Aries Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
As the week opens up, you may feel a little “boundary challenged,” as generous Venus in Pisces clashes with self-authorized Jupiter (retrograde) in Sagittarius. You want to share your toys, but at what cost? This Monday, April 15, resentment could creep into your most important relationships if you don’t rope off a few “Aries only” spaces in your life. No matter how much you love your family and friends, you get mighty grumpy when they invade your Ram cave. But easy now! They may have no idea they are bursting into your private bubble. Reassure ‘em that you’re not pushing them away. And explain that slipping off is how you recharge your batteries so you can return being your best self.
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Retreat on Monday and you’ll be ready to dance a paso doble this Friday, April 19! For the second consecutive month, the full moon falls in harmonizing Libra, the ruler of your seventh house of partnerships. Those pair-bonding vibes have been strong this spring and you may already be swept up in the fast-moving current of a relationship. If not, get ready, Ram! This sequel full moon could shift a casual flirtation into fifth gear! Flip back to March 20 on the calendar. Who was checking you out near the beginning of your birthday season? What deals did you have on the table? This week, developments could come fast and furious—and unlike March’s full moon (which fell during a signal-jamming Mercury retrograde) you’re ready to dive in. Thaw out those cold feet and get into action. If you’re still searching for your plus-one, get out and circulate. Head to Libra-ruled cultural events like concerts, live lectures and gallery openings, where you can find someone who shares your discerning sensibilities. Already attached? This full moon could push your connection into adventurous new terrain. Maybe you’ll start a business together, drive an Airstream across the country or do a self-development workshop together. As long as you’re experiencing these new things together, you’ll be sure to cement your bond.
Whether spending time alone or with a ride-or-die by your side, let yourself eat cake! This is the final week of your birthday season as the Sun winds down its tour of Aries and moves on to Taurus from Saturday until May 20. Yes, you’ll need to shift into a more practical headspace this weekend—but not completely! While el Sol may be departing, two other planets step onto the Ram runway for their annual strut. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury rolls into your sign, sharpening your mental focus and blessing you with the gift of gab until May 6. Then, on Saturday, amorous, glamorous Venus pays you her annual visit, flooding you with feel good vibes until May 15. This is actually quite the blessing, Aries. While Mercury and Venus in Aries will keep the ingenuity and creativity flowing, the Taurus Sun will help you anchor your visions in practicality. Making a budget doesn’t have to be a buzzkill; in fact, some 101 project management will show you just how doable your “insane” ideas actually can be. Money matters are spotlighted for the next four weeks. Keep your ears peeled for prosperous opportunities, whether you’re hoping to attract new clients or find a more fulfilling 9 to 5. Does it feel like you’re bleeding red ink? Although Mercury and Venus can ratchet up the impulse shopping urges, you’re going to have to indulge on a budget between now and May 20. The good news is, Taurus season reminds us that the best things in life are free…or almost so. Get some fresh air by hiking, biking and organizing apres work picnics. Feeling ultra motivated? How about growing some of your own food and herbs this summer. Those kale starts and rosemary plants have “Aries” written all over them.

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