Aries Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
If you’ve felt a bit constrained lately, you’re about to be liberated! Monday, June 17, brings the year's only full moon in Sagittarius, which throws on the lights (or maybe fuels the private jet?) in your ninth house of travel, adventure and education. You’ve got some big dreams and lofty plans, and this lunar lift can provide the thrust you need to get them off the ground. Take some time today to tap into your deepest desires, and then take one bold step in that direction. Make a list of at least five doable things you can actually accomplish over the next two weeks (peak manifestation time for this full moon) and commit to doing them all! You’re more of a “solopreneur” than a group person, yet you might find tremendous support teaming up with one like-minded person whose skills and abilities dovetail with yours. If you’re itching to take a trip, research last-minute deals, because prices tend to go only in one direction at this time of year. Reach out to friends and online pals to see who might be eager to host you—or travel with you! And how about blending a few of those ninth-house pursuits by taking a yoga-teacher certification course…in Costa Rica or some other dream destination? This is also the truth-telling center of your chart, so if you've been holding something in, you’re supported in letting it out now!
If you’ve got any major “left-brain” projects to wrap up, set this Friday as your deadline. That morning, nebulous Neptune kicks off its annual retrograde as it shifts into reverse in Pisces and your dreamy (and sometimes fantastical) twelfth house. This hazy five-month backspin is wonderful for creative, spiritual and meditative pursuits, but not so great for analytical, fact-based efforts. Obviously, you can’t go into total hibernation until November, but you CAN play to your strengths. Bring more imagination to your daily routines, feel (rather than think) your way through weighty decisions, and listen to people with your heart as much as with your ears. If—during nonwork hours—you find yourself losing track of time as you drift and ponder, relish it! This introspective phase can lead to some invaluable epiphanies, artistic breakthroughs or a deepened connection to your spirituality. But don’t mistake these five months as an invitation to just veg out. One of the most productive things you can do during a Neptune retrograde is to get more familiar with your own "shadow side": those aspects of yourself that you tend to ignore, avoid or project onto others. When you own the full spectrum of your humanness, you become the kick-ass commander of the zodiac you were born to be.
Also on Friday, your nesting instincts may kick in as the Sun commences its yearly migration to Cancer and your domestic fourth house. You might as well start with a big de-cluttering and cleaning mission since you'll likely be spending more time than usual at your Ram Residence between now and July 22. Cancer season is your annual month to unwind, chill out and catch up on every household project that got pushed to the sidelines earlier in the year. Paint job, bookshelves, a radical makeover? Whatever you fancy you can get around to now! And tap your inner decorator—even if you have to turn to Pinterest for inspiration. You have bold, eclectic taste, and for you to function at peak capacity, you need your home base to be as creative and empowering as you are!

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