The Virgo New Moon Brings Make-Better Vibes. What Every Sign Can Manifest!

Ready for a fall season life edit? On September 14 (at 9:39 PM EDT) the selective Virgo new moon shows us what should stay and what should go.

The make-better vibes come flooding in with September 14 Virgo new moon, the only one of 2023. One caveat: Mercury is still retrograde until September 15, so start gathering ideas and inspiration under the new moon, but wait a week or two before you start implementing. You’ll be thinking more clearly when Mercury settles into direct motion.

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What the Virgo new moon means for all of us

As the sign symbolized by the Virgin or Maiden carrying a shaft of wheat, Virgo is the zodiac’s purist and green thumb. Think carefully about what seeds you want to plant during this earthy lunar lift. (And for best results, make sure they’re heirloom quality and that the “soil” is organic.)

Industrious Virgo prizes efficiency—but not without a dose of earthy sensuality. Turn your “wax on, wax off” routines into luscious rituals. The little things make all the difference now! With innovators Jupiter and Uranus trining this new moon, make your maintenance plan a “smart” one. Put systems in place and let your devices remind you to keep them up.

Here are 7 ways to manifest the lunar potential of the September 14 Virgo new moon

1. Green something in your life. Been meaning to switch to chemical free cleaners? Dial back on processed foods? The Virgo new moon ushers in an opportunity for you to try and stick to a new green pledge. If you live in a busy, urban area, consider getting an air filter to remove allergens like dust, pollen, animal dander and mold. Or, imagine your space filled with houseplants, the ultimate air purifiers!

2. Be the change. During these times of political unrest and social conflict, it’s tempting to withdraw—but that’s not what benevolent Virgo wants (or, for that matter, what humanity needs). As quintessential Virgo, Mother Teresa said, “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Those words have never mattered more.

There’s no shortage of great causes to contribute to—whether with time, money, or both. Contributing to your community makes you healthier and less stressed (the studies say so!)—so what are you waiting for? Give for giving’s sake and catch a feel-good buzz with our Virgo new moon ritual.

3. Level up your self care. Virgo is the sign of sacred self-care, and this new moon can level up your mind, nutrition and fitness practices. Since chatty Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, balks at going it alone, recruit friends. Motivate each other along as accountability buddies—you can do daily or weekly check-ins or share results on the same app. Or meet for weekend bike rides, rent a cabin at a location with amazing hiking trails. Since methodical Virgo loves learning steps, just dance! If your moves just so happen to wind up on TikTok, try to keep it classy, says the also decorous Virgo!

4. But also learn to receive. The spirit of service doesn’t flow one way. The Virgo new moon reminds us to be receptive to the kindness and generosity of others. How often do you catch yourself saying, “I’ve got it,” or “I’m good!” when you’re actually overwhelmed and on the verge of a stress meltdown? Wave the flag and admit that you could use a hand. You know how good it feels to be there for others, so stop worrying about being a burden and give friends and family the opportunity to be there for you in return.

5. Tackle some clutter. Zen Buddhists tell the story of Nan-in, a Japanese master who poured tea into a visiting professor’s cup until it was full—and then kept on pouring. When the professor protested that his cup was overflowing, Nan-in told him that, like the cup, the scholar’s head was full of opinions that made it impossible to show him Zen. First, he had to empty his cup.

The point of this tale? A cluttered mind leaves no room for peace and enlightenment. How about a clean sweep in the name of serenity? The Virgo new moon is an ideal time for starting an “emptying” practice. Try a guided meditation app, whether you only have one minute or 20.

6. Be kind to your gut. Virgo rules the small intestines and the digestive system, so the Virgo new moon is the perfect time to implement a few gut-healthy changes to your diet. You can start by simply drinking a large glass of water (16 ounces if you can) every morning to help your body absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Squeeze in some alkalizing lemon for extra measure.

Seriously reducing your refined sugar intake and increasing your consumption of fiber-rich foods such as beans and nuts can go a long way toward reducing inflammation and balancing your microbiome. Introduce probiotic-rich fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha and kimchi to your diet and consider intermittent fasting—giving your digestive system a break for 14 to 16 hours—so your gut can reset.

7. Practice anti-perfectionism. Virgo is the innocent newborn, the pure and unspoiled being that has no sense of inadequacy. Alas, that sense of wholeness seems to be the hardest state for humans to hang on to. Brené Brown calls it armor or, “a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact, it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from flight.” The simple act of making a gratitude list is a great start toward overcoming your inner critic, and affirmations go a long way as well. You are exactly where you need to be, and you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. Now, chill!

Your Virgo new moon horoscope by zodiac sign

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for the new moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 14, at 9:39 PM Eastern. You can read for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Hop aboard the wellness wagon, Aries! You’ll get a burst of momentum as the year’s only Virgo new moon charges up your sixth house of self-care and organization. Look around: Where could you afford to get into a regimented groove again? Invest in timesaving systems that help you budget, schedule and work more efficiently. This lunar light launches a six-month cycle, so start off on the right foot by setting goals you’d like to reach by then. Since the sixth house rules pets, you might adopt a furry critter in the coming days. Read more Aries horoscopes

What zodiac sign is your relationship?


What zodiac sign is your relationship?

