Cancer Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
Have you roamed too far from home, Cancer? This Monday, April 15, take time to check in with your basecamp crew as Venus in your expansive ninth house crashes into a reality-checking square with Jupiter in your responsible sixth. In your desire to live a more free-spirited existence, you may have let a few too many necessities slide. Get your hands back on the wheel, at least for a couple days, and make sure the Cancer cruise ship is sailing towards the right port. Certain tasks simply can’t be delegated; they require your signature touch. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to doing everything by your lonesome. You may have to “set the template,” then train people in your methodology. After they hand in their work, you will also have to give it a final edit and polish. But if they can help you move the needle in a significant way, you’ll still have more time to play and fly free. Although you may feel pressured to wrap up a project, don't rush just to get 'er done or you could wind up making costly mistakes. Instead, take one methodical step at a time, knowing that everything is signed, sealed and delivered, you can get back to your adventures.
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On Friday, there will be another lighthouse calling you back to safe and familiar harbors. The second in a rare pair of back-to-back Libra full moons will illuminate your domestic fourth house, repeating themes that might have brightened a month ago at the March 20 equinox. A Cancer’s home will always be your castle, but under this lunar lift it could also become your temple. How can you turn your crashpad into your sanctuary? First things first: Location, location, location! There's no point in moving around the furniture if you're living in a light-starved apartment with a bedroom that faces a noisy bus stop. Don't let your innate thriftiness prevent you from looking around. This could be your prompt to relocate to a more serene space—or a neighborhood that shares your values and has a "scene" you love—that still falls into your price range. Even if you ARE staying put, you want your abode to be functional for 2019 Cancer. That might mean disassembling the rarely-used treadmill and setting up an easel and a yoga mat. That way you can stretch canvases AND your muscles instead of either/or.
With the Sun wrapping up its final five days in Aries and your career zone, you may feel like the hardest working Crab on the beach. But that will change on Saturday, when Taurus season begins and le Soleil moves on to your communal, experimental eleventh house until May 21. It’s not that your work ends—it’s just that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting by your lonesome. Ditch the Wonder Woman act and let the team-building commence! Bringing an ensemble cast onstage won’t dim your bright light, especially since two other planets pick up the Aries torch before the week is through. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury heads into the Ram’s realm until May 6, followed by Venus from Saturday until May 15. Not only will this keep you focused on your lofty goals, but it will help you approach them from a clever and creative angle. And while Taurus season will make you the bubbliest butterfly in the garden, you could find yourself invited to some pretty prestigious events. Be proactive, Cancer! How can you get your name on the list for that influencer conference or charity gala that doubles as a networking event? The ticket price will be well worth it if it grants you access to mingle among the cognoscenti, and naturally, flip a few of them into your new best friends! But some days during this four-week phase are best used for lowkey, “let’s have fun for fun’s sake” hangs. You never know. Karaoke night could turn into tryouts for a girl band. An artwalk through a maker’s studio could inspire you to enroll in a jewelry making class. Since the eleventh house rules technology, invest some time updating your online profiles, from photos to bios. Get endorsements for LinkedIn and post some viral-worthy images and blurbs on Insta…and Tinder. With your “clickthrough rate” soaring, a spring fling could start virtually for single Cancers. Coupled? Turn your S.O. into your plus-one for some of those fabulous events!

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