Aries Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
You’re comfortable being on your own Aries, but are you starting to feel isolated? That’s never a recipe for anything positive! So when activator Mars bursts into Aquarius and your collaborative eleventh house this Monday, March 30, make your new mantra “apart but together.” This is the zone of teamwork and technology, and with can-do Mars here until May 12, you could step up as the community organizer of Zoom calls. From book clubs to wine clubs to guided meditations, virtual gatherings will be your jam. Whatever you’re working on, shift your approach from competitive to cooperative. Insight and resources are available everywhere, so click and you shall find. Think of ways to optimize and expand your digital presence by being more supportive of OTHERS’ ventures and creating like-minded groups. Aquarius is the “outlier” of the zodiac, the one who marches to his own conga player, and with your ruler Mars enjoying an extended tour here, your own innovative side will feel comfortable coming out to play. Watch for FOMO: While this community-spirited sector is lit up by eager Mars, you could make the mistake of overcommitting. Careful not to get sucked into virtual distractions like video games and dramatic text threads. You have better things to do with your time, like, say, start that YouTube channel or learn a new coding language that you can monetize in the “new economy.”

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On Tuesday, Mars catches up to structured Saturn for the first time in two years—and for the first time since 1994, they’ll make contact in Aquarius and your eleventh house of social networking. This heavy-hitting mashup could connect you to some serious power players. You'll have the perfect blend of passion and patience—on top of your natural charisma—to get your foot in the door of an elite organization. When an opportunity presents itself, pump up your effort level exponentially and show people what you’re capable of. When circumstances demand more discernment and restraint, hold your ground and project confidence, not desperation. Saturn gives you the clear-eyed vision to wait things out and let them unfold in their own organic timing. But with your eleventh house being sparked, it's a safe bet that teaming up with the right people will make your work easier and the results more impressive.
The devil's got nothing on YOUR silver tongue, as charming, coquettish Venus heads into Gemini and your articulate third house this Friday, April 3. Wooing with words will be your specialty whether you're recording a podcast, composing a savage tweet or sending bae an inspired love text. But wield this gift with care. While Venus hovers here for four whole months, until August 7, this extended period is due to an upcoming retrograde. From May 13 to June 25, the planet of love and beauty will spin backward, an event that happens every 18 months. Just because you CAN talk people into a romantic notion, doesn't mean you should. If they're not fully engaged, you'll just wind up feeling responsible and weighted down as you drag them along for the ride. A better plan? Get lit up as you speak about your passions, then, take note of who gets all sparkly and enthused. During this Venus phase, kindred spirits could crop up from within and without your inner circle. Better still? The common ground might lead you straight to a love connection. Not that you have to rush into anything formal. During this mutable cycle, you could run hot, then cold, then hot again. Even couples should ease off the gas and just "enjoy the now" with stay-at-home activities that allow you to strengthen the bond of friendship that is a baseline for every healthy relationship. A co-created home improvement project can get you through the “shelter in place” cycle without losing your sanity.
Saturday could bring illuminating insights about your career when bright Jupiter shines its high beams into Pluto’s secret vault. This is the first time they’ve connected in Capricorn and your tenth house of ambition since (drumroll, please)…1771! One of the most popular careers of that era was that of a nursemaid, and with kids being homeschooled around the globe, well, Aries, there might be something to revive there. But you’re more of a “childlike spirit” than one with the patience for children, so this rare connection—the first of three in 2020, along with one on June 30 and November 12—could help you mine some hidden talents that you can monetize in unexpected ways. Perhaps you’ll take on a heroic role in your community, helping the “suddenly I’m a teacher” parents organize a collective plan for educating kids AND getting work done. Or, Aries, it might be something totally different that calls your name, like setting up food donation boxes. Be open to discovery, because this weekend could reveal opportunity lurking in corners you haven’t investigated in years…if ever!

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