Pisces Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
It feels pretty good when people think you’ve hung the moon, right, Pisces? And if it’s a mutual adoration society, all the better! But early in the week, the niceties could start to feel like a whole lot of pressure, especially if you feel expectations forming. Real talk may be in order this Monday, April 15, when charming Venus in Pisces gets T-boned by reality-checker Jupiter in Sagittarius. Yes, you want to put your best foot forward—and also love to find the greatest potential in other people. But if you don’t look at the whole picture, you could set yourself up to fail. Find out honestly what people want from you. Are there specific deliverables, loyalties or other must-haves they are assuming will be there? And it goes both ways. Find out what others are hoping to get in return. Adjustments may be in order, but ultimately, it’s best to be on the same page.
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Friday brings another strong nudge to spell out agreements in black and white. That day, the second in a back-to-back pair of Libra full moons will activate your eighth house of investments and permanent relationships. Schedule some private time, not just for some spring awakening sexytime, but also to get everything on the table in your closest relationships. (Yes, even if you THOUGHT you did that already a month ago, during the March 20 Libra full moon.) This time around, you may have to share something that you’ve been keeping under wraps. If you suspect that your other half is holding back, create a safe space for candor. Secrets can be toxic to true intimacy, Pisces, even if you wish you could keep them buried in the vault. No, you don’t have to share every detail, but if you’re walking around feeling guilty (or suspicious), it’s better to just bare your soul and clear your conscience. And don’t be scared, Fish! Whether you're talking finance or romance, there's just as good a chance that this exploration will bring you closer than ever before. In business dealings, an unexpected solution might arise that feels like a win-win. The point is to start talking about it! Once you do, you could take some giant steps together, merging your lives and possibly your assets.
If you’re still in hibernation mode, that ends this Saturday, when the Sun blazes a monthlong trail through Taurus and your third house of hometown happenings. You might be surprised by what you discover when you probe a bit into your local listings. Have new venues opened up? Could those old-familiar haunts benefit from your creative input? Ask around. Your favorite dive bar might be down to host an open-mic or trivia night. Or maybe you just start a meetup group with people in the area who like checking out live shows, crafting, reading tarot, or doing the kinds of things you’d do in your spare time, but would love some companionship for. Any fun you can have on a budget will be a plus, as two planets move into Aries and your sensible second house. On Wednesday, social Mercury hits the Ram’s realm until May 6 followed by sensual Venus from Saturday until May 15. It’s going to be hard to control the splurging instinct if you put yourself in temptation’s path. Plan ahead with activities that remind you that the best things in life can also be free…or affordable! Picnics and yoga in the park, bike rides, coffee dates (instead of always going for dinner and brunch). Romantically, the Taurus Sun puts you in your flirtation element and you may enjoy a bonanza of right swipes. That said, Venus might turn certain connections into something serious—fast—especially if there’s a mix of fun AND security. Coupled Pisces may have to break out the bank statements and review your shared budget. Don’t let money become a taboo topic in your relationship by putting this off for too long.

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