Pisces Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
Ready, set, refresh! Pisces season begins this Tuesday, February 18, as the Sun begins its annual shimmerfest in your sign. With your independent spirit and inner warrior out to play until March 19, you won't be afraid to "feel the fear and do it anyway." What challenges do you want to face down, Pisces? Might as well tackle them NOW, while they feel far more exhilarating than daunting. One proviso: Mercury is retrograde until March 9, retreating through YOUR sign until March 4. When you make a bold move, don't leap without a net or quit without a backup plan.

You can still smash through barriers with a little forethought. Got a project you want to kick off? Start it off as a solo mission so no one can restrict your vision. If you blaze the right trail, you'll have a fleet of followers trekking right behind you. Right now, the last thing you need is for anyone to censor you or stomp on your newly hatched ideas. In a relationship? Be more conscious of giving bae quality time, because it could slip off your radar otherwise. This might even be your cue to get a shared calendar booted up. You don't want to leave people wondering when (and if) you'll bless 'em with a piece of your precious time. At the same time, don't let anyone interfere with your shot at the spotlight! Your sign tends to be cautious, often preferring to observe from the sidelines. For the next four weeks, your competitive spirit is making a rare cameo, teaching you that, no, it's not selfish to want to win! Dimming your lights will never help anyone else shine brighter. This solar-powered transit could catapult you into a leadership role, or a place on center stage—and Sunday's new moon in Pisces could bring a huge moment to strut your stuff. Swallow your fears and just do it. You’ve got this, Pisces!
This Friday, the truth shall set you free! Liberated Uranus courts forthright Mars, making it impossible for you to hide your honest sentiment. This fast-moving energy could reboot your social life, making it easy to engage with an energetic new crew. You could meet them while dancing, doing activist work or even belting out tunes at the local karaoke bar. Simply being in their presence will bring an overriding sense of "I've found my people." Tell them so! You'll quickly be adopted into this entourage, kicking your social calendar into high gear. Don't lie to your go-to crew about this though. You need freedom to spread your social wings without being tethered by unwritten obligations.
Tighten up those purse strings, Pisces. You may glean insight into some of your spending habits this weekend, when hedonistic Venus in your money zone squares off with supersizer Jupiter in your community corner. Left to your own devices, you can be smart and even downright thrifty with your cash. But if you’re out with friends and everyone starts spending, those dollar bills can slip between your fingers. While you don't have to be tightfisted, simply by becoming aware of where every dollar goes can help you make more responsible decisions. This weekend just pay attention, and then, based on your observations, make some necessary adjustments that you can stick with! And just for good measure, make a list of affordable entertainment options—including how you want to treat yourself for your birthday. Potluck dinner parties and clothing swaps are a much healthier alternative to blowing half a paycheck on a group dinner.

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