Aries Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
“Less” could start looking like a whole lot “more” this Tuesday, February 18, as the Sun drifts into Pisces and your twelfth house of healing, transitions and release. This reflective solar cycle is the last one before your birthday (Aries Season begins on March 19), and you might feel as if your signal is down to a single bar. Instead of pumping yourself up, plug in to all the things that restore and recharge you. On Sunday, February 23, the annual new moon in Pisces prompts you to power down again. Open up more whitespace on your calendar to lounge, dream, and get into a meditation practice. In serene spaces you'll do your best thinking—and oh, the brilliant gems that will flow in! If you have trouble sitting still, you can do a moving meditation like yoga or walking in the woods with all your digital devices powered down. Or, try freewriting to connect to your inner voice—especially first thing in the morning. Those first-thing-in-the-morning scrawlings will be cathartic and full of rich material. Of course, you’re always going to be an Aries, and even in your downtime, you’re ready to initiate new plans. Before you invite any new energy into your life, take stock of what's already there. First: What's no longer "you," Aries? And secondly: Could it be sold on eBay for a profit? One Ram's junk is another's treasure. If you need to mourn a loss, swaddle yourself in support and even find a great therapist or coach who can Sherpa you through your process. Feeling means dealing—and your emotions deserve to be honored! 
Friday, February 21 is one exception to the lowkey rule: Don't be shy about talking shop while you’re out and about! Creative ideas for making money could crop up while you're out mingling. With collaborative Uranus in your money zone getting pumped up by your ruler, go-getter Mars, what starts as a night out with friends could evolve into a de facto business meeting or you suddenly spy an influencer at the bar while you're out having drinks. Make a point of spending time with your most creative and enterprising friends. Just hearing them talk about their latest ventures will get the wheels turning for you during the Mars-Uranus trine, and possibly spill into discussions of joining forces for a project.
It feels pretty good when people think you’ve hung the moon, right, Aries? And if it’s a mutual admiration society, all the better! But this weekend, the niceties could start to feel like a whole lot of pressure, especially if you feel expectations forming. Real talk may be in order this Sunday, when charming Venus in your sign gets T-boned by reality-checker Jupiter in Capricorn. Yes, you want to put your best foot forward—and with the new moon in fantasy-fueled Pisces, you’ll love to find the greatest potential in other people. But if you don’t look at the whole picture, you could set yourself up to fail. Find out honestly what people want from you. Are there specific deliverables, loyalties or other must-haves they are assuming will be there? And it goes both ways. Find out what others are hoping to get in return. Adjustments may be in order, but ultimately, it’s best to be on the same page.

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