What Your Sign Can Look Forward to in 2024 (and the Baggage to Leave Behind)

With all the dramatic arcs 2023 delivered, you’re probably ready to shout “Curtains!” on a few situations. There’s also amazing growth to celebrate! Let us help you move forward by releasing 2023’s astrological baggage and turning your attention to your theme for 2024. What your sign can look forward to!

We didn’t name 2023 “The Year of What If…?” for nothing! The past year required a new approach to uncertainty, especially in a post-pandemic year. It may have been difficult to move between fear and curiosity. And you my have felt challenged balancing head and heart.

We’re all ready to leave 2023 behind and move into a new, inspired energy in 2024, what we’re calling the “Year of Transcendent Leadership.”

Declare “Cosmic Closure” on 2023 & Reset for 2024

In 2024, we can all reset our power if we look forward to:

Exploring new models of leadership that are inclusive and unifying.

Looking within for leadership instead of waiting for someone else to step up.

Being a dynamo while helping others to shine.

Bottom line: It’s possible to find gratitude, acceptance and closure for 2023. You do not have to repeat the same lessons or hardships over and over.

Each year we get a clean slate. What you focused on last year is not what you need to focus on this year, or even next!


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The ONE Thing Every Sign Needs to Release–Right Now!

Before we can talk about what your sign can look forward to, here’s how to confidently leave 2023’s challenges behind. Divided by element, here is what your sign needs to leave behind to reset and reclaim your power in 2024.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can leave behind: Overfunctioning

You learned the hard way that simple doesn’t mean boring, and to scale back your definition of “enough” or pay the price of burnout!

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) can leave behind: Control

No matter how much you knew from your past, the stars wanted you to try new things. How long did it take you to sop fighting that?

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) can leave behind: Surrender

You couldn’t talk or think your way out of THAT one, could you? Trading impatience for faith in divine timing has been key.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) can leave behind: Isolation

Out of the bubble, or else! Pushing people away and resisting community was NOT the way during this social and interactive year. Call for backup!

Get ready to take back power you’ve given away in 2023
and reconnect with yourself on a soul level in 2024.”

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What You Can Look Forward To In 2024, By Zodiac Sign

Below are resolution themes for every zodiac sign–what your sign can look forward to!

In 2024 I will…

Aries: Devote energy to my higher calling.

Taurus: Experiment (wildly) with my identity.

Gemini: Let my soul be my compass.

Cancer: Reveal my innate leadership skills.

Leo: Embrace autonomy within relationships.

Virgo: Build and grow in partnership.

Libra: Honor both the light and shadow in me.

Scorpio: Create a sense of home inside myself.

Sagittarius: Create a solid financial plan.

Capricorn: Simplify for success.

Aquarius: Embrace inner and outer change.

Pisces: Work on healing my inner child.

How to Get Excited About 2024 Goals

Here’s a way to make a positive pivot for 2024 and focus on what your sign can look forward to. Answer the following 3 questions, inspired by Afrin Khan, founder and CEO of the leadership and business development company, Red Elephant University:

  1. I am releasing…
  2. I am recommitting to…
  3. I am reclaiming…

Use this exercise for any part of your life. We’ve done this for several years now and it always provides a clear and inspiring passageway into the New Year!

How to craft New Year’s resolutions that you’ll actually keep

With Mercury retrograde until late on New Year’s Day, you have a few bonus weeks for your 2023 release ritual. We recommend waiting until the January 11 new moon in Capricorn—the first new moon of 2024—to set your intentions in stone.

How astrology can help in 2024: Let the stars guide you

Astrology helps you plan by the planets, providing a map, or a “galactic GPS” to guide you along in life.

Every year the planets change their configurations and create a completely new imprints and patterns.

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Best wishes for a strong 2024!


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