Pisces Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
Are you ready to step into to a whole new level of professional success? We certainly hope so, Pisces, because this Monday, June 17, marks the year's only full moon in Sagittarius, which electrifies your professional tenth house for the next six months. All your efforts of the past half-year have led to this moment, and if you think no one has noticed, you’ll be quite happy to be proven wrong! This is not the time for false modesty. There’s a way to take ownership of your talents—and ambition—and to articulate what you’d like your next step to be. If you don’t see that happening at your current gig, sit down over the next two weeks and write out (or make a vision board about) your desires, down to the tiniest detail. You’re in prime manifesting mode, so trust that you can make this happen! If your achievements AREN'T being recognized, you might have to do something very uncharacteristic and start a buzz yourself. If you keep worrying you’re being too…egotistical, reframe your efforts as acts of service, emphasizing how your talents can help others. Or hire (or barter with) a skilled friend who can make it happen on social media AND by word of mouth. Set an intention to connect with the right people over the next six months, and be ready to say yes when you’re invited into their elite and high-vibe tribes!
On Friday, your imaginative co-ruler, dreamy Neptune, spins into its annual retrograde in your sign. While this could drive you further into your own cocoon, it can actually have the effect of snapping you OUT of any reverie you’ve drifted into and see a person or situation with clear vision. Over the next five months, stop putting others first and prioritize numero uno. Instead of helping out people with their projects or wasting hours listening to the same old sob stories, inform them that you’re otherwise engaged, and then throw yourself into YOUR passions. During this backspin, the potential for spiritual and creative growth is exponential, but nothing’s going to happen if you don’t put effort into it. From 2012 until 2025, Neptune is trekking through your sign—and that won’t happen again for another 165 years. Take advantage of this cosmic support by discovering, refining and sharing YOUR gifts with the world. The retrograde is a good time for a deep dive into exactly what you want to do with them. And when the hazy planet resumes forward motion on November 27, you should be ready to come charging out of the gate!
Later on Friday, the Sun beams into Cancer and your amorous, glamorous fifth house for the next month. Cancer season always commences with the summer solstice, which is perfect for “illuminating” your next steps. Where are you ready to take a giant leap forward, even if it’s a leap of faith? Passion, creativity, self-development, even starting or expanding a family are all highlighted during Cancer season. It’s a wonderful time for you to highlight your own style, so every time you go out, put a little extra effort into your appearance. People will be noticing you. And if you’re single, you’ll be oozing pheromones! Plan plenty of dress-up dates and romantic picnics in the park. Couples should fill your shared cultural calendar with street fairs, music festivals, outdoor films and dance parties. If you have babies on the brain, this fertile solar cycle is perfect for pulling out all the stops!

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