Pisces Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
Go ahead, Fish: Slide on your oversized, rose-colored aviators and go undercover for the next three weeks! From Friday, December 20, until January 13, 2020, quixotic Venus will slow-jam through Aquarius and your dreamy, internally focused twelfth house, making you even more of a romantic Pisces than you already are! Since you won’t be able to prevent yourself from getting lost in romantic reveries, you might as well enjoy them to the max. Just do us one favor? Be clear about the difference between some daydreaming and out-and-out fantasy. You’ve got a fertile imagination and there’s much rich material to mine, but eventually you’ll be needed back on terra firma. Pan for gold nuggets, but have a strategy for bringing them back with you. When Venus blasts into your sign and first house of self-expression mid-January, you want to be ready to run those pipedreams through the reality filter and monetize them! Venus’ annual transit through your twelfth house can inspire you to release something that’s been holding you back, whether a bad habit or a toxic relationship. This is a time for healing and closure, however painful the process is. But once you’re on the other side—and you are close!—you may wonder what took you so long. Clinging to these self-destructive behaviors prevents you from calling in something or someone much more appropriate to what you are now. If you can’t get past a sticking point, work with a professional who can firmly but lovingly guide and support you.
AstroTwins 2020 Horoscope 
Have you been more absent than present on the seasonal soiree circuit? You can make up for lost time starting this Saturday, when the life-giving Sun leaves Sagittarius and your professional sector and sails into Capricorn for its annual parade through your eleventh house of group activities. You’ll be as alone as you care to be for the rest of the holiday season, so get yourself Instagram ready and prepare to make your entrance back on the scene! Bake cookies, wrap hostess gifts and start RSVPing “yes” to that pile-up of invites. If there are still people on your shopping list, you’ve got a built-in excuse to hit the stores and your favorite online emporiums. And should YOU need something new in the “nightlife” category, go ahead and treat yourself. Plenty of the social events you’ll be attending can double as networking opportunities, and when you look your best, your confidence makes you irresistible!
On Sunday, don’t let someone get under your skin—no matter how much they’re needling you! Gracious Venus locks into a rare, twice-a-year clash with wild child Uranus in your communication center. A friend, neighbor or sibling could cause your temper to spike, and it’ll be hard to keep your cool. But if you’re braced for this, you might see it coming and be poised enough to not take their cheap bait. Watch your alcohol consumption, because that’s the one thing that will knock you off-center. And definitely don’t instigate any debates, even in the spirit of livening up a stultifying gathering.

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