Pisces Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
Compassionate Pisces, you always step up in times of need, but in order to stay charged for battle, sometimes you also need to step BACK. Your soulful, introspective, mystical side gets recharged this Monday, March 30, when energizing Mars slips into Aquarius and your reflective twelfth house until May 12. As hard as it may be to get privacy for some Pisces—and as eerily easy as it is for others—finding daily spells in solitude can help you tune in to your deepest desires and do some necessary releasing and healing. Whether or not you have a formal meditation practice, spending time on your own will help you become more aware of limiting beliefs that play like sampled tracks in the background of your brain. Find the “off” switch and replace the negative old messages with empowering new ones. This isn’t the same as chanting hollow affirmations, however. It’s about identifying counterproductive conditioning and getting in touch with your authentic feelings. During this pivotal Mars cycle, you may develop an awareness of other things you've outgrown. Letting go doesn’t come easily to your empathic sign, but once you see things for what they truly are, you won’t be able to stay stuck in a lower vibration. And when you decide it's time to make a break, fearless Mars will bolster your courage—and accelerate your departure the minute your mind is made up.

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Your energy might be all over the map on Tuesday when frenetic Mars catches up with slowpoke Saturn. Try to clear any major obligations from your calendar that day because you might notice yourself racing into something only to, just as quickly, lose your motivation. You may have the odd sensation of feeling tired and wired at the same time. Confusing matters even more is the fact that you could be unaware of the deeper motivations for your actions, since this alignment is occurring in your hazy twelfth house. It's okay to not be in control 24/7, but be careful that you don't act out of some buried emotions. If your behavior starts to get a little extreme, remind yourself that (for instance) your boss is not your parent and that flaky WhatsApp date isn’t your ex-fiance. (And if they are, you might want to use this day to make them your ex-EX…) If you DO have any important calls scheduled, definitely give yourself a little "pep" talk first. A better approach to things (and people) is to avoid decisive action whenever possible and, instead, play the role of observer. Even if you leave a few things undone, what you might learn about yourself will be priceless. Mars may have you chomping at the bit, yet part of you is resisting. Remember, this is probably not your best shot at it. Widen your perspective to one of infinite abundance, and trust that the right things will happen exactly when (and how) they're supposed to.
This Friday, April 3 arty, romantic Venus decamps to Gemini and your domestic fourth house. This gives you even more motivation to feather and Feng Shui your nest. Even if quarantines weren’t the near-global rule, home is where your heart shall be between now and August 7—an extra-long phase due to an upcoming retrograde from May 13 to June 25. But that doesn't mean you'll turn into a hermit! With social Gemini governing this part of your chart, you may be inspired to host virtual gatherings from your pad or, if you share space, to play the role of Home Entertainment Director. Feeling extra ambitious? The decor muse is sitting on your shoulder, which may inspire you to tackle a small renovation project that you can do on your own. Since Venus is the planet of love, this might be a good bonding activity for you and bae. Cooking, gardening, redoing the bedroom—all Cupid-approved activities for coupled Pisces who are sheltering together during this transit. But privacy is a pre-requisite if you want to get in the mood for love. Of course, finding an opportunity for "just the two of us" can be tough if you have kids or roommates around 24/7, or live with your folks. Where there’s a will, there’s gotta be a way! Head’s up: An ex could come sniffing around during the backspin mid-May. In some cases, this will be a blessing, especially if you feel they deserve a second chance. But don’t sweep past indiscretions under the rug. In communicative Gemini, Venus gives you diplomacy AND the backbone to put a firm boundary in place.
Protect your tech this Saturday, and your privacy online. With Jupiter, the planet of exposure, banging into secret-keeper Pluto in your eleventh house, you may need to take greater measures to lock down data. Since you may be working at home or figuring out new ways to woo by webcam, you’ll need to be extra careful that info doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands. These two planets meet and greet twice more in 2020, on June 30 and November 12, helping you get a savvy strategy in place. Additionally, you might hear a calling to do more work online or to learn new software that can put money in the bank. From programming to podcasting to teaching a virtual class, push yourself through the learning curve, Pisces, and into prosperity.

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