Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
Tag team time! You're a force of nature, Capricorn, capable of scaling major roadblocks in a single (solo) bound. But what if you didn't have to work THAT hard to achieve the dream? When the Sun swings into Pisces this Tuesday, February 18, it begins powering up your partnership zone for four weeks. This annual pop-up reminder, which lasts until March 19, can snap you out of doing things the hard way. Seek out capable people to steer you in a savvier and less stressful direction. With Mercury retrograde until March 9 your best allies may be folks you worked with in the past; or ones who you've been meeting with to discuss "possibilities" for months. When Mercury corrects course, new potential partners may come out of the woodwork. You might even meet one of them this Sunday, during the Pisces new moon.

Take a couple weeks (at least) to check out their background, see if they have the right experience and whether or not your personalities and work styles will mesh well. Need to reboot your contact database? You'll work any room like a pro between now and March 19—and you won't have to travel far to find compatible souls! Check out industry networking events and cultural gatherings like art openings and town hall lectures. A casual conversation could quickly evolve into promising shop talk. Should you find yourself commuting more regularly for work, invest a few bucks in making travel time more comfortable. After Mercury turns direct on March 9, update your mobile devices, like a tablet for reading on your AM train rides or an enhanced speaker system for rocking out during rush hour. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your ride, test drive all the models you can so you can make a clear-headed choice when Mercury corrects course on March 9.
Cupid flutters in this Friday—but on a somewhat erratic flight path. There's no predicting how developments will unfold, but try to keep an open mind and heart. On Friday, wonky Uranus in Taurus and your fifth house of romance will trade friendly fire with molten Mars in Capricorn. A passionate exchange could get physical—fast! This may be more in the "ephemeral fling" category than the "happily ever after" zone, so try not to read too far between the lines. Coupled Capricorns should schedule some active playtime—salsa lessons, a long bike ride or an epic night of dancing to a legendary DJ. Sitting around the house would not be advised…unless, of course, you're co-hosting a dance party in your living room!
First order of business for the weekend? Google yourself. Do the search results represent 2020 Capricorn? With image-consultant Venus getting a dynamic jolt from Jupiter in your sign this Sunday, a little “rebranding” may be in order.  Like it or not, having SOME sort of digital presence is essential for moving through the modern world. While you can choose your own social media adventure (Tumblr, Insta, Twitter or your own blog), learning to communicate effectively with a few snappy lines and some well-edited photos is, arguably, as important as cave drawing was to the ancients. Work with professional designers if you’re ready for a bigger update. As your sophisticated sign knows, you can never be too polished!

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