Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

12-17-2018 to 12-23-2018
Ease and efficiency are the name of the game, as you work your way through that "end of 2018" to-do list. But to achieve flow state, you're going to have to stop long enough to reconsider your process. Sure, you've always done things a certain way—and yeah, it gets you to the finish line. But at what cost? This Thursday, December 20, as the Sun gets wired with tech-savvy Uranus, investing in apps or gear could help your productivity mightily. Is there anything on the list that would go twice as fast if you had a second pair of eyes, ears or arms? Team up with a coworker on each other's projects or, if it's time to let go a little, put out feelers for a great assistant. Good help isn't as hard to find as you may think. You just have to outline the job description and clarify your needs. As you prioritize your projects for the next couple weeks, you don't have to push yourself to tie every single task up with a bow before the end of the year. And here's the rub: When you remove the obligatory energy, you might just sail through those to-do's anyway. Uranus is kind of like a teenage rebel, so how can you make your agenda feel a little more "disruptive"? Play loud music while you're working on "burn and churn" tasks, have your meetings at buzzy coffeeshops, and for every five tasks you complete, motivate yourself with an Instagram or shopping break.
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Holiday celebrations segue seamlessly into birthday celebrations as the Sun blazes into your sign on Friday, December 21, officially kicking off Capricorn season 2018! No need to keep the reserve bubbly on ice until NYE. Pour a couple flutes this weekend to toast your astrological New Year. Over the coming four weeks, you'll be a force of nature, easily attracting opportunity and winning hearts and minds. With your ruler, stabilizer Saturn, along with magnetic Pluto sharing the Sun's flight path through Capricorn, anything you put a plan (and some charm) behind could go viral. Your sign is the most future-oriented of them all, so don’t bother waiting until January 1 to get in a visionary groove. Go ahead and create a wish list of your objectives for 2019 now. Keep it somewhere you can see it and re-motivate yourself every day. Do you need some support in reaching your objectives? Hiring a career coach, taking a master class or an experiential vacation are smart investments in yourself—especially if you can parlay them into a salary increase as you gain new skills.

The negotiating table beckons on Saturday, when the full moon in Cancer illuminates your partnership house and brings a seal-the-deal vibe to the week. This lunar lift in your seventh house of commitments could turn a Sea Goat solo-act into a dynamic duet. But think carefully before you peg anyone as partnership material. Although you may seem to have everything in common up front, a little digging might reveal divergent values around time, money and relationships. This doesn't have to be a deal breaker though, but some negotiating will be necessary to harmonize the attraction of opposites. If you're single and looking, proactively plant yourself under the mistletoe, chat people up at holiday parties, hop on the dating apps. If you're halfway engaged in a going-nowhere "thing," this lunation is your cue to clear the decks and create space for someone who is interested in pursuing an actual relationship in the here and now. If you're in a solid, loving union, your status could evolve in exciting ways. With intimate Cancer directing these moonbeams, planning more private, "just the two of us" time could reignite sparks. Are you able to slip off to another city for a long weekend (or just a day trip) and enjoy the incredible food and music scene? In your everyday life, consciously look for ways to co-create, whether you're hosting the holidays for your blended families or starting a healthy eating and exercise program together in early January.

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