Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

Getting claustrophobic yet? You may need to find a way to spread your wings on Tuesday, April 7, when intensifying Mars forms its annual clashing square with liberator Uranus in your house of platonic pals and group activities. But since you’re not likely congregating with people other than your housemates IRL, you’ll need to find some way of scratching your interactive itch. Instead of calling the usual suspects or joining the same Zoom line, seek out other people to connect with. And watch out for passive aggressive behavior that takes you by surprise. This Mars-Uranus kerfuffle can cause flare-ups when you’re least prepared for them. Don’t let doubt or uncertainty lead you to question people’s trustworthiness. And by the same token, question anyone who tries to put YOU to a loyalty test. That’s a great way to undermine otherwise solid connections. Everyone’s on edge, Crab, so rather than succumb to circulating negativity, dial up your nurturing side and be the one who holds space for anybody who needs it, no explanations or apologies needed!

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Later on Tuesday, the year's only Libra full moon illuminates your fourth house of home and family, which can bring some of the support and comfort you’ve been seeking. As a Cancer, your home is always your castle—and now it’s your essential in-place shelter—but under this lunar lift, it could also become your temple. Assuming you’re stocked up on all essentials and have already created a makeshift office/gym in whatever spare space you’ve got, this annual domestic boost can inspire some purposeful zhushing. Since this lunation’s influence will last for the next two weeks (and you could feel it for up to half a year), take your time and don’t do anything rash. But every day, give a little thought to what it would take to turn Chateau Crab into a setting that calms you, inspires you AND is a treat to all of your senses. Since the fourth house also rules all things family, a powerful relative—or inner circle pal—may begin to play a more significant role in your life before April is through. If you’re already craving a certain person’s support, don’t drop hints or hope they’ll just “vibe” you. If there’s one thing we’re learning during this new reality, it’s that we can’t stand on ceremony or deny our needs. Reach out and ask for the help you need. And then, find someone else who could use some assistance and pay the good karma forward.
But don’t overlook pressing career concerns. On Friday, strategic Mercury makes its annual entrance into trailblazing Aries and your career sector until April 27. When you can screen out the distractions, you can make impressive progress. Whether work is “business as usual” for you or you’re smack in the middle of a (virtual) reinvention tour, these next few weeks are a great time to refine your vision for success. From email to video-conferencing, your enhanced magnetism will attract influencers and folks who share your mission. When you’re pitching or promoting, focus on the mutual benefit of this—and subtly remind people of your credentials. Even if you’re not “selling” anything, including yourself, this is an excellent time to strengthen your professional bonds and let others know you’re there to help them in any way you can.

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