Pisces Weekly Horoscope

12-17-2018 to 12-23-2018
Pisces, on deck! As you push towards a celebratory end to 2018, spend time in the company of creative, innovative and can-do people. On Thursday, December 20, the Sagittarius Sun sends a solar-powered current to electrifying Uranus from your career-obsessed tenth house. Not only will this top your ambition tanks, but it will lure you away from conventional solutions and inspire experimentation. Cutting-edge? Futuristic? Beneficial for the whole community instead of a handful of individuals? Yes, to the third power! This visionary mashup will help you think so far outside of the box, that your solutions could become "paperless." Be strategic in the social activities you choose this week. It can't hurt to have a snappy elevator pitch rehearsed and ready to deliver, should you find yourself rubbing shoulders with industry influencers. Would visuals help make your case? Create a few graphics on Canva or a Keynote presentation that you can pull up on your mobile devices. Casual conversations could evolve into impromptu business chats at any moment. Break down your vision to a few bullet points to perk up people's interest and save the long, poetic explanation for a follow-up call or power lunch. If you've been contemplating a career change, this may be the jolt you need to take an exploratory step in that new direction. Just keep an open mind as this high-voltage surge can bring unexpected opportunities like a bolt from the blue.
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If professional obligations have prevented you from working the seasonal soiree circuit in true Pisces style, Friday will bring the cure. The Sun swings into Capricorn and makes its annual pilgrimage through your eleventh house of popularity, collaborations and technology until January 20. Don ye now that festive apparel, especially your dancing shoes. With invites flooding in, you can make up for lost time over the coming four weeks. Drop in with a plate of cookies now, then organize back-to-yoga wellness reboots for friends after January 1. Need to finish your present shopping? Let this be your excuse to check out the bespoke wares in an up-and-coming boutique district, or even take a maker's workshop to create a few special pieces by hand. Since the eleventh house also rules technology, you could fill a niche in the market by creating a new website or downloadable product, or go viral with a blog or Etsy shop in early 2019. The more will be the merrier for the coming four weeks, but that can present yet another dilemma: Where to spend your time...and with who? As the holidays draw near, you can’t keep putting off decisions about where to celebrate. You need to make a ruling ASAP! There are plenty of ways to contribute if you don’t want to host—like playing entertainment director or offering to DJ with one of your otherworldly playlists.
The cosmic spotlight makes you its target this Saturday, as the full moon in Cancer rocks your fifth house of flamboyance, fame and amour. Got a message or project to get out there? Don't sit around hoping someone will "discover" you. This enterprising full moon gives you permission to self-promote. And until December 31, you are also hosting motivator Mars in your sign, so blast the world with Instagrams, Tweets and, if appropriate, good-old fashioned flyers. Since you can be modest about self-promotion, focus on your services and offerings. What's in it for other people? When you think about it that way, it feels anything but narcissistic. Don't deprive the world of the gifts that are flowing through you. In the romance department, the full moon unleashes a milestone moment, whether that's achieving liftoff with a new relationship or allowing a moribund one to finally come to its inevitable finale. It's better to have your self-respect intact than be stuck with someone who makes you feel unappreciated or less than your best. In a LTR? Seize the reins and steer things in a playful, or full-on wild, direction. The gentlest nudge (and nuzzle) might be all your S.O. needs to get on board with your dreamy schemes for romance.

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