Cancer Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
Winter’s still underway, but come on out of that hibernation station, Cancer. This Tuesday, February 18, the Sun shifts into Pisces and begins a monthlong trek through your worldly, expansive ninth house. With heavy doses of wanderlust now in your system, you only have one thing left to do: figure out where on this not-so-lonely planet you’ll drop your next pin. Yes, Mercury is retrograde until March 9, but if you book with reputable sources and leave lots of room for “spontaneity,” you don’t have to miss three quality weeks of winter vacation windows.

Despite your rep as the zodiac’s homebody, when you’re ready to pack your bags, you can be quite the itinerant nomad. Sure, you might take home on the road in the form of your favorite cashmere scarf, travel-sized everything and a suitcase full of snacks, but who’s judging? Between now and March 19, a change of scenery will refresh your perspective in epic ways. No matter your GPS coordinates, the next month brings opportunities for multicultural mingling. Rather than huddling with a close-knit Cancerian crew, step out of the bubble and talk to strangers. Pop the Duolingo app on your phone and start practicing a new language—it’s just incentive for a future getaway or richer conversations with an Internet BFF who lives halfway around the globe. Since the ninth house rules higher education, you might travel in the figurative sense by expanding your mind. Maybe it’s time to apply for grad school, dive into teacher training or enroll in a 3-month certification program. Dreaming of becoming your own boss? Get to work on that business plan, Cancer. Even if it starts as a side hustle, yours may soon be the signature on those weekly paychecks!
A social and romantic Friday is in store for you as free-flying Uranus in your eleventh house of community pings feisty Mars. Being tied down won't exactly be your thing. If you're in a relationship, get out and explore together! Checking out new venues can sate your wandering eye…well, almost. Go ahead, Cancer: Gawk a little and flirt where you can, but maybe not right in front of your S.O. Single? A group hang could turn up an unexpected love connection. Enjoy the heat, but know that these planets have an ephemeral energy that might not lead to a walk down the aisle. Still, the chemistry will be undeniable. Enjoy it!
On Sunday, the new moon in Pisces will have you rarin’ to speak your truth. But ease off the throttle a little, as creative Venus in your career corner locks horns with expansive Jupiter in your partnership court. Under this disruptive dustup your well-crafted pitch could come across as salesy and a touch insincere—yikes! Flattery won’t get you everywhere, so rein that in, too. The good news is that your secret weapon for success is a whole lot easier this weekend: asking questions and REALLY listening, even if you have to get back to people with answers. Striking the right work-home balance may prove challenging, especially if your sweetie or project partner keeps carping that they don't get enough of you. If this person is a bit demanding or needy, you may have to dole out some tough love while defending your boundaries. Stand your ground, don't allow yourself to be manipulated. If all else fails, call a timeout until they can hit their own emotional reset button.

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