What Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (March 5-28) Means for YOUR Sign

Fog alert! Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from March 5-28, 2019, adding an extra dollop of disarray to our daily routines and affairs. Find out how to stay afloat while Mercury backstrokes through watery Pisces.

It’s Mercury retrograde time again—for the first time in 2019. Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde). Of course, it really ISN’T moving backward, but much like two trains or cars passing each other, this creates the optical illusion that one (Mercury, in this case) is going backward.

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Mercury rules technology, travel and communication, so during Mercury retrograde, all of these things can go haywire. And with Mercury backing through Pisces, the sign of hidden agendas, illusions and the imagination, it’s no surprise that a high-profile college admissions scandal went public during this retrograde—right as Mercury locks into an explosive square with truth-teller Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign that rules higher education.

Here’s how your sign can cope in the potential crosshairs while Mercury backspins through the Pisces:


Truth is stranger than fiction…or is it? With Mercury retrograde in your twelfth house of illusions, you may need to battle some rumors. Don’t believe everything you hear, Aries. It’s an excellent time to dust off an abandoned a creative project, especially one that summons the nostalgia of an earlier era or bygone time of your life.


Protect your tech while Mercury backs through the digital domain of your chart. With the messenger planet rogue in your friendship zone, you could reunite with old crew members or navigate team tension.


Career and long-term goals could get delayed or derailed with Mercury in your ambitious tenth house. Step away from frustrating work and clear your head. Break big jobs down into manageable tasks or ask for a deadline extension. Your father or an important guy could be the source of some friction now.


It’s not often that we have to discourage Cancers from taking risks, but with Mercury rogue in your expansive ninth house, your timing could be off. Emerge from that shell a claw at a time. Save your outspoken remarks and shocking debuts for next month, along with any overly complicated travel plans.


Mercury is retrograde in your intimate eighth house of merging and money, making it hard to join forces for both business and pleasure. Tread carefully with your trust and use this time to process any intense emotions you’ve swept aside. Take special care with legal and financial documents, giving them an extra look—or hiring a pro to assess.


Assess your partnerships—are they balanced and harmonious? Mercury retrograde in your relationship zone could bring back an ex or reignite an old resentment. Talk it out diplomatically and directly, avoiding the Piscean obscurity at all costs. Review contracts with an extra-keen eye, since vital details could be missed. Still hanging out with that energy vampire? Quit asking yourself why; just invest in other, more rewarding relationships instead.


Order in the Libra court! Mindful Mercury’s mayhem happens in your sixth house of health and wellness, ramping up stress and making it hard to stay on top of the details. Your wellness schedules could get thrown off and you may find it hard to juggle everything. Slow down, prioritize and ask for help—from the right people, since even your normally rock-solid supporters might not be available.


Drama alert: Mercury retrograde in your expressive fifth house could bring back a dramatic ex or just make you a little “extra”—without the comedic timing that would make that amusing. Deep breaths, Scorpio, and ignore those button-pushing texts when you’re tempted to take the bait. Pour your passion into a creative project that got sidelined. Just say no to that style overhaul…but “yes” to clothing swaps, vintage remixes and giving your closet a good edit.


Home and family can be a source of chaos is Mercury disrupts your domestic sector. Mothers, children and female relatives work your nerves especially—and your emotions are pretty prickly with normally-sensible Mercury making you moody and thin-skinned. Ramp up the self-care and use this period for some nostalgic trips down Memory Lane…or a home decor overhaul. Finish any household projects up or do a deep declutter that would make Marie Kondo proud.


Choose your words with care, Capricorn. You’ve got a double dose of retro since Mercury is askew in your third house of communication and information. Honest conversations, especially with siblings, friends and neighbors, can help clear the air. But you’ll need to be majorly diplomatic to pull that off, stepping into the other person’s shoes and mirroring back whatever they say with “active listening.” Even still…facts get obscured, messages get mixed and signals jammed. Triple-check reservations, as you’re likely to double-book or get the time wrong. It’s a not-so-funny comedy of errors trying to keep your plans straight.


Money could slip through your fingers with Mercury off-kilter in your finance and work house. Colleagues and clients could get under your skin and office electronics could break down without notice. Take stock of your spending and other habits and look where you can make impactful improvements. Ditto for your budget. Use this retrograde to self-audit and self-edit—then make a plan for strengthening the weak spots.


Cancer the PR tour: With Mercury retrograde in YOUR sign, the less you say, the better. Curb the over-sharing and think before you hit “post” or “publish” or “send” on anything. Better to use this month to refine your ideas before you unleash them on your public. Avoid any dramatic changes to your appearance. Just say no to the pixie cut or body sculpting treatment while Mercury’s awry in your first house of image.


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