Aries Weekly Horoscope

02-11-2019 to 02-17-2019

Has life been careening along at warp speed ever since your cosmic overseer, supersonic Mars, blasted into Aries last December 31? No doubt! But in a way that’s the jump-start you needed, especially if you’d been stuck in neutral for the previous month or two. Now you can dive into new projects or undertakings with full gusto! The one catch is that you’ve got so many ideas and options that you don’t know where to begin. As counterintuitive as this may sound, allow the chaos and confusion to mount to fever pitch—to the point where you feel like you simply have to do something—and then see if reaching the end of your fuse brings clarity. This moment could come on Wednesday, February 13, as Mars forms a rare but explosive conjunction with revolutionary Uranus. (These two hotheads only meet up once every other year, and they won’t connect in your sign again in this lifetime!) It’s hard to predict what radical shifts or opportunities this one-day transit may bring, but it’s a safe bet that something won’t be the same afterwards. For Rams who’ve felt restricted in any area, this should be liberating for you. And if you’ve been sitting on a brainstorm/gold mine, this mashup could catapult you and your idea into public eye.

Make the most of this transformative energy because the very next day, Thursday, Mars breaks camp and treks into Taurus and your second house of finances and security and starts whistling a very different tune. Hopefully you’re close to putting the finishing touches on your Big Whatever and are ready to put “it” into production—or to publish or start marketing your Next Big Thing! The fiery planet hasn’t visited this part of your chart in two years, and you’re more than ready to bring some positive changes to your bottom line. If there’s still some pragmatic stuff to nail down, get hopping! You’ve got until March 31 to begin the monetization process. These next six weeks are where the pedal meets the metal, and while you’re running on high-octane fuel, this grounded Taurean energy can check your speed when necessary and keep you on track. Sure, it’s great to be the first out of the gate, but to create something sustainable, think “slow and steady” to win the race.

Lest anyone forget, Thursday is also Valentine’s Day, and regardless of your relationship status, you may be inspired to do something unconventionally conventional! With Mars in sensual, traditional Taurus, be guided by the concept of quality over quantity. Whether with friends or your amour du jour (or du annees), don’t opt for a movable feast. Pick one (ideally upscale) venue and uplevel your choices. Instead of a few small side plates, treat yourselves to the multi-course tasting menu—avec wine pairings if you indulge. Out for a show? If you can, splurge for “best available” seats. Couples should find one simple yet significant thing you can do to honor the specialness of your connection. And since the other love planet, Venus, is cruising through luxe Capricorn and your elite tenth house, you could sweet-talk your way into the VIP room or another premium perk. It’s also a great day to talk about next steps, but keep a light touch on the intensity pedal!

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