Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

02-24-2020 to 03-01-2020
With communicator Mercury off-course in your expressive third house (since February 16), you may have suffered more than your usual share of misunderstandings and frustrating confusion around what should be the simplest matters. One thing NOT to do is blame yourself. Mercury flips into retrograde three to four times a year, and during each of those three-week cycles, you might feel like you’re losing your sanity—or are the ONLY sane person in an upside-down, inside-out world! Actually, Cap, it’s neither: just a momentary disturbance in your orderly universe. While there are precautions to take (backing up files, putting instructions in writing and keeping them extra simple), things are still likely to get wonky now and then.
Try to keep your cool, an important thing for your levelheaded sign, during this transit that ends on March 9, and look for ANY potential benefit. You might find one on Tuesday, February 25, when the winged messenger aligns with the confident Sun. Retrogrades provide an opportunity to review the recent past and correct any little errors or improve on projects that are “good but not amazing.” They’re also an excellent time for catching up with old friends, relatives and colleagues, especially with Mercury backstroking through your house of kindred spirits. Update your contacts list and engage with folks on social media and LinkedIn, which could be doubly rewarding if you’re in job-search mode. If you had set aside a creative project over the winter, revisiting it now might reignite the spark and motivate you to bring it to completion!  
Just don’t get so carried away with the reunion thing this Friday that you miss any obvious red flags. Not everyone from your past deserves a place in your “present”—and definitely not in your future! Depending on the person and your onetime relationship, there were probably really good reasons you parted ways (especially with narcissists, toxic personalities or emotionally abusive exes). And you absolutely don’t need to reopen THOSE Pandora boxes! Pay extra-close attention to feelings or memories that get triggered this Friday, when affectionate Venus in your foundational house skirmishes with shadowy Pluto in your sign. You might reach out to someone with the most innocent of intentions only to immediately feel like they’re trying to manipulate you. Or you may not be fully cognizant of your own motivation. You might not be able to get to the root of this today—or on your own—but it’s an important starting point for a longer and deeper dive into your own inner landscape. Short-term counseling or a hypnotic therapist or coach might be the perfect Sherpa for such an expedition.

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