Learn the secrets of the composite (blended) chart in SuperCouple, a cosmic care and feeding manual for any relationship. Written by The AstroTwins, astrologers and matchmakers for Amazon Prime Video's Cosmic Love.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

September 14’s skies bring a powerful reminder: Don’t let anyone steal your shine! The year’s only Virgo new moon activates your fifth house of fame, passion and self-expression, so find a way to showcase your talents or pour your energy into a creative outlet. Have you been holding back instead of speaking up? La luna lowers your inhibitions and helps you go boldly where you haven’t gone before. Heads-up: Over the coming few days, this gutsy energy could attract a not-so-secret admirer or a new fan base. Read more Taurus horoscopes

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

If these walls could talk! The Virgo new moon in your domestic fourth house finds you fantasizing about freshening up (or overhauling) your decor. Think of ways you could infuse your space with accessories or furniture that reflects your current vibe. No need to break the bank: A couple of woven throws or a framed print can transform a room. If you’ve been feuding with a close friend or relative, this new moon offers a fresh start. Extend an olive branch and clear the air. Read more Gemini horoscopes

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Ready, set, circulate! The Virgo new moon illuminates your communicative third house, giving your social life a booster shot. Under this lunar lift, you could meet someone who grows into a future collaborator or an important part of your inner circle. Check out what’s happening in and around your hometown, and make a point of trying new activities. You’ll meet a kindred spirit or two in the process.  Read more Cancer horoscopes

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Is your cost of living outpacing your income? The Virgo new moon in your second house of money and security shines its beams on your budget. This helps you get a clear picture of your income and expenses and how you can better balance the two. Job hunting? Start your search in earnest. Over the coming weeks, spread the word through your network and send your resume to key contacts. If you’re happy where you work, book a performance review or a meeting to discuss growth opportunities. Need more skills to earn a boost up the ladder? Seek out training programs. Your efforts could pay off by the corresponding full moon six months from now. Read more Leo horoscopes

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

New moon, new you! September 14 kicks off your cosmic reinvention tour as the annual Virgo new moon infuses you with fresh-start energy. New priority: Put your passion projects front and center and set some clear-eyed intentions for the next six months. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious with your aims either, Virgo. Record them on a spreadsheet or audio file, or create a vision board to keep you on track. Think creatively about how to advance your own self-development. If you don’t invest in you, who will?  Read more Virgo horoscopes

Libra (September 23-October 22)

The Virgo new moon in your twelfth house of healing turns your attention to unresolved issues that are accumulating under the rug. Have you been avoiding feeling pain or dealing with some demons? If you want to bring the light back into your world, first you’ve got to face stormier emotions. Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight though. La luna launches a six-month cycle, so pace yourself. Seek support to guide you through the process. Be it a life coach, therapist or spiritual healer, find someone who resonates with your values to help you through to the other side. Read more Libra horoscopes

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The Virgo new moon in your eleventh house of wishes helps you get in touch with your deepest desires—you know, the ones you like to keep under wraps. The eleventh house also rules teamwork, a reminder that it does take a virtual village to do many things (not just to raise a child!). Pull back the veil and let your circle know what you’re looking for. This lunar light in your collaboration sector is a powerful time to crowdsource your search. What you yearn for may be found through a friend of a friend. Get the word out! Socially, it’s time to stop playing it safe. Expand your network and mingle with new people who share your values. Read more Scorpio horoscopes

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Ready, set, soar! The industrious Virgo new moon illuminates your tenth house of ambition and sets you up for major success over the next six months. The timing couldn’t be better to get a supersized mission in motion. Get crystal-clear on how you’ll pull off these lofty plans, then communicate that agenda to others. Your leadership abilities could attract experienced and influential people who are eager to lend support. Save the humble pie for another day, Archer. Show the world what you’ve got, and raise your profile! Read more Sagittarius horoscopes

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

The Virgo new moon in your honest-to-a-fault ninth house brings suppressed thoughts and feelings to the surface. As they come gushing out, make a concerted effort to be diplomatic with your delivery. If that’s not possible, shelve conversations for another time and, instead, find a compassionate friend who’s willing to listen while you shed light on your raw sentiments. Hey, maybe you CAN find a way to express yourself that doesn’t start a war. But first you have to get clear about your honest feelings. This lunar light lends positive vibes to any educational endeavors, travel adventures or entrepreneurial undertakings. Start exploring! Read more Capricorn horoscopes

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Soul-to-soul bonding is just what you need as the year’s only Virgo new moon activates your big-feeling eighth house. If you’re craving intimacy in your life, start developing it. Emotional risks you take now could solidify a relationship for the long haul. Your challenge is to resist that instinct to bolt for the door. People aren’t going to open their hearts if they can’t count on you to stick around once they do.

Push through the uncomfortable stuff that comes up as you learn about each other: the good, the bad and the ugly. A joint financial venture could also spark up at this new moon. Take time to explore, knowing that things could move ahead quickly in the coming weeks. Read more Aquarius horoscopes

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

It’s “officializing” time, Pisces. The Virgo new moon activates your seventh house of relationships, clearing any evasive energy that’s prevented you from moving forward. If you’ve been sidestepping commitments, keeping someone at arm’s length or investing in emotionally unavailable people, this lunar energy flips the script. You’re now more open to forging healthy and happy partnerships, in both business and love. Keep your radar tuned for someone to join forces with on the work front. An impressive dynamic duo could emerge in the coming weeks! 

On September 15 when the Mercury retrograde ends in Virgo, you can put your closest ties back on solid ground. Sweet relief! Time to delete that disruptive ex’s number and start clearing the air with the people you want to keep around. Mercury moves direct in Virgo until October 4! Read more Pisces horoscopes

When is the next new moon?

The remaining new moons of 2023 are in:
– Libra on October 14 (also an annual solar eclipse)
– Scorpio on November 13
– Sagittarius on December 12

When is the next new moon or full moon in Virgo?
• The next full moon in Virgo is on February 24, 2024
• The next new moon in Virgo is on September 2, 2024

Read even more about new moons

New moons reset the monthly lunar cycle. Astrologers treat these occurrences as ultra-powerful moments to set intentions, start fresh and begin projects anew. Learn more about new moons in astrology here and moon signs here.

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