Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

Quarantined or not, the Pisces imagination can't be reined in. And the more challenging the obstacle, the more inventive you get! On Tuesday, April 7, a once-a-year clash between motivated Mars in innovative Aquarius and your introspective sector and disruptive Uranus in your expressive third house sparks some creative ideas for being productive at work, staying connected to your peeps AND making the most of your alone time. You’ve never been one to think along prescribed lines, and now that things are so topsy-turvy, you may be feeling unusually supported in your resourcefulness. But when the inevitable stress mounts, you want to catch it and do something proactive so you don’t lash out at innocent bystanders. No matter how “okay” you’re managing, schedule regular mental-health breaks to decompress and process your feelings, which are strong on an average day. Now more than ever, don’t apologize for needing to take some time for yourself to unwind and chill, and commune with your muse or universal guidance.

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Later on Tuesday the year's only full moon in Libra brings a wave of seductive energy as it lights up your erotic and intimate eighth house. (And good luck scratching that itch!) For couples, this is actually a boon time—a day and even several weeks of reconnecting on a deep and soulful level. In goal-oriented Libra, this lunation may inspire talks about dreams you haven’t shared, yet now suddenly feel urgent to talk about. Newish relationships feel like they’re being put to the test: If you can weather this storm together, will everything else feel “easy”? Or are you already seeing sides to the other person you’re not sure you’re loving? Give it time, but trust what you’re feeling. Single Fish may have to entertain themselves with swiping, texting, chatting and, well, the rest is up to you and your imagination.
A new cycle for thinking and communicating begins this Friday, as expressive Mercury wings into your second house of money and security until April 27. When analytical Mercury comes around every year, it shines its clever beams on your finances and helps you come up with creative ways to earn more, spend less and stretch a dollar. Get lean and mean by searching out all those wasted expenditures you don’t use (or are no longer priorities). If you’re worried about falling behind on bills due to income loss, take the initiative to call the utility companies, landlords and lenders. It costs them far less to negotiate with you than it does to hire a collection agency. Be honest about your circumstances (they should get it) and see what can be done. Got some spare funds? Tuck most of ‘em away but treat yourself to something small. Little indulgences can go a long way once you learn to live on less.

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