Aries Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
The weekend can’t come a minute too soon for you, Ram! You’ll be rewarded for your patience on Friday, December 20, when social, upbeat Venus makes her annual tour d’Aquarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology until January 13, 2020. Effortlessly, your popularity will spike, and invites will flood your Inbox and mobile devices. It hardly matters whether these are holiday-themed soirees, industry events or just gatherings of your clan: You’ll be the queen of any hive you choose to buzz around. Your trailblazing sign isn't usually the first to show up at parties, but this season you might earn a rep as a doorbuster! Single Aries might meet some very intriguing new prospects at one of these get-togethers; even online dating is extra promising with your digital center activated. And it’s not friend groups you’ll be circulating among. The eleventh house is also your humanitarian center, and your inner politico or do-gooder may be inspired to get more involved in a cause you care about. While you probably can’t change the world on your own, being more active in issues you’re passionate about will help you feel less frustrated and powerless. And since Venus also rules creativity, you might put your own artistic or musical talents on display. For more fun, tap a few pals to join in and make it a regular group activity!
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Don’t mute the thread on work-related texts this Saturday, Aries. Opportunity might not knock, but it could text you via WhatsApp as the magnanimous Sun blasts into Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house until January 20. It’s also the winter solstice, a perfect day to get a jump-start on your 2020 resolutions. Holiday season or not, you’ve got big plans for your upcoming year, and in classic goal-oriented-Ram fashion, you’re eager to get going on them. A great thing about this time of year for you is that the slow-and-steadiness of Capricorn season can balance your impulsivity and help you conserve some needed energy for the END of the race. (Since you’re usually the first out of the gate.) Make the most of this annual gift by taking some time in the coming few days to write down your loftiest intentions and even create a timeline to keep you on pace. Need a formal business plan? Don’t wing it. Hiring a pro for that, or even a business coach, could be the smartest investment you make all year.
There’s no reason that money need get “funny” this weekend—IF you can keep a tight grip on your wallet. You know you, though, and you could easily go weak in the knees at a final markdown sale at your favorite boutique or upscale restaurant with your baller pals. Let THEM burn through their hard-earned cash. Even if you have the funds, you’re not required to spend them—especially if they’re ordering three-course meals and top-shelf drinks. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for separate checks or just calculate and pay your share.

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