New Moon Rituals: 12 Inspired Ideas

New moon rituals are relatively simple practices you can do to embrace the energy of a new moon.

New moons typically occur once a month and in the current zodiac sign season.

What should you do on a new moon?

That’s up to you! There are no right or wrong answers for what new moon rituals you can try.

A good guide for new moon rituals? Choose an activity that aligns with the energy of the new moon based on its zodiac sign.

In addition to the ideas below for all 12 zodiac signs new moon rituals, if you’re feeling creative you can make your own. Read or post about making your own new moon rituals here.

What is the best time for new moon rituals?

New moon rituals are often performed on the day of the new moon. But you can do them leading up to the new moon and certainly continue activities you began at a new moon for any length of time. For example, you may change your diet at a Virgo new moon when the energy is in the sixth house of wellness.

In addition to starting new healthy habits at a new moon, many people will begin a project at a new moon that culminates at its corresponding full moon sixth months later.

How do you prepare for new moon rituals?

Use our ideas below for many ideas to prepare and try at a new moon. You can make your new moon rituals as simple or as sophisticated as you like.

Aries New Moon Rituals

Warrior sign Aries helps us operate on our instincts. No niceties here—Whatever you’re feeling will be raw, real and readily expressed during an Aries new moon.

Anger, in fact, is a touchstone emotion for Aries. Yet for women especially, it’s still an emotion that we are taught to disown. It’s not polite, we don’t want to be “bitchy.” And, what if we hurt someone’s feelings? The fear of anger leads to the suppression of anger. But that energy has to go somewhere.

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Taurus New Moon Rituals

A new moon in Taurus is a perfect time for planting seeds and intentions.

Connecting to nature keeps us in tune with the force that created us. With decadent Venus as the guardian of this earth sign, we can celebrate beauty in its most natural forms during a Taurus new moon.

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Gemini New Moon Rituals

A lighter flash of spring fever arrives with a Gemini new moon. Attention shifts away from yourself, helping you notice how interesting and amazing others can be.

It’s easy to drown in the vortex of our daily responsibilities, self-doubts and “what ifs.” But there is seldom much light at the bottom of that well—if it even has a bottom.

With the Gemini new moon, we pivot 180 degrees, shifting the focus onto other people’s greatest qualities and getting a feel-good rush in the process. That’s a true win-win—which is something the zodiac’s twin knows a lot about!

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Cancer New Moon Rituals

Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of nourishment. She is said to have fed the whole world. You could invoke her spirit now. Maybe print images of her or find a small statue to place on your table set. Annapurna is often drawn with a face that is “round like the moon.” How Cancerian is that?!

Think of this time as chicken soup for your soul. The notion of comfort food surely was invented by a Crab. Cancer is the sign that rules nourishment and this new moon is ripe for a feast. Gather around for a potluck meal with an intimate group. Keeping it small will help you feel connected to each of your guests.

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Leo New Moon Rituals

A Leo new moon helps us imagine, dream, desire and think like a royal.

If the universe’s wish was your command, what would you really ask for? Try our Leo new moon ritual to find out.

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Virgo New Moon Rituals

The new moon in Virgo invokes the spirit of service and simple acts of kindness.

Think of your ritual as a day for selfless service.

As you move through your day, look for little ways you can make a difference—or just put a smile on someone’s face. 

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Libra New Moon Rituals

Make it a doppia! It’s twosome time with our Libra new moon ritual for the arrival of the moonbeams in this sign.

This Libra new moon ritual ignites the spirit of partnership and cooperation. Libra is the sign of balance, ensuring that opposites will attract.

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Scorpio New Moon Rituals

Welcome to the chamber of secrets! Our Scorpio new moon ritual entices you to peek into the dark and embrace what is hidden.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a Scorpio new moon supports you in shedding what no longer serves you. This Scorpio new moon ritual helps you manifest what you do want.

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Sagittarius New Moon Rituals

Can you live in the moment and capture its magic? Yes! This Sagittarius new moon ritual can help you do that. These ritual ideas can help you preserve it.

Visionary Sagittarius is the sign of possibilities, always thinking about what’s next. Still, this philosophical sign loves to reminisce about the good times and extract wisdom from life experiences. So, how can you live in the now and savor it?

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Capricorn New Moon Rituals

These Capricorn new moon ritual ideas help you usher in the new year. The first new moon of the year brings a galvanizing burst of energy, a challenge to level up.

The zodiac’s Sea Goat is always on the climb, seeking greater status and building a legacy for generations to come. But here’s what we often forget about this zodiac sign: Capricorn has the head of a tenacious goat and the tail of a mermaid. A resolution without heart, soul and yes, magic, will struggle to make it to the finish line.

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Aquarius New Moon Rituals

Aquarius is an air sign that’s symbolized by waves, but those are not necessarily meant to indicate water. Energy and sound also travel in waves through the air, which is why this moon’s exercise involves breath work!

During the Aquarius new moon (and during Aquarius Season in particular), you may feel overloaded. These Aquarius new moon ritual ideas help you work through any chaos.

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Pisces New Moon Rituals

Vulnerable Pisces is the water sign that can show where you are being victimized or taken advantage of. No more! A Pisces new moon brings an opportunity to put your foot down—especially since Pisces rules the feet!

The enchanted sign of Pisces governs dance, a ritual used in sacred traditions for ages. Pull together a playlist or cue up your most stirring one and have a lunar dance party for your Pisces new moon ritual!

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