Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
You could feel pulled—strongly—in two directions starting Friday, December 20, as elegant Venus swings into Aquarius and your second house of money and practical luxury. When the beautifying planet tours this chart sector for three weeks every year, you can lose your natural sense of fiscal restraint. Holiday sales! Seasonal markdowns! Not to mention a gift list as long as your arm. What’s a responsible Capricorn to do? Employ balance. There’s no reason not to indulge—a bit! You just need to prevent yourself from going overboard. Start by setting two budgets: one for presents and another (more modest one) for pampering. You work hard for your money, Cap, and you make sacrifices throughout the year to stay on track with your goals. This season of generosity is a perfect time to reward yourself for all your efforts and self-control. Think of it as giving yourself an end-of-year bonus! But it’s not all about “getting and spending”; this short but sweet Venus transit can keep your professional-relationship wheels greased. Connect with key colleagues and associates (and service providers) to let them know how meaningful your relationships are. Send cards, invite people out for coffee or drinks, and for the ones who are especially key, include them on your stocking-stuffers list!
 AstroTwins 2020 Horoscope
Saturday marks the official kickoff to Capricorn season as the Sun invades your sign. It’s a favorite time for you because you get to “double-dip” between holiday AND birthday soirees. For the next four weeks, there’s no reason NOT to celebrate on demand! You’ll be on your game, magnetizing people around you without even trying. But if you are promoting a cause or project, this is a perfect opportunity to fuse business and pleasure (what Capricorns do best). As a future-oriented earth sign, you know you don’t need to wait for the decade to turn in order to get those New Year’s resolutions off the ground. Get to the gym before all the “January only” people make their annual migration. Start talking shop to the big-deal client or fellow visionary. True leaders don’t follow their watches or calendars. For maximum effectiveness, write out your top goals for 2020 and place the list where you can see it every day. What support do YOU need to reach those objectives? From working with a coach to getting advanced training, get that lined up now so you can really hit the ground running come January!
Despite all that’s going on, don’t give your romantic life short shrift. You might get a cosmic pop-up reminder on Sunday. Game-changer and wild child Uranus is twerking through your fifth house of amour and making an exact mashup with Venus. Siphon off some of that love that you’re showering on coworkers and vendors and redirect it to your beloved. Single? Call a time-out from whatever else you’re doing and text a current “person of interest” or devote some quality time to your newest favorite dating app. You’re electric today, and you don’t want to waste a single watt!

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