustices around gender inequalities. The next nine months (until March 26, 2025) could find people actually wanting to work on relationships again.

True, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck put the Beverly Hills house up for sale. But Lilith in Libra could bring a cosmic plot twist that sends them to the Room and Board coach of a Hollywood couple’s therapist.

Lilith in Libra can change your love life—fast!

And rapidly, for couples on the rocks, especially (so don’t bet on a Jen & Ben divorce just yet!). Lilith in Libra can turn things around.

Ask yourself:
• Where do I feel like an outsider in my relationship(s)?
• Where am I not bringing my best and whole self to my relationship(s)?
• Where am I not empowering myself inside of partnership(s)?

Lilith in Virgo may have had you quietly sniping or complaining about basically everything. Lilith in Libra is, like, let’s negotiate! This is a much more empowered place for Lilith.

Lilith in Libra dates and predictions

Lilith is in Libra from June 29, 2024, to March 26, 2025. This gives you nine months to work with this placement’s harmonizing strengths.

Ultimately, Lilith stands for empowerment, against all odds. On a more global stage, we predict movement toward gender equality, or at least some rage against gender inequality. There could be another worldwide revolution for women coming (hopefully, on the right side of things, because we want women empowered).

Reproductive rights continue to be under assault in the U.S. The fight for them has been a lot quieter than perhaps it will be in the next nine months with Lilith in Libra. Lilith goes into Scorpio in March 2025, the sign that rules our reproductive organs. If harmful, restrictive rules continue to prevail around birth control and abortion rights with Lilith in Libra, the rage will almost certainly explode next year with Scorpio’s influence.

Libra is also the sign of peace: For people who are fighting for peace, there could be a surge that comes up. With Lilith in Libra it can also be a global fight for peace. It sounds contrary “fighting” for peace, but that’s Lilith in Libra.

People born in the 1970s will have Lilith cross over Pluto and Uranus (in Libra) in their chart

For these people, some big complicated emotions about relationships could get provoked. Gen Xers who might’ve been unconsciously uncoupling, or finding new relationship models, could find the desire to try polyamory or open relationships, or other types of arrangements. Importantly, they’ll bring these arrangements into the open, much like the topic of menopause has sprung free from the shame closet.

Note that the last three Lilith cycles were in zodiac signs with a focus on our bodies: Virgo (rules our health), Leo (fertility) and Cancer (motherhood). Lilith in these signs over the past two years laid the groundwork for not being shamed for our bodies. These cycles have helped open conversations about health, andropause and hormone therapy. These trends are expected to continue with Lilith in Libra.

People born in 1980 or 1981

If you’re born in the early 80s, you may have Jupiter and Saturn in Libra. That means Lilith is going to transit over those natal points and shake up some of the structures in your life. This can affect how you work—you may be drawn to more partnerships. It can inspire you to bring beauty and harmony to your office. Sharing is caring (and empowering).

Where was Lilith when you were born?

If you’re curious to see where Lilith was when you were born, use our Cosmic Calculator to find your Lilth sign or enter your birth details to find it below. Then read all about your Lilith sign and what it means! The sign its in shows where you’ve felt disempowered in life (and with others) and where you can grab life by the horns.

Read about the Saturn retrograde in Pisces transit that begins the same day Lilith in Libra begins

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