Aries Weekly Horoscope

12-17-2018 to 12-23-2018
Already fantasizing about your next epic getaway? On Thursday, December 20, the red-hot Sagittarius Sun in your ninth house of worldly adventures gets a high voltage charge from future-minder Uranus (in Aries), making it next to impossible to "be here now." All throughout the week, you could lose track of time as your thoughts wander to white sand beaches or sacred ancient sites deep in the jungle canopy. Do your research, Ram! Because this vision quest might be more affordable and doable than you dreamed possible. But if you can't hop on a plane, don't fret. Your soothsayer powers will be stronger than ever—and ANY change of scenery will get them flowing like a wireless current through a Tesla coil. All you need to do is shake up your normal routines. If you tend to sleep late, wake up earlier, perhaps to check out a sunrise yoga class or bring an inspiration notebook to a breakfast spot where you can capture your morning genius in between bites of perfectly scrambled eggs.
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With so many exciting plans bubbling, it will be hard to choose just one. But you're at your best when you beam your considerable efforts in a single direction instead of scattering far and wide. Lucky for you, this Friday, December 21, the Sun sweeps in to single-minded (and insanely ambitious) Capricorn, putting you in your goal-oriented element until January 20, 2019. Yes, it may be the holiday season, but you’ve got big plans, Aries—and in typical Ram fashion, you can’t wait to get going on them. But even your impulsive sign will feel the influence of the celestial Sea Goat's steady approach to building. In between gift-wrapping, sit down to do some planning. Start by mapping out your quest, complete with a timeline, a list of what you need and the great minds you may want to tap as co-conspirators. If a business plan is needed, tap a pro to help you with that, or find a template that can help you structure your thoughts. Of course, no one said you have to do all this from home base. You may find way more inspiration on a lanai overlooking the sea or in front of a roaring fire at an upscale ski lodge.
On Saturday, the Cancer full moon shines a light in your domesticity corner ensuring that you won't leave friends and family hanging over the holidays while you work on your magnum opus. Over the two weeks that follow, get your RDA of quality time with the people who matter most to you, be they "chosen family" or the folks who share your DNA. Are you 100 percent happy at the Ram Palace? If it doesn't feel like a peaceful oasis, look around and decide what changes you can make that would do the trick. Do you need to do a little redecorating or renovating? Hand your messy roommate a pink slip? Maybe you've been thinking about moving to a totally different climate, where you can be warm, swim or ski most of the year. Squeeze in time before the year's end to scout locations and see if you could really be happier somewhere else. At the very least, throw yourself into a deep-cleaning and decluttering mission. Because this family-focused full moon occurs so close to the holidays, you might butt heads with a volatile relative. Clearing the air is a good idea—if it's possible—so that by the time you all gather around the table or tree, there's no danger of a brawl breaking out. Since the fourth house rules females, take time to honor the special women in your life this week, especially anyone who might be feeling overworked and underappreciated.

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