Pisces Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
Next stop: The couple bubble. This Wednesday, August 21, sensual Venus sashays into Virgo and your relationship zone, making two your luckiest number until September 14. Then, on Friday, the radiant Sun follows suit, warming up this house for four partnership-powered weeks. During this upbeat cycle, you'll gain clarity about the nature of your primary relationships. Your poetic sign loves making beautiful music together, whether for pleasure, business, or in an experimental jazz band. But you’re also represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Half the time, you’re a hopeless romantic, ready to dive into the Sea of Love at the first glimmer of soulmate potential. In other moments, you’d prefer to have an ocean between you and the rest of the human race. Only versatile mates who can roll with your ebb and flow will be able to hang. Stay positive! You might just find that paradoxical partner by September 23—or someone who can be the steady rock to your rolling stone.

If you're single and hoping to change that status, make a concerted effort to get out and mingle more. Not every Bumble date is going to be a win, but the more you put yourself out there, the better your chances. Since critical Virgo rules this realm, pay attention to that inner voice that may be a little too quick to dismiss people because of the way they dress or talk, for instance. That's YOUR resistance making itself known. Make a point of being more accepting in your interactions. Attached? You may feel like launching into a "what's next" conversation every time you're together. But be smart and strategic. If you sense that your partner is tired or cranky, DON'T go there. Wait until you're both in good spirits, and then gently mention there's something you've been dying to talk about…which might include exchanging something shiny, like front door keys or rings.

That perfect “heart to heart” moment could arrive this Saturday, when Venus syncs up with her seductive starmate Mars in Virgo, stoking this relationship-focused part of your chart. While you’re sharing a pancake breakfast with bae, don’t shy away from talks of exclusivity or areas that could use some improvement. Harmonious Venus lends a hand in the "creative compromise" department. If you both give an inch or put more energy towards a shared goal, your combined efforts might make magic. Old-married types should lighten up about those petty things that make you crazy, like socks on the bedroom floor or dishes in the sink. Instead, focus on the things you love about your mate, and see if that doesn't make hearts (and other regions) swell. With driven Mars in the mix, you might speed up contract negotiations of all manner. Shoot an email to a prospective client; meet a colleague to finish finessing a presentation. While you might not get a response until Monday, you’ll be striking while the iron is scorching. Don’t be afraid to look “too eager.” The squeaking wheel gets the oil…and the deal!

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