Cancer Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
Ready, set, introspect. Your inner life will be anything but boring starting Monday, March 30, when energetic Mars slips into Aquarius and activates your private and seductive eighth house until May 12. This deep-diving spell only happens every two years, and can get you in touch with feelings you didn’t even realize you were capable of connecting to. Make sure you have an outlet to channel them into, like an artistic project, because this spell can make you feel like Crab in a pot of boiling water. The eighth house rules binding relationships and all things erotic. For the next six weeks, the urge to merge with one special soul will definitely intensify—which in “normal” times would provide an ideal nudge out of your shell. But having the lusty red planet here while trying to figure out what mandated social distancing is all about? That could prove challenging. Hopefully, Cancer, you have someone to share your “isolation pod” with. If not, don’t turn your nose up at the dating apps. During this sultry cycle, you could fall head over shearling slippers for someone who woos you with words and webcam naughtiness. Financially, your risk appetite could increase while Mars is here. While no one can REALLY guess the future of the market, Cancer, it wouldn’t hurt to “buy low” if you have some discretionary funds to spare. On Tuesday, when cautious Saturn mashes up with Mars, you could make a wise investment that pays out over time. This could involve real estate or a start-up that supports the post-pandemic economy.

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A second wave of creative and romantic energy crashes onto your shores this Friday, April 3 as Venus floats into Gemini and your boundless twelfth house. Fantasy or reality? It’s going to be hard to tell while Venus hovers here until August 7—an extended cycle due to an upcoming retrograde from May 13 to June 25. But given how nebulous the state of the world is, an ability to escape into daydreams could be highly beneficial.  The only caveat? With la love planet dropping a rose-colored lens over your judgment filter, you might misread people’s true intentions. Run the background checks on anyone new and promising. This could be a best-case scenario thing, where you get even MORE confirmation that you've found someone great. If you recently weathered a breakup, devote this Venus cycle to your healing (or at least part of it). Stop sleeping in your ex's band tee or privately viewing their pages and feeds. It’s time to mourn but also mend your heart by clearing the space for new memories. If this person is meant to return to your arms, it will probably happen according to Murphy's Law: When you're so busy loving YOUR life that you don't even care about being in the relationship (that much) anymore. And if you’re dealing with a serial ghoster, keep your guard up during the May 13 to June 25 retrograde! We know it can be hard to resist, especially if you’re spending too much time alone. Remember—nothing is lonelier or more anxiety-provoking than “being” with someone who leaves you in a constant state of uncertainty.
Don’t sleep on the people who are already closest to you. This weekend, you could discover new ways to bond and connect when adventurous Jupiter meets intimate Pluto for their first of three tete-a-tetes in 2020. (The next two are on June 30 and November 12.) Try approaching your loved ones with “beginner’s mind,” the Buddhist concept of greeting your familiars with the same open curiosity that you would extend to a stranger. The energy of co-creation is in the air, so seize the moment and get a joint project rolling. This could keep you busy and focused while you wait for the world to realign.

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