March 2024 Horoscope: Eclipse Season Is Here

Your March 2024 horoscope has all the cosmic details to navigate the month. Here’s an overview of March’s astrology and what you can expect.

March flows in with Pisces Season, a gentle tide calling us to sea. But don’t let the sparkling waters fool you. Your March 2024 horoscope includes the start of eclipse season, and the currents of change are forming in those depths. We just can’t seem them yet!

That said, the waves don’t rise until later in the month. Through March 19, the Sun is in enchanting and imaginative Pisces. Let your inner mermaid, artiste and bohemian spirit gather at the celestial salon. Pull out a pack of Tarot cards, light some incense and definitely turn on your favorite playlist.

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Saturn and Neptune Bring Contrasting Energy to Your March 2024 Horoscope

El Sol is accompanied, for the first full cycle in our lifetimes, by both Saturn and Neptune. These two planets play opposite roles in astrology, which could make for an interesting contrast leading up to the Spring Equinox.

Saturn rules structure and boundaries, the pull toward predictability. Neptune (the galactic guardian of Pisces) is here to dissolve our walls and escape from Saturn’s harsh reality. If Saturn wrote all the rules on a piece of paper, Neptune would come along and “accidentally” knock a glass of water on the page, smudging the ink to become imperceptible.

This month, if you find yourself navigating between dueling desires for both Saturn’s certainty and Neptune’s enchantments, seek a proper dose of both. At the March 10 Pisces new moon, also a Supermoon, something delightful could materialize, in perfect divine timing.

The 2024 Spring Equinox Is March 19. Happy Astrology Day!

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 19, ushering in Aries Season and the start of the astrological calendar. Happy Astrological New Year! (Or Astrology Day, as many are calling it.) Pisces is the zodiac’s last sign; Aries is the first. We may feel this shift of the Sun into the Ram’s realm as an abrupt “welcome back to reality.” Enough of the daydreaming. Your March 2024 horoscope says: It’s time for action!

Enter the first eclipse of 2024…

This spring awakening is reinforced a week later by the March 25 Libra full moon, the first eclipse of 2024. This one is a lunar eclipse, and it links back to October 14, 2023, when a Libra solar (new moon) eclipse set events in motion. 

We don’t need to remind you that the first eclipse in the so-called sign of peace and harmony last October was anything but that. The cosmic reason? Well, eclipses come in pairs, as a duo of opposite signs. We’re now in a cycle of eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis, the zodiac signs that rule war and peace. Aries is ruled by combative Mars, Libra by conciliatory Venus. They’ve arrived to help us work through those themes, and unfortunately, humanity isn’t exactly doing very well with the assignment.

But there’s still time, and the opportunity to spread peace exists at the individual level too. The Libra lunar eclipse will be a wakeup call for all of us to examine our relationships, and how well we coexist with people who might have very different values and agendas than our own.

…and the ‘Eclipse Corridor’

Two weeks later, on April 8, the skies will serve up a solar eclipse in Aries. In this “eclipse corridor” between March 25 and the Aries eclipse, we’ll also see communication planet Mercury turn retrograde in Aries (from April 1-25). Use the last week of the month for prevention work. From backing up data and devices, to checking if the people you rely on have their marching orders, to triple-checking all your plans and reservations, an ounce of prevention will be a pound of cure.

Enjoy the calm of March, because April will be action-packed, with a number of intense encounters between major planets. Put as many deposits into the “bank of love” while your Pisces rosy-hued glasses are on. Every little bit counts!

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