All the 2024 New Moons: A Year’s Worth of Chances for New Beginnings

When are the 2024 new moons? What do each of the 2024 new moons mean? And how can they help you ignite plans and intentions all year long?

This article is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2024 Horoscope. The annual book provides a thorough astrological forecast for all of the 2024 new moons.

The 2024 New moons are new beginnings

New moons mark beginnings and are the optimal time to kick off any new projects or plans. Lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months. Set intentions or initiate action while you have this lunar lift creating momentum.

Following moon cycles is a great way to set goals and reap their benefits. Astrologers believe that our energy awakens at the new moon, then peaks two weeks later at the full moon. By tracking the moon, we can tap into our intuition, setting goals that match our energy levels best throughout the month.

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Calendar of 2024 New Moons

Your answer to: When is the next new moon?

In 2024, there are 13 new moons (2 in Capricorn) and 2 solar eclipses.

* All times listed for the 2024 new moons are in Eastern Time (New York, NY)

January 11 (6:57 AM) in CAPRICORN (1 of 2 in 2024)

February 9 (5:59 PM) in AQUARIUS

March 10 (5:00 AM) in PISCES

April 8 (2:21 PM) in ARIES

May 7 (11:22 PM) in TAURUS

June 6 (8:38 AM) in GEMINI

July 5 (6:57 AM) in CANCER

August 4 (7:13 AM) in LEO

September 2 (9:56 PM) in VIRGO

October 2 (2:49 PM) in LIBRA

November 1 (8:47 AM) in SCORPIO

December 1 (1:21 AM) in SAGITTARIUS

December 30 (5:27 PM) in CAPRICORN (2 of 2 in 2024)

What the 2024 new moons mean

Forecasts for the 2024 new moons: What to focus on

Read on for what to expect for each of the 2024 new moons. Follow our daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for a deeper forecast for your zodiac sign on these dates!

CAPRICORN new moon meaning (January 11, 2024; 1 of 2)

Focus: Set goals that challenge and inspire you, elevate your image to be more professional, connect to authority figures and mentors, make a long-term plan.

AQUARIUS new moon meaning (February 9, 2024)

Focus: Experiment with new technology and techniques, break out of the box with style and social expression, connect to community, activism and humanitarian work.

PISCES new moon meaning (March 10, 2024)

Focus: Connect to your dreams, spiritual exploration, find creative outlets, give back, inspire others, form supportive alliances, express empathy so people feel seen and understood.

ARIES new moon meaning (April 8, 2024; also a solar eclipse)

Focus: Sharpen your competitive edge, blaze your own trail, take the initiative with people and activities that matter to you, try new things.

TAURUS new moon meaning (May 7, 2024)

Focus: Define your values, set up healthy and rewarding routines, enjoy arts and culture, simplify complexities, budget, get out in nature.

GEMINI new moon meaning (June 6, 2024)

Focus: Sharpen your communication style, write and make media, pair up on short-term collaborations, socialize with new people, become active in your local community, flirt and joke.

CANCER new moon meaning (July 5, 2024)

Focus: Nourish yourself with healthy food and close friends, spruce up your spaces so you feel at home everywhere, connect to family, spend time near water, get in touch with your emotions.

LEO new moon meaning (August 4, 2024)

Focus: Express yourself through art and style, enjoy romance and playtime, spend time with kids, take a leadership role, host and attend glamorous parties, find your place to shine.

VIRGO new moon meaning (September 2, 2024)

Focus: Embrace healthy routines, work out and eat clean, implement efficient systems, hire service providers and assistants, break projects into actionable steps, be of service, adopt a pet.

LIBRA new moon meaning (October 2, 2024; also a solar eclipse)

Focus: Find synergies, network to build your contact list, nurture romantic relationships, enjoy art, music and fashion, beautify everything.

SCORPIO new moon meaning (November 1, 2024)

Focus: Build trusted bonds, share secrets, join forces (and finances), form strategic partnerships, explore your erotic nature, give everything you do more sizzle and spice.

SAGITTARIUS new moon meaning (December 1, 2024)

Focus: Turn each day into an adventure, broaden your social horizons, travel to a new location, study and pursue self-development, make media, speak your truth.

CAPRICORN new moon meaning (December 30, 2024; 2 of 2)

Focus: Connect to family traditions, get an early start on resolutions, set yourself up for success by organizing (everything) and reconnecting with the people who can help you soar in 2025.

Rituals for the 2024 new moons

New moon rituals are relatively simple practices you can do to embrace the energy of a new moon.

See our article: New Moon Rituals: 12 Inspired Ideas for rituals to try during the 2024 new moons!


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More about new moons in astrology

Because new moons reset the monthly lunar cycle, astrologers treat these occurrences as ultra powerful moments to set intentions, start fresh and begin projects anew. The sky is dark, offering a blank canvas for creation during these tuned-in lunar lifts.

Be patient with the process! You may not see results until the corresponding full moon which occurs six months later in the same zodiac sign. But since the “ground” is especially fertile during new moons the seeds you plant on the days of new moons bring greater promise of producing a bumper crops. Two weeks after each new moon comes a full moon (in a different zodiac sign). Early sprouts may already pop up through the metaphoric soil by then. You can read all about 2024 Full Moons here.

New moons in astronomy terms

new moon occurs when the Sun and the moon are at the same longitude on the ecliptic—the plane created by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

What does a new moon look like in the sky?

The new moon is the first of eight monthly moon phases which occur in a 29.5-day lunar month.

You can read about all the moon phases here and watch for them during the 2024 new moons!

Is your moon sign important at a new moon?

Your moon sign refers to the zodiac sign that the moon was traveling through at your moment of birth. If someone was to look up at the sky when you were born, or the piece of the sky that we measure from our view on Earth.

Your moon sign is a part of your birth chart, or natal chart. You can find your moon sign by entering your time, date and place of birth into our Moon Sign Cosmic Calculator.

Once a year, a new moon falls in the same zodiac sign as your Sun sign and your moon sign.

Was I born during a new moon?

How do you find out? Do a free birth chart!

You can also use our moon phase calculator to find out which lunar phase the moon was in when you were born, and what it means about you.

Read about the meaning of your moon sign in our moon sign horoscopes.

How to read your birth chart

